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More time for Bill Walker?

Bill walker

From Chris Forsberg's mailbag:

Q: Why hasn't Doc played Bill Walker
more? It seems like he has a lot of ability and he could help on the
bench. Do you see him around long-term? — David (Stoneham, Mass.)

Doc has stressed that he'll play Walker more in the coming months if
for no other reason than to get Allen and Pierce a breather.
True to his word, Walker played the final minutes of the first quarter
the other night. Expect to see more of that on occasion. As for
Walker's long-term value, he's really going to have to distinguish
himself in practice to earn an opportunity.

A lot of people are calling for more time for Bill Walker.  Although he's got to do more when he's in there.  When Mardy Collins stole one and went in for a dunk, Walker could have at least tried to make a play.  Instead he slowed up and let Collins just get his two.

Doc called a time out, and Bill never made it back in.  I don't know if that was exactly why… or if Doc wanted to go with his regular rotation for the second half.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was a combination of the two.

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  • Doc actually let Walker have it after he pulled him out of the game. After that as you said we didn’t see him. If he wants to play he has to prove it when he gets the chance.

  • haha more time for bill my ass, doc’s said it all before i wont believe it untill i see the minutes logged next to his name in the boxscore…. and even then ill be skeptical
    doc should seriously think about letting ray have a week or two off somewhere, let him get his legs back, and concentrate fully on his family for a while

  • Jason

    This is Pop Warner-level coaching and it sickens me. Honestly. When you KNOW any ONE mistake will get you benched for a month, you don’t play to your potential. He needs minutes. He needs to try things, fail, succeed, learn. Half the season is over and he’s played like 4 minutes all season. How on Earth is he expected to develop that way? It’s plain impossible and a waste of a resource (three resources if you consider the extra use it puts on Pierce and Ray).

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I gotta agree with you. If you don’t give a guy a chance to make things happen and free him up to just play then you won’t see his potential. It’s pretty simple, I mean it is a GAME they are playing out there. Everyone makes mistakes

  • G4L

    A Cross over with a smile.

  • chris sheridan reports that the celtics are basically looking to add to their bench through buyouts AGAIN
    damnit danny why the hell cant you make a trade to help the team?
    with all of our expirings and teams financial trouble players are just waiting to be had

  • nick

    All i want 4 the trading deadline is a Warrior. Whether its Corey Maggette or Monta Ellis or even Anthony Randolph, even though their record sucks I would love to see any 1 of them 3 guys in Green. we need to start looking past this season seriously. The elephant in the room is wtf are we gona do next year? Like nobody really knows, if ray goes who replaces him??

  • blah blah blah blah blah blah….do you ever do anything other then whine about trading our players for other players around the league?
    this team is fine, and if they want to win it all this year, they keep ray… if they constantly want to be in rebuilding mode, like you, then they trade him to one of the worst teams in the league for some of the worst team players in the league

  • I dont understand any reason Bill Walker deserves minutes….this isnt 2006 and i find it funny when fans around here or celtics fans in general getting in a tizzy about scrubs like Lester hudson, bill walker, and JR giddens getting minutes
    ….How’d that work out for lester…hes as good as rondo? right? lmao

  • exactly.. believe it when I see it more than once.