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Grandpa Sheed and the aging Celtics


Via the Orlando Sentinel:

The main Amway Arena
scoreboard tonight will display the words "Magic" and "Celtics." But
maybe one of those team names should be changed to "Graybeards."

Haven't you heard the criticism the
Boston Celtics have faced all season?

Supposedly, they're too old to win an
NBA title.

Ha! Even the most diehard Celtics fans have to admit that illustration is funny.

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  • this might actually piss me off if it wasnt the truth, but the big 3 and sheed are old, and do look it this season.. but we do have some young blood in there and a 23 yr old whos about to make his first all star game.
    and the Magic are playing as bad or worse then we have been, and Traded Hedo Turkoglu, a perfect fit for them, for the aging, always hurting, grandpa vince carter

  • It’s better than having to cheer for a team with Vince Carter. He’s one of those guys that make you wonder why we should even care about Pro Sports. If he doesn’t give two shits, why should we?

  • Sr. Swish

    This just makes me want to see Sheed start talking like Morgan Freeman.
    “All it takes to win a championship is pressure and time… pressure… and time.”

  • oh and some more interesting facts for this mickey mouse magic homer.
    The average age of both teams is 28
    We have 2 starters younger then 25
    Vince Carter is older then Paul Pierce
    Rashard Lewis has been in the league as long as Pierce and is 30 yrs old.
    Jason Williams is 34
    funny pic of sheed though

  • Al

    It’s than not then – good points though…