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Red’s Army 4th Birthday Bash TONIGHT!!

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The big night is HERE!!!  And I couldn't be more excited.

Tonight at 8pm, Red's Army takes over Red Sky for a huge party.  We're buying food and we'll be giving away myTouch 3G's.  The good folks at Red Sky… who have bent over backwards for us, by the way… are turning off the music and turning up the game audio so we can all truly watch the Celtics-Magic game together.  At halftime and after the game… the music will go back on and we (especially Chuck) can dance the night away.

So if you're around tonight, stop on by… even if it's just for an hour, the whole game, or the whole night.  We're celebrating 4 years… and those 4 years are only possible because of all of you.  We want to throw a huge party that you all can enjoy and so we can meet a bunch of you.  And feel free to bring friends… everyone is welcome!

Hope to see you all there

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  • Lex

    Congrats. I still think your blog is the best of the big 3.

  • Orb

    We should set up a hoop on the dance floor.

  • Thanks man. I really appreciate you saying that.

  • YES! We could do 1-on-1 contests to see who wins phones.
    Wish I’d thought of that earlier

  • very sad I’m going to miss it but congrats on turning 4. It’s nice to watch you boys grow up!

  • We can just dance-fight for them instead.

  • I like it.  I hope the ghost of michael jackson shows so we can all sing beat it afterwards

  • FSantos33

    Make sure to take a RedsArmy Family photo (All the regular bloggers) Post it tomorrow. Wish I could join.

  • Congrats, drink heavy tonight Sorry couldn’t make it. I was really close to making it

  • Great defense from KG…fucking fraud

  • Any idea when you guys will post some of the pics from last night? Thx..