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The Bare Minimum

Chuck - Red's Army January 25, 2010 Uncategorized 23 Comments on The Bare Minimum


Another unimpressive performance by the Celtics. Fortunately, the Cs came out on top 95-89.

Rajon Rondo lead the Celtics with 16 points, 12 assists, 7 rebounds and 4 steals. He dictated the tempo and showed a lot of energy, especially in the 2nd half.

Paul Pierce had 22 points, KG had 17 points. Perk hit the glass hard for 15 rebounds. The Celtics hit just 23 of 34 free throws.

The Cs had a strong 3rd quarter (21-15). They got a bunch of easy baskets thanks to some great passing and Rondo's aggressiveness.

Rather than knockout the Clippers in the 4th quarter, the Celtics let them back into the game. Led by Craig Smith (11 of his 13 points came in the 4th), the Clips stuck around and found themselves down by only 4 (77-73) with 5 minutes to go. A Paul Pierce 25-footer subsequently killed all the Clippers momentum.

Anyone else growing tired of these mediocre performances against bad teams?

Box Score | Recap

Condensation on the court was a major problem in this game. The game would have been called had one more player slipped on the parquet, Doc Rivers said during his post game press conference.

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  • aaron

    ray allens minutes are high…
    doc, he is 34 years old. 35 min per night, tops

  • I thought they were better tonight. Not great… but better.

  • Jason

    Another aggravating performance. If the Clips were a half decent team, it’s another L. LET’S WAKE UP GENTLEMEN!!!

  • Nora

    Kinda of tired of the whining when they win. Thgere is enough of it when they lose. LOL
    If they look lackluster in the playoffs then it is time to whine.

  • KY Celts fan

    this has been a problem with the New Big 3 Era. We play to the level of our opponent instead of always playing a high level. We have the talent to beat them all, but play lazily against bad teams (see losses to IND, PHI, LAC, GSW, CHI, DET). We could easily be 33-9, if not better, if we actually played with effort the whole game, every game. Its not about KG. Its about the whole team not giving a shit in some games.

  • Nora

    I remember the championship year when the C’s lost to Charlotte, Wizards etc. Lakers also lost to the Clippers this year as well.

  • Horkboy

    Anyone else getting tired you ask? Are you kidding? Was tired of the mediocre play and/or losing/almost losing to bad times long ago.

  • Horkboy

    EDIT: bad teams, I mean.

  • Nora

    That is what it seems like to me. If this was a better team they would have played better and that is kind of annoying, esp. considering Clippers beat them earlier this season.

  • Nora

    It happens ever year even in the year they won the championship.

  • It’s worse this year.

  • JD

    Eh the Clippers aren’t a “bad” team, more like a mediocre team. 20-24 in the West isn’t terrible. Plus, they’ve been on a hot streak lately. Can’t call it a good win, I suppose, but I will take it. The Portland win was a bad win, this not so much.

  • Jason

    I will admit the effort was at least acceptable, if not great. The defense was definitely respectable. If not for THREE desperate 3s going in (not to mention allowing Craig Smith to look like an All-Star), the Clips might not have broken 80.
    It’s the rest that drives me nuts, the same problems over and over. Too many turnovers, offensive rebounds allowed, missed lay-ups, missed open shots, missed FTs, foot on the line 2s, Sheed bricks, second unit stagnation. Over and over and over. Rinse, repeat.
    If this was one game it happened, you shrug and say “Hey, even on bad nights, we’re still damn tough to beat.” But it’s not one game. This isn’t their bad nights. This is their every night. It’s like 15 games, as is a new established level. This is the quality of the team right now, not the odd off night.
    That is why we are complaining.

  • paul

    The offense was pretty good.

  • Nick


  • Nora

    Maybe slightly, but not by alot imo. C’s always seem to have this problem every year.

  • Nora

    Well, during that period there has also been injuries. KG being the top one, it was only his 2nd game back. Let’s hold off a little longer and see if improvement comes.

  • DRJ

    Not sure what game y’all watched. The defense was GREAT. Not good… GREAT. And don’t they always say that’s what they’re about? They were great at the thing they value most… we should be happy about that.
    They did seem to throw the ball away at the WORST times… and way too often. Lookin at you, PAUL. It’s like he starts relaxing, being “cool” and laid back, and then he starts throwing the ball away! Hate those stupid damn TOs.
    And Perk… how hard is it to hit free throws. They’re FREE ya big nut. Come on… practice with Ray a few thousand times.
    But KG was great, Rondo was great, Ray seems like he’s STARTING to come out of his slump… and they won. So all’s well with the world. NEXT
    (Nick… Monta ain’t coming. Thank goodness.)

  • The difference between this and the last clipper game….Paul Pierce
    Rondo was great, he was efficient and he filled the stat sheet up
    I can admit having KG back is nice for overall chemistry, but 2 rebounds? i suppose someones gonna tell me he looks as great as he ever did?
    thankfully perk picked it up on the glass.
    And also, Nick….have you turned 12 yet? do u think the NBA works like a video game?

  • Man fair weather fans are hating on the C’s right now. Let’s be realistic.. dudes are old and the 3rd quarter of last nights games was the first real solid minutes that the starting five have played in a while…and they smoked the clips during that period. Its a long season and still there has been zero chance for chemistry with all the injuries. Chill lets see how the second half works out before yall burn the bandwagon down. 2nd in the east aint bad all things considered.
    and if you wanna talk about disastrous how about gary tanguay’s color commentary ohh man that guy is painful to listen to.

  • Win is a win and aside from Ray’s minutes they seem healthy.. right now if they win and they finish the game clean I’m happy.
    Defense looked really solid last night, aside from guarding, (or not guarding), Smith in the 4th. Ray looked good to start, but I agree that Pierce was the rock.
    * God yes Gary’s commentary was just horrible

  • Orb

    There was a time near the end of the game when I thought Tommy was just going to start choking Gary. Not in a funny way either.

  • WC

    Ahhhh………did me insulting the floor in the garden cause you to delete my comment?