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Marquis back sooner rather than later?

Via Mike Petraglia of

Monday was the 22nd straight game that Daniels missed following
surgery on his left thumb. Initially, the Celtics didn’t anticipate his
return until after the All-Star break, but if a checkup goes well on
Tuesday, some basketball activities could be in the offing followed by
practice, and then, games.

“We’ll find out more [Tuesday] about Marquis,” Rivers said. “We’re hoping first game after the All-Star break.

“There’s a slight chance he may be able to play by the New Orleans
game [Feb. 10], which would be a huge benefit for him because he gets
one game in before which helps him once we come out of break. We’re out
of break on the West Coast, so we want to come out of break playing

UPDATE:  From Chris Forsberg... Quis was on the floor today.

Rivers also noted that Marquis Daniels
participated in his first passing drills since having his cast removed.
It's another step in the progress of Daniels, who might return in time
for the New Orleans game before the All-Star break.

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  • This will definitely be a huge lift for the Celtics. Anything that can help reduce minutes for the C’s starters will be much appreciated. Over the last two weeks, Rondo, Allen and Pierce have all looked like they could use a few more minutes on the bench. Happy to hear this.

  • Jason

    NBA teams actually conduct passing drills? This is a fundamental these pros still haven’t perfected? Or is this just his special drill to test the thumb?

  • DRJ

    Passing drill: Rondo fires the ball at supersonic speed at each player in turn. Player with the most broken fingers wins.

  • LOL


    TA’s stats have been as good as Daniels…remember how we were all so excited to get Marquis…maybe we should appreciate TA a little more

  • DRJ

    I do, I do. Went from ready-to-trade-him-for-a-sack-of-potatoes, to loving him. Aside from Rondo, the most athletic guy on the team. Mental errors down to a minimum… the man has really stepped up. Many times lately I’ve wondered why Doc keeps Ray in so long… overplaying him, even when he’s slumping badly… instead of giving TA some of that PT.