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Your Morning Dump… Where we need KG’s ego

Kg and ray

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I told him last year when he was out that it was good to even have his
voice on the bench, because it was so important for the young bigs so
early in their careers to have his voice in their heads,” Ray Allen
said. “Definitely with him back in the lineup there is a trickle-down
effect. “Kevin has never been an individual player. Statistically he’s
never been a big scorer. He’ll dominate statistical categories from all
aspects – from rebounding to scoring, assists, to get steals, the
intangibles go on there as well.

“Really, defensively is where his ego comes into play, and he makes sure that everyone is on the same page.”

Herald: With Kevin Garnett Back, Green find way

KG keeps people in check.  With Garnett back in the mix, some of the defensive lapses are less likely to happen. 

That's not to say there won't be lapses.  KG isn't exactly moving like he did even a few years ago, so he'll be responsible for a missed defensive assignment or two… but he's still unparalleled in directing traffic from behind the play.  That makes a big difference.

Coming up, Page 2… where Rondo needs to stop gambling

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

“This will be a big game for Rondo,’’ he said. “It starts with the
individual. You’ve got to take the responsibility of keeping them
square, making them shoot over you. Don’t gamble because if you gamble
on a bigger guy, now his body won’t let you back in front. And the team
has to understand it’s a tough spot for us and we have to help early
and then have better weakside help.’’

Globe: Point of emphasis has emerged

In all my in-game conversations both in person and on-line, the "Rondo's back to reaching and gambling" topic is the one that's probably come up more often than any other lately.

If these are the dog days of the NBA season, then the reaching Rondo's doing makes sense… because it's lazy.  Doc says it in the piece… Rondo's not squaring guys up… he's not forcing them to do what he wants them to do.  He's reaching in for the "home run" steal.

The problem now is Rondo's turning in the NBA's version of Adam Dunn:  It's either a home run or a strike out with him.

Stop gambling… square the guy up… and try to force a bad shot.  It's just as good as a steal.

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  • KG has false swagger, he oozes it and his teammatrs feed off of it, but with the wrong teeammates he never backed up any of his trash talk and swagger in minnesotta.
    As far as rondo and opposing PG’s, ive noticed this recently, but last game where Andre Miller went off, if anyone actually paid attention it was ray and tony allen doing most of the defending on him and it didnt seem to matter one bit

  • The Truth is Here

    It is frustrating how Rondo continues to give up on defense. We know he is playing a lot of minutes and is entitled to a couple of lazy plays, but it has become such a consistent thing these days and the team defense is suffering because of it. I hope KG being back will straighten everything out, but only time will tell.

  • 11rings

    I don’t understand what you’re trying to say about KG.
    False swagger? As for myself, I think the finals victory over the Lakers and putting up banner 17 is real enough.
    And I think KG played pretty damn well in Minnesota. How do you call that not backing it up?
    Anyway, Bird talked major trash, but he backed it up. KG is a better defender than Bird was, and although KG’s not quite the offensive player Bird was, he’s an amazing offensive player also. Obvious conclusion: KG backs up his trash talk, by a wide margin. Maybe it didn’t work as well in Minnesota as in Boston. Winning is what matters, and most of the time in ‘Sota he didn’t win, but you can’t fault the guy for trying, and trying includes talk trash. Tons of great basketball players talk smack as part of their arsenal. It’s part of the game.
    By the way, I don’t think the players should “back up” trash talk by physically assaulting their opponents. It’s a physical game, but most people, and I think the players included, don’t want out-and-out fisticuffs, thankfully.
    Also, stop being an apologist for Rondo’s transgressions. Who cares if Miller was scoring on the Allens? Why should we compare Rondo’s gambling to defense to anybody else’s defense? We should expect Rondo to be the best defender Rondo can be, and that involves him trying to stay between his man and the basket, consistently.

  • Al

    You’ll get use to totheruins – he thinks KG’s career in Minny was a complete wash – thinks Bosh is like KG, makes excuses for Rondo all the time….

  • whats different for my making “excuses” for the 23 yr old rondo, then you making excuses for the guy that put the league into a lockout, a guy who has punched teammmates, curses and pounds his own chest the entire time hes on the court, grabs his junk from the sidelind in a suit, gets on his knees and barks at rookies, and gets rough with players 6 inches shorter then him and white, never picking fights with players equal to him…and yes Bosh in Toronto excluding the 2004 season is…KG in Minnesotta
    As far as rondo, I dont remember when Pierce or Ray Allen were 23 yrs old after putting up nearly a triple double every night they get criticized and pinned for the bad Team defensive effort – its just unfair and quite frankly, stupid.
    I know rondo isnt a good 1 on 1 defender (neither is KG) hes a good pressure defender and he gets in the passing lanes….and try as u might to blame him for the opposing PGs going off, but just last game i witnessed with my own eyes rondo guarding Bayless/Blake and the 2 allens defending Andre Miller to no avail….oh and by the way, rondo getting into the passing lanes ultimately won us that portland game, not KGs triumphant return (13 pts, 4 rebound)
    I dont mind getting on rondos defense, his man d leaves alot to be desired, but open up your eyes and criticize pierce or allen once in a while for not being able to stay in front of a chair

  • Please dont sit here and compare Kevin Garnett to Larry Bird

  • But you can talk about KG picking on dudes 6 inches shorter ‘and white’?

  • 11rings

    I will compare Larry Bird to Kevin Garnett because they have much in common. They both have an obsession with winning and they both resuscitated the Celtics, with help from their teammates.
    Fact is Kevin Garnett is far, superior at defense Larry Bird was. I don’t mean to diminish Bird’s accomplishments-he was an amazing player. And he talked major smack, maybe more than KG. I’m glad he did – it helped bring the C’s three championships. KG talks trash too, differently than Bird did. Yawn.
    Rondo’s good too, in fact I think he’ll be a perennial All-Star, starting with this year. But no matter how good he is, he’s not going to get away with lazy or haphazard defense in this town. That’s not the same thing as making him a scapegoat. That’s accountability. Everyone on the team is accountable for doing their best. Pretty basic. If KG’s trash talk starts hurting the team, then he’ll have to shape up too.
    By the way, I think Larry Bird would disagree with your implication that black players should somehow direct their trash talk talk away from white players. If we’re all going to play on the same court, as we should, then what’s the big deal with a little cross-cultural discussion?

  • What I find most hilarious about getting on rondo, publically (hes the teams whipping boy) the celtics brass dont have the guts to call iout the big 3
    but uh, our biggest problem all year has been rebounding, our front court got dominated by Juwan howard and have been pounded on the glass in all of our losses..yet lets call out one player

  • Um because he does…he taunts players smaller then him and most of the time white guys…just calling it as i see it
    Larry bird picked fights with guys twice his size and didnt have to pound his own chest…KG isnt in the same class as larry..just isnt…Pierce is closer to bird then KG

  • Thats why comparing Larry and KG makes no sense, i dont care if you think KG is the “much” better defender…Larry was quadruple the offensive player, 10 times as clutch, theyre completely different in every way

  • Al


  • 11rings

    From where I’m standing, KG looks like an equal opportunity trash talker. ToTheRuins, you must have your Joey Crawford goggles on or something.