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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray will do just about anything to stay

Ray parade 2

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

“This is what I do for a living, so I live my life according to it –
how I’m going to play when it’s game day,” he said. “Forty minutes is a
lot of minutes as you get older, but whatever comes up next year and
however it comes, I’m ready for whatever it is, whatever Doc (Rivers)
needs me to do, whatever this team ends up being. I could fit right in
with what needs to be done.”

And he would do it in a way that fits this team’s financial picture.

“At this point, what I’m making now, I made a great living
throughout my career,” he said. “I know going into next year I won’t
make the money I’m making now. I know that.

“I’m ready to be here. I’d love to retire with this organization.
That’s up to the team, but I want to be here. This team has proven over
decades to be a winner in sports. I’m committed to it, and that’s what
I would like to do.”

Herald: Ray Allen wants to stay a Celtic

We've heard Ray say he wants to come back before… but we haven't' heard him essentially say he'll accept a reduced role and a reduced paycheck.

Ok, he's got no choice when it comes to the check since he's making so damn much this year… but still… it means something to hear him say it.

I'm open to listening to Ray Allen trade offers… and the Monta Ellis rumor was intriguing… but they'll only trade him if there's a way to make the team better right now.  How many of those deals really exist?

Coming up, Page 2… Where Paul and Sheed played dress up

Photo Courtesy:  Joe Giza

Pierce and sheed

…captain Paul Pierce and Rasheed Wallace entertained kids from the Ellis Memorial After School Program in Roxbury with their performances in “The Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal.”

After the play, one little fan asked ‘Sheed about his height.

“I’m 6-feet-11, one inch shy of 7 feet,” No. 30 told the curious kid.

The little guy looked up and said, “Well, maybe in seven months you’ll be seven feet!”

Herald:  Celtics show class with kiddos

I love that response.

The Celtics kinda split up yesterday and made the rounds at a couple of schools.  It's always a nice thing for teams to do.  And if I could find Rasheed Wallace's sound from after that play, you could see how much he really enjoys doing things like that. 

You know, Sheed gets a lot of grief for his on-the-court antics… and deservedly so.  But he doesn't get enough love for how he acts off the court.  He and Pierce were legitimately having fun with these kids.

I'm also impressed that the school found them costumes.

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Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • DRJ

    The Cs cannot afford to disrupt either their oncourt chemistry or their locker room chemistry. Almost any new guy, like Ellis, would disrupt both, at least for a while. And they want to win THIS year.
    Ray is not going to be traded unless it’s part of a deal so good it can’t be refused. I haven’t heard of one. Not yet anyway.

  • the true fans want you to stay too Ray.

  • Danno

    I want Ray to be traded to a team with a big star that is going into rebuilding mode, and they want to get big contracts off the books, so that team can then buyout Ray’s contract, get him off their books, Ray can clear waivers and re-sign with the Celtics.
    Like maybe to Washington for Antwan Jamison or Caron Butler.
    but I don’t want to see a trade situation where Ray gets shipped off to some podunk awful team who won’t buy him out.

  • Ray wants to stay in Boston for one important reason: the best diabetes care in the world for Walker at Joslin Diabetes Center. End of story.

  • …in DC

    I love Ray too…but would anyone rather have Rudy Gay or Joe Johnson?