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Don Nelson Laughs Off Monta for Ray Trade Rumor


coach Don Nelson was asked Monday about a report that surfaced earlier
in the day. It told of talks between the Warriors and the Celtics
involving Monta Ellis and Boston's Ray Allen.

Nelson's response? He burst into laughter…

"We're in a situation where we need to look very
strongly at change," general manager Larry Riley said. "Whether it's by
Feb. 18 (the trade deadline) or in the offseason, we're in a situation
where we're going to have to make a change here."

Per team
policy, Riley declined to comment on any specifics or on some of the
trade rumors. But according to multiple team sources, the Warriors have
long since deemed Ellis as off-limits. No doubt, getting the Warriors
to remove the untouchable tag would require more than Allen.

Regardless of whether Monta Ellis fits with the Celtics (vote in our poll), the Warriors would be fools for giving him away for an expiring contract.

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  • greenbeand

    Ellis is no RA. If this group wants to contend then it needs a hardcore/physical slasher who’s able to take a hit: think Joe Johnson, DWade, JR Smith type’s

  • Double P Reppin the B

    JR Smith? You would rather have JR Smith than Monta Ellis? Your kidding right?

  • Hmm for this team? Yes i would rather have JR smith any day all day.
    On a crappy team? take Monta
    Monta needs the ball in his hands like an Allen Iverson…Yea that would just go fantastic with this team we got now….not

  • Double P Reppin the B

    haha Once again you make a horrible argument.
    JR Smith is the worst shot chucker in the league. That would fit so well with this team as a replacement for Ray Allen. JR is the most inconsistent Scorer in the league. He’s hit or miss. Monta any day of the week

  • Actually I guess i was making my point if we could add either Monta or JR smith to this team right now as is, without giving up anything…In that case I would take JR smith over ellis, any day..hes already a 6th man, and while he needs to grow up can be the best player on the floor on any given night, and can at times look like a young ray allen.
    I dont see how Allen Iverson lite fits with this team, and he certainly wouldnt come off the bench.
    Even in the starting lineup in replace of Ray, in context of how there game would mesh with our team, i still say smith but i see your point as well