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Is that all you got, Greg?


Oh… everyone is all aflutter about the nude Greg Oden pics that are circulating around the internet. 

I, for one, am not impressed at all.  It seems like all he's doing is showing us his leg to update us on his rehab.  And when you really look at it… the leg just looks funny.

…… what do you mean that's not his leg?

……… it's his WHAT???

I see……….

Well… maybe they should cut the bad leg off and have him just run on that thing for the rest of the season. 

It's really too bad we didn't draft Mr. Brittle Knee'd Tripod.  Just think of what our franchise would be had we gotten that #1 pick.  Hey… look at what I found in the NBA Store:

ODEN JERSEY.egg_cc5ec

If you absolutely insist on seeing the EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGES… then click here.  Did I mention that they're extremely graphic?  Did you not get the hint that Greg is showing his junk?  Don't blame me if you get busted.

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