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Red’s Army 4th Birthday Bash in TWO DAYS!

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Just a friendly reminder to everyone that the Red's Army 4th Birthday Bash is just 2 nights away.  We start at 8pm at Red Sky, just across from Faneuil Hall.  We're buying food, and we're giving away myTouch 3G's. 

Hope to see you all there.  Please let us know if you're coming in the comments… this way we can be sure to have enough food.

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  • rico

    just thought id write to congratulate you guys on a great job that you do, i dont normally comment but ive been a celtic since i was 13 and visited my uncle in boston where he took me to watch a game an since then ive been green unfortunately i live in london and am only 19 so im broke lool which means i wont be coming lool keep up the good work an lets hope we can stay healthy this season an wipe the floor with team kobe in the finals peace

  • Green8Teen

    Yes congratulations! Keep up the good work.
    How do you win the myTouch? I’m very intrigued, and it may sway me to come.

  • I’m def coming, and I know at least two of my friends are. I also believe that TNT will be announcing the All-Star reserves at 7pm too..anybody can confirm that? See you Thursday everyone. And for God’s sakes, it’s free! Come on down!!!

  • G4L

    I’ll be a little late but, I will be there with 3 friends!

  • Peter

    I plan on coming down with a couple of friends.
    I follow you guys pretty religiously…Redsarmy is my favorite C’s site and I’m glad you’re doing so well.

  • AMP

    I’m planning on it!

  • Rondoo

    I will try to come… Sounds like it could be a lot of fun…

  • We’re going to hand out tickets at the door. Then we’ll draw numbers and the winning tickets get the phones.
    The phones won’t be here by the party (which is good.. cuz I’ll be drunk and I’ll lose ’em)…. so we’ll take your contact info and send them to the winners.
    Hope you can make it!

  • Thanks everyone for the responses! We’re really looking forward to it. I hope all the Red’s Army readers (at least those who are in town) can make it!

  • mike o

    ill be there with my redsarmy diehard friends, been fans for years thanks for a great site

  • Shawna

    I’ll be there with my sister. Love the C’s…love this site. It’s the one Celtic’s blog I check all day every day. Congrats on the birthday and keep it up!!

  • Orb

    2 coming from Northern VT, so we may be a little late. Can’t wait.

  • wow…Northern VT. You guys staying the night or weekend?

  • GREAT!! Love to hear it.

  • Will be there…. will be coming with at least 2 others.

  • Rav

    He’s happy just cause he knows there’ll be girls!

  • Orb

    Neither, powering back. We can crash in Cambridge if necessary, but I assume we can ride on the adrenaline of the big Cs win.

  • Beastondo32

    I’ll be there with two friends …we won’t eat too much since this is a little late of a response…all beer all night

  • Man… don’t worry about how much you eat. It’s a party, just come by, have some food and a few beers, watch the game and have fun.
    Glad to hear all you guys will make it.
    Trust us… we’ve got plenty of food.

  • Be there about quarter past with a friend …. and chugging each time Perk denies Dwight.

  • And handing out name tags too right? Hats, and goodie bags.