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Celtics gag one away

Chuck - Red's Army January 28, 2010 Uncategorized 51 Comments on Celtics gag one away

The Celtics blew a 16 point lead and lost to the Orlando Magic 96-94

The Cs had a final chance… But Rasheed Wallace airballed a 3 with 1 second left.

I’d be pissed but I’m too drunk…

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  • KY Celts fan


  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Jeeeeez…Celts suck on national TV.

  • DRJ

    Ray was great – good to see, and Eddie was very good too. Those are big changes from recent games.
    Paul was terrible. And KG’s lift and lateral motion were obviously a problem tonight. Looked like he’s at about 70% of pre-injury KG, at best.
    The biggest problem was loss of energy in the 4th. Hopefully, this will not be a problem in the playoffs.
    The refs sucked, for the billionth time. Dwight walks EVERY time he starts a dribble, but not one of those many travels was called tonight. And the foul calls were disgraceful. And the tech on Sheed for saying “and 1” was total bullshit… and will be rescinded. All in all terrible refereeing.
    We lost, but it was due to several correctable and/or non-recurring issues. So… could’ve been worse.

  • KG’s 3rd game back and he looks like he could use a wheelchair out there…he also needs anyone hes defending 1 on 1 to be in a wheel chair to have any chance
    Just awful

  • Um, yeah Eddie was great..
    Um no he has serious mental issues with having his foot on the line when taking 3s

  • WC


  • nick

    Scal plays…we lose its a pretty common theme, but anyways, I think 99% of Dwight Howards shots were luck and I also feel like we REALLy need to get Maggette from GState or get Marquis Daniels back ASAP. I think both of those things are actually necessary, theres a reason this team offered him the Full mid-level last off-season. But as far as our team is concerned, another horrendous coaching effort by Doc, why do House and Rondo EVER!!! Play together? It’s so idiotic and makes no sense on so many levels, yet doc seems to love doing it, thats gotta stop and can someone tell house to step behind the 3 point line? But ya like I always say, u give minutes to House and Scal your gona lose in the end and thats what happened. Make a trade Danny Make a trade!!

  • NineSevenEight

    I thought they got wayyyy too reliant on the three ball in the third. My player of the game is Vince Carter for diving into Perk and flopping for Perk’s 4th bogus foul. Going to the bench left Howard like a kid in a candy store.
    I don’t know but Paul really bugged me tonight with his boneheaded plays. Stupid pass into a crowd of Magic players, lax offensive energy. That ridiculous play against Vince Carter when he just kept dribbling the ball away, Vince kept slapping it away and Paul just stood…Dribbling and eventually got called for the offensive foul.
    I DON’T blame KG on his blown defense at the end. The game NEVER should have been close, DESPITE the Celtics being in the penalty early in almost every quarter.
    Rebounding and fouls/freethrows are what won the game for the Magic. 30 PFs Celtics, 18 PFs Magic. 40-18 FT. More of the same. Sigh.

  • Nora

    AS usual you make the most outrageous ridiculous statements. You still expect him to be 100% pre injury for or otherwise he needs a ‘wheelchair’
    I understand some criticism but yours is ridiculous!

  • DRJ

    True. Lol… that’s getting RIDICULOUS. I’m sure he holds the single-season record for that, already.

  • DRJ

    Ttr is exaggerating… but he knows it. He’s making a point, and it’s valid. KG looked very weak tonight… both lift and lateral movement were bad. I thought he was better already… But he looked no better than 70% tonight (of 2009 pre-injury KG).

  • NineSevenEight

    At least change your avatar. Rondo would suffice. Although Rondo didn’t have a great game either.

  • Nick

    The dudes out their playing his heart out you stupid fool. Marquis Daniels was sorely missed in this game, Y don’t you stop calling him out all the time and go cheer for bums like House and Scal who represent bum fans like U, K.G is the heart and soul of this team, You really have no class.

  • NineSevenEight

    True. For a three point shooter, Eddie sure isn’t aware of the line this season.

  • DRJ

    Eddie was good tonight.
    Scal had nothing to do with this loss.
    Rondo and Eddie makes sense to me… Rondo feeds Eddie. ‘Course, it would be nice if Eddie would stop trying to get the foot-on-the-3Pt-line award.

  • Um rondo didnt have a great game, no…but in comparison to the rest of the team? he was fine, and he made 2 big plays to put us up 3 with under a minute to go, his fastbreak tempo also got pierce that open 3
    but i gotcha, blame it on the kid, let the old injured guy off the hook, the guy with 6 pts and couldnt stay in front of a chair

  • Im exxagerating, but my point stands….if you cant handle it, my apologies…but i happen to be getting sick and tired of always sitting around waiting for KG to be healthy or for him to even get back out on the court, and if we win he gets all the credit, and if we lose people cant even criticize him…he was awful on both ends in every facet of the game, and even his trademark “intensity” was nowhere to be found tonight

  • Blah blah blah, my whole schtick stems from fraud like yourselfs getting on rondos case…and look at the poor little boys reaction when i blame the game on KG, and deservingly so…and no im sorry but i didnt see any heart from KG tonight.
    Marquis isnt turning anything around, that is getting absurd at this point, he’ll help…
    I have no class? yep keep blaming the losses on an 11th man, and wanting to trade ray allen and rondo… good night kid

  • NineSevenEight

    What part of that comment included ANYTHING about KG’s play? You’re patented go to move is KG bashing, so why not change your avatar? That’s all that comment said.
    Take a pill, TTR. Or maybe one less.

  • nick

    What r u smoking kid? I love Rondo and would never trade him, but it is in our best interest to trade Ray Allen for THIS year and for the Future, K.g struggled in the beginning of the year, then he came around, the same thing will happen again so pay attention, Ray is a great player but if you can get younger and not drop off in talent then u trade him 10 out of 10 times. see how far we get without K.G smart-ass, we’ll be lucky to make the conference finals, smarten up, scal and house suck don’t u get that, doc sucks. Not K.G! We need to start planning for the future too because regardless of the outcome of this season, the future is coming and we ain’t prepared for it, unless Danny has a trick up his sleep. Go read a basketball book, then u can be on par with me intelectually.

  • NineSevenEight

    BTW, notice the EITHER at the end of my comment. EITHER-that means, KG AND RONDO both played poorly. Finish one complete thought before moving on to the next.
    So take your false accusations of me defending KG and blasting Rondo elsewhere. I really think it just comes down to you being so fixated on lambasting KG after every game that you start seeing things that weren’t really written and your KNEE-jerk reaction is to fall to your knees for Rondo.

  • Al

    I only watched the last 6 minutes but KG looked very slow – I’ve never seen someone as slow as Lewis drive round him so easily. Wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t play vs the Hawks.
    I think we need to quit bitching bout the refs and look at the rebound tally AGAIN – We were SMASHED. 47-32 with 17 off rebounds from the magic. Perk was basically bitchslapped – 15 minutes 2 boards and 5 fouls. KG 33 minutes for 7 boards and Sheed 26 mins for…..2 and one was from a free throw miss.
    If Howard had shot a decent clip from the line (3-10) we’d have lost earlier.
    What worries me is that I EXPECT these collapses in the 4th virtually every game now. Even when we were up by 16 I never felt we were anywhere near safe.
    On current form we’ll be dropping to 4th or 5th in the East and be in a whole world of shit….
    Here’s a stat for ya TTR – the C’s this yr are 24-8 with KG and 5-6 without him. Sure he sucked tonight but HOW DO U FEEL ABOUT THAT STAT??? Answer that…

  • Celtics fans are fired up-I am too, I am too. Too exhausted to say much other than BigMck is drunk-trust me..lol..and congrats RedsArmy.com on throwing a stellar party. Would’ve been a perfect night if the C’s won, but oh well. Got to meet alot of great C’s fans tonight. Thx to G4L, Tim(fd), Sambot, RedsArmy, BigMck, Jessica Camerato from WEEI, GangGreen and everyone else who came out tonight. REDSARMY.com-the best Celtics site and the best Celtics fans. If I know John and Chuck, after they shake their hangovers off, they will have plenty of pics from the bash up tomorrow..

  • ssshady35 aka angery TURK

    You can say that again!!!
    Im begining to really get sick of this shit. That should of been a W. Im sick to my stomach.

  • Damn, we are starting to suck. The refs were alright, we just suck with injured players, trades need to happen.

  • Beastondo32

    I had a blast tonight too I just wish we coulda won…let’s do that again somenight cuz thereare no other fans I’d rather enjoy the game with

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Disappointing Loss. I hate to say it but KG’s lateral movement is god awful at this point. We had the game won but I kept saying all game this foul trouble was going to catch up to us. Howard got hot while perk was outta the game and they never looked back. Getting really sick of the way this team is plasying and there are NO more exscuses because they are pretty much fully healthy and had a couple days off. I am starting to worry about this teams chances of beating Atlanta, Orlando, or Cleveland in a 7 game series.

  • DRJ

    I’m not as worried about the playoffs. The intensity level will double then. Magic will be blown away. Atlanta too. Only Cleveland concerns me… because they’re really hungry and intense, and they play very good D, and of course they have Lebron.
    Not worried. Yet……..

  • Anyone know what our rebounding philosophy is? Seems like the guys are boxing out spots on the floor instead of players. I don’t remember seeing Pierce put a body on anyone tonight. KG would move towards the basket when boxing out. Just seemed so strange to me.
    Ray lost the touch when we forced the ball to him in the third.
    Doc forgot about Rasheed’s hot hand.
    KG looked rusty and to my eye favoring his injured leg.
    Pierce seemed out of it way too often. Barnes maybe got to him.
    More, but it’s late. Tough one/way to lose.
    Watch the box outs against Atlanta…

  • Jason

    Wow, nobody mentioned the 40 to 18 FT disparity.

  • Christopher

    This game really, truly broke my heart. Other games I could be angry about–either our own play or the refs *cough*Atlanta with Doc thrown out*cough*… but this one just killed me. Up 11 going into the fourth and then the game just deep sixed on us. I honestly feel like I’ve been punched in the gut after that one.

  • DRJ

    Just remember… only the playoffs really count. All this is just practice.

  • DRJ

    Say, anybody got a room for nick and TTR? 🙂

  • Shawn-cvd

    Speaking of dropping that 11 point lead, J Will got it all started by hitting those two from deep early in the fourth. I’m so mad we couldn’t get him as our back up PG.

  • Nick L.

    You can’t let this worry you in terms of how things will shake out in the spring…..put any team at the line 40 times, and I’d hope they’d be able to win by a lot more than 2.

  • I dont see how u could put rondo and KGs play on the same level last night, rondo had more rebounds, more pts, more assists, and nearly (like always) had a triple double…KG had 6 pts, 7 rebounds, and couldnt stay in front of rashard lewis on the GW basket, while rondo made at least 3 game winning plays at the end of the game, a steal and timeout, a couple assists and a bucket to put us up 3 with under a minute…so sorry…

  • Who cares? we had a 16 pt lead and deserved to lose it the way we played

  • will people stop saying the playoffs are all that matter?
    thats not even true first of all, secondly KGs entire game and career have been based off of athletisicm, hes not exactly mr fundamental like Tim Duncan, who without any vertical whatsoever still pulled down 25 boards against the hawks the other night… unless he all of a sudden learns to be a better fundamnetal and positional rebounder and Pierce finds the fountain of youth, we’re not going anywhere in the playoffs

  • That stat is useless to me, they started off the year hot and fresh, and he KG, as always, got hurt and went out…that directly hurts our team because he cant stay on the court
    Also the slump would have came with him out there, it just so happens to be he was out and people make up myths about him being some hero, and then he smartly returns to play the depleted blazers and crappy clippers to further thes myths..

  • Oh..and also
    first year with KG, and he went out and got injured, the celtics were 14-2 without him
    last year they finished 62-20 without him for the entire 2nd half of the season
    this year i just think it was a blow to the entire team, that he, kevin garnett cant stay healthy and its effecting their mojo and compete level, cause theyre as sick of it as i am

  • DRJ

    Why is it not true that the playoffs are all that matter?

  • aaron

    you always talk about corey maggette. that dude is a “never was” bud….
    i hate to say it c’s fans– garnett is slowing becoming what alonzo mourning was (gulp)…. tough pill to swallow…and i dont want to hear the physical differences, i am talking about importance to team.
    at this point, healthy or not- i am starting to miss leon…

  • aaron

    could not have said it better myself..

  • Because the entire regular season is builiding to the playoffs, and by the time u get there, you are what your record says you are, your regular year more often then not defines who you are as a basketball team, its hard to just turn on that switch…Spurs have done it in a couple cases, but when they had a prime tim duncan on their ball club … good luck with that…its just a theory to make u feel better now, run with it

  • Oh and I will give you, if they turn it around the few months before the playoffs – fine…but if they go in playing the way they are now ? absolutely no chance

  • Leon from Providence

    I can’t believe you guys are actually arguing with TTR. KG was AWFUL tonight and I really doubt he will ever be 75% of what he used to be. He didn’t play with his usual HEART either, so cut that out, too. That’s a cop out. Truth is, he looked terrible and he probably will never be the same. That’s NOT an exaggeration. I know to some of you that is the equivalent of telling you Santa Clause isn’t real, but I’m a Celtics fan and a realist. I love KG like the next Celtics fan, but some of you have to snap out of it. You are the same people who thinks Varitek deserves to be our starting catcher because of his “heart” and leadership.

  • Its denial at its finest, instead of placing the blame where it belongs, they like to blame the actual healthy players on the floor as if its there fault KG is constantly injured, they want to blame and trade ray allen the second he has a bad shooting night, the classiest guy in all of sports, and the only guy whos happened to stay healthy for us this season.
    They wanna pile up excuses for KG “When hes healthy, when he’s 100%, we will be great, if, if, if ..hes working himself back from injury, what do you expect?” blah blah blah, its endless.
    Meanwhile KG and who hes bulit up to be is more Myth then anything else, and the guy is washed up, period

  • Leon from Providence

    I agree. Fans tend to hang on to him because of who he is and what he did in the past. It’s obvious his knee is really bothering him and he will never be the KG some of these people still think he is.

  • Sr. Swish

    I know I’m a little late to the party but I definitely agree with TTR. We can’t count on KG to be THAT guy anymore. What I want to know is where in God’s name was a time out last night when we were getting absolutely demolished in the 4th? I’m not sure if Doc realizes that those help when the other team gets on a roll. Maybe you shouldn’t do the same things over and over when your losing a 16 point lead… Sorry, just angry. Tough loss

  • Al

    Ha!!! So that ’24-8 with, 5-6 without’ stat doesn’t matter….BUT WAIT it does matter if it suits u from other seasons?? Enough said…

  • Al

    TTR – I’ve read a bit about what u have said on other stories here – are u blaming KG for getting injured? Is that his fault??