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Rumor: Monta Ellis for Ray Allen

Via Sherrod Blakely of Comcast:

While the Celtics have maintained repeatedly that they have no
intentions of moving any of their core guys between now and the Feb. 18
trading deadline — and I believe ’em on this one —  multiple league
sources confirmed today that the Golden State Warriors are giving some
thought to putting together a trade package that would involve Monta
Ellis going to Boston in exchange for Allen.

The Warriors see
rookie Stephen Curry as the face of the franchise moving forward. One
league source said the Warriors believe that Curry won’t develop at the
rate they would like as long as Ellis is around.

Golden State saw flashes of just how talented Curry can be against New Jersey earlier this week when playing without Ellis.

With Ellis out with a sprained right ankle, Curry went off for a career-high 32 points.

such a deal to work, the Warriors would have to include at least one
additional salary. The most likely player to be included would be
Vladamir Radmonovic, who has a player option after this season but
isn’t expected to exercise it.

Wow. What an intriguing deal. The 25-year-old Ellis is a prolific scorer with blazing speed. Imagine watching Ellis and Rondo in the same backcourt?

But does he fit in Boston? The transition could be difficult, especially in mid-season. He is used to creating his offense off the dribble, not coming off screens a la Ray Allen.

For those questioning his defense, here’s John Hollinger’s take:

Defensively, Ellis has high rates of blocks, steals and rebounds but
tends to fall asleep on the weak side and loses physical matches when
he has to guard big 2s. Though he’s a far better defender than most of
his teammates, especially against point guards, he suffered from the
typical Warriors symptom of inconsistent effort.

Ellis has four years and $44 million remaining on his contract. According to HoopsWorld, Radmanovic has a non-guaranteed year left on his contract worth $6.8 million, not a player option as Blakely states.

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  • SorryMan

    Yeah right…this trade would never ever happen
    why would they trade one of the league’s best scoring guards for a washed up ray allen?
    and LOL at radmonovic being on the celtics…the guy plays with no heart or intensity at all

  • Like i said…. dont see how this works, and its not exactly a good chemistry move, and i dont see how a rondo/ellis backcourt works at all

  • Um the warriors are the ones trying to make the move and the celtics arent sold on it
    sorry man

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I love Ray, but any chance for us to get younger and still be an elite team (if he buys into a defensive mindset), I’m sold. Get Curry too and throw in House so we have a young shooter off the bench. We have to get younger everyone sees that, even if Ray has been solid his whole time here. Paul and KG are already on the downhill slide, time to start reloading.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I guess I should have read the whole post, we don’t really need Curry after all.

  • CFH

    Great for the long run.
    Bad for the very short run, as any major chemistry-upsetting trade is.
    Only if the Celtics are ready to concede they can’t win this year and are ready to start blowing up the team.

  • I agree great for the long run, although i still dont see how he works with rondo in the backcourt…although there is a chance it could be unstoppable, they dont exactly space the floor for eeach other….
    I personally wouldnt trade ray under any curcumstances other then getting Dwade or something ridicoulous(wont happen)
    Hes an underrated part of this team even if he isnt scoring, amazing locker room guy, smart as hell, great for rondo on and off the court, calming influence…. i dont trade ray, period, especially if what matters most is winning it all NOW

  • I agree with what CFH said below, the only way u make this move is if youre conceeding you cant win it all this year and are gonna start building for the future (is monta ellis a good fit with rondo though, i say no)

  • DRJ

    Ellis is not right for the Cs. I’d rate this one “extremely unlikely”.

  • CelticBalla32

    I wouldn’t do it, for multiple reasons.
    1. When you’re a veteran team, you don’t ruin the chemistry with your starting unit halfway through a season you’re looking to win a title. Especially when that season could be one of your last chances as a group.
    2. Monta Ellis is an amazing offensive talent with blazing speed, but he is a very different kind of player than Ray and in a much different situation. Ray has adapted to his new role. He, too, was a ball-dominant scorer that liked to set himself up off the dribble when he was with Milwaukee and Seattle. It took major sacrifice for him to adapt to his new role, more off an off-ball scorer, and that likely wouldn’t have gone as smoothly had Ray been in an earlier stage of his career. Even then, it took a year or so for Ray to truly get it down. Monta is young, he’s trying to make a name for himself and establish himself as a recognizable star in this league. He’s not going to sacrifice his game for the betterment of the team, and he isn’t much of a long-range threat to begin with. Defending our team with Ellis instead of Ray would be much easier, especially when the game slows down in the postseason.
    3. Offensively, I’m not a fan of the Ellis/Rondo backcourt because it provides very little spacing in addition to the fact that they are both ball-dominant guards. They both like to handle the ball for different reasons (Rondo to create and distribute, Ellis to score), but they both need the ball in their hands nonetheless. You think our halfcourt offense is stagnant at times now? Imagine an isolation-happy scorer that doesn’t space the floor beyond 20 feet.
    4. Defensively, Rondo and Ellis would not work. Too small.
    5. Ellis is a headache. He wants to be the man, he is a ball hog, he is a poor team defender, and he has a shaky attitude.
    Give me Monta Ellis on my fantasy team or even in NBA 2k10, but not on this team.

  • nick

    he works with rondo because he’s a scoring machine and rondo isn’t. this would give us the best young backcourt in the NBA by a good margin. when we play bigger teams like L.A and cleveland we still have tony allen and Marquis daniels to D up. Your weird beleifs continue to amaze me.

  • nick

    This trade rumor instantly made me excited. Ray Allen ain’t as good as Monta Ellis. Bottom line. Just maybe you all should realize that. People think this kid is gona be an issue when he never plays on good teams and he’s gona now be on a title contender? Nah sorry, he’ll be on his best behavior, and maybe we can get Cory Maggette and get rid of scal to make the numbers work, we would be an even better team then the one thats already capable of winning the title. Doc the dumbass might object this trade kuz he’ll be living in orlando soon and don’t care about the c’s future. Fuck his opinion. Ellis and Rondo could be starting in the eastern conference all-star backcourt for YEARSSS if dwayne wade goes west. Anyone who thinks we shouldn’t do this trade is a str8 up fool

  • ferdinand

    ellis is young and can score, no doubt about it. but the cees cant do this trade simply because it will ruin chemistry. plus ellis is nowhere near ray allen when it comes to nail biting clutch moments. to quote big baby’s comments about ray, “he may not make em when you want but he’s always on time”
    just the last game alone is a perfect example. gee whiz. ellis? maybe next year, i would consider.

  • U have no understanding of basketball, and like scrub players like Matt barnes and corey maggette…No absolutely not does Monta fit with rondo, hes a slashing scorer who needs the ball in his hands…how in bleepity bleep bleep bleep does that fit with rondo? it just doesnt, sorry.
    and rondos “not a scorer” cause he looks to distribute the ball, ya know like a pg? he scores in the same ways as ellis

  • CFH

    I’m not arguing that Ray is the best player. I’m certainly not arguing that Ray will even be playing in a few years when Ellis is still lighting it up.
    I’m arguing that Ray is the RIGHT player. Chemistry can’t be taken lightly, or you’ll end up with a whole less than the some of its parts.

  • Nick

    ya it will ruin chemistry just like the Gasol trade ruined the Lakers chemistry. Can all u idiots who think this is a bad trade shut up, its such a moronic argument, it really is. The guy is a 26 PPG superstar coming into his prime, just stop u sound foolish

  • Hurdler

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Washed up ray for a guy that can light it up, yes. Just hope the cost isn’t another expensive that goes on for eternity.

  • JD

    Dude, you don’t get it. Ellis is practically Golden State’s point guard. He makes all the plays, scoring and assisting, therefore he handles the ball ALL the time. He’s a slightly worse version of D-Wade. He’s not going to adjust well to not handling the ball NEARLY as much if he came to Boston. Rondo is a playmaking point guard who needs the ball in his hands to thrive. Monta Ellis is a playmaking scorer who also needs the ball in his hands. It just wouldn’t work on this team, and in the future as well. Its pretty simple. Monta Ellis is better than Ray Allen when you’re comparing them invidividually, but on Boston, Ray is better because he provides spacing that Monta Ellis could not provide, he attracts attention away from Pierce, Rondo and Garnett, and he does not demand to have the ball in his hands much at all. This would be a great tandem on a FANTASY team, but in real life, whoever wants this trade is a “str8 up fool.”

  • Al

    Monta is not that dumb is he?? U guys reckon he’d come into a team with KG and Pierce as well as Perk and say ‘fuck u guys – gimme the ball or I’ll sulk??’
    I’d doubt that very much…..
    As Hollinger said – good D stats poor team defender, hello… did anyone see 30+ yr old Andre Miller walk by Ray Allen in the last game time and time again?? I get the feeling if KG stuck a rocket up his ass and told him what being a celtic is all about Monta would pull finger and man up on D. Sure the height thing with Rondo isn’t good but 6’3″ with hops? 6′ 5″ Allen with smaller hops.
    I just think that the C’s have a chance this year and very little chance next year with the aging big 3. With Ellis instead of Allen we have a terrific slasher and driver to the hoop. Currently we have Pierce who does this although he is less successful doing it than he used to be.
    There are definitely pro’s and con’s for this trade but I’d be very tempted to pull the trigger…

  • aaron

    when is your 17th birthday party? we will buy u a monta ellis jersey…

  • Al

    None of us understand the game like u do though do we TTR. Your knowledge is amazing and if someone, anyone, only agreed with u we’d be amazing to right??

  • Al

    By the way I see most dudes here are against this trade. If it doesn’t happen (and I’d doubt if it does…) how will the C’s compete over the next 3-4 years?

  • aaron

    ideally they will build around uno uno rondo and perk. they will probably keep pierce as he will retire a celtic- although he isnt a premier top 10 player anymore…
    they will have some cap space to play with and there is a ton of talent in the nba. danny is doing it right- in the nba you need a great PG and good center and good supporting cast.
    that is what they are building

  • Green8Teen

    I love Ray, but I really love the idea of this trade. Another problem it solves is a backup PG. Have Ellis and Rondo start and end the game together, but 2nd and 3rd quarters they switch off playing PG.
    Eddie House isn’t Ray Allen but his outside game virtually is, which is the biggest thing I think we’d miss.

  • Ray hasn’t been playing well and neither has the team. What if Danny doesn’t think this team is capable of winning it all this year? A major trade like this could shake them up for the better.
    I realize it’s a gamble offensively, but I am intrigued by the idea of adding a talent like Ellis. And I am not worried about his attitude. You think he won’t fall in line with the likes of KG, PP and Sheed around?

  • Al

    No way he’d be allowed to sulk with those guys around. He’s just so quick….would be a risk for sure but tbh Allen i don’t think is playing well enough for us to win this year….

  • Double P Reppin the B

    You people who think that the backcourt of Rondo and Ellis wouldn’t work need to rethink some things. Yes the spacing would change, but we would pick up the pace of the team on offense dramatically. Rondo and Ellis would be fastbreaking all game and they are young and basically never get tired. We wouldn’t lose all that much defensively and we would have a great young talented backcourt for the next few years. After this year ray is a free agent anyway so why not try and make a move to help for the future as well as maintain being a contender this year? I think this is a no brainer.
    Rondo likes to distribute, Ellis loves to score, they are young and extremely athletic. It would create a spark for the team and the fanbase. Get things exciting again, something they need. After this season we are going to be so old and struggling, we need some hope for the future of the franchise. Ellis and Rondo locked up long term is HOPE
    Also people are going to want to play with a team with good young talent next year as well.

  • Filipe

    Monta is the leaguest biggest ballhog, can’t defend, has terrible attitude and his great stats come from being the 1st, 2nd and 3rd option in a team that plays in a ridiculous fast system. Great fantasy player but i’d rather never have him in my team.

  • matt

    Nick get an education

  • cmoney

    monta ellis is not good. We’d be foolish to deal for him. He’s not even the best warrior. His scoring efficiency is awful.

  • DRJ

    I don’t think it will happen, because it’s not a good fit… when you first look at it. But, it’s not impossible. The keys are…
    1) Can Ellis play D? If the Cs believe he can be made to focus a LOT more attention on the defensive end, they would be much more inclined to take this deal seriously. But that’s a big IF. Not sure how they could be made to believe that. Not sure it can happen at all… the guy has never had much defensive focus… is he going to magically start now? If the answer is no, and it sure seems that way… this deal is not happening. The Cs are too smart to throw their WHOLE IDENTITY out the window for Monta Ellis.
    2) Can Ellis temper his shot selection, thereby increasing his assists and his FT%. This I can see happening… surrounded by a quality team, he might easily and naturally choose better shots and pass more… thus really becoming a GREAT offensive player.
    3) Can the Cs live with Radmanovich for even one day? This guy is STUPID… hell, he was too stupid for even the Lakers to keep around! I don’t know if there’s any way to make this deal work with adding Vlady to it. Might be a deal-breaker.
    All in all… I doubt this deal is going to happen. But it’s not unthinkable.

  • DRJ

    *Change FT% to FG%

  • DRJ

    *Change “with” to “without adding Vlady to it”

  • actually no, everyone around here knows the celts and the game pretty well…Im sorry, just not nick, at all.

  • i love how people think if Monta came here he would change because of KG and Pierce and the chance to play for a contender.
    I also love how people think Monta is a better player individually then ray (right now) and that means this trade would actually make us better…nope sorry as others have pointed out, and other dope for brains cant seem to figure out is a ball dominant speed guard would essentially ruin rondos career, and the teams chances this season

  • PutDJintheHall

    I love how everyone here knows more then the celtic management. If the Celts pull the trigger, they believe in Monta. This isn’t the Warriors, this the Boston Celtics. Ellis is talented enough to fit into the system.
    I’d hate to see Ray go, but I’d also hate to see the Celts become Mediocre in the coming years.
    Ellis is legit, nothing is ruining Rondos career by the way. What the hell are you watching? Rondo is taking on the task of team leader with 3 future hall of famers, and Monta Ellis is going to jeopardize that?

  • Green8Teen

    Oh right, so you know for a fact it won’t work out? Not only that, but you somehow know that it would actually ruin rondo’s career to make this move?
    Yea there are SOME question to making this move, but it’s absolutely ridiculous to say there’s no chance it will work or especially that it will ‘ruin rondos career.’ Seriously, get over yourself and stop acting like you have the only opinion that could ever be right.
    Tell me how you know FOR SURE it won’t work out. Unless you somehow know Monta Ellis better than the rest of us, you have no idea if he can adapt or not.

  • I never said my opinion was right and that matters, but it doesnt take rocket scientist to figure out rondo needs a guard on the floor that spreads the floor for him and can catch and shoot, not a ball dominant speed guard who needs the ball in his hands the majority of every possesion, plays no defense, and said to start the season in GSW himself that theres no way he could work with Stephen Curry… so u think he would wanna work with rondo? seriously, if they make the move, fine we get a great individual player and the “big 3” era is over.

  • Um yeah he could jeopardize that, ellis would want to be the center of attention and isnt going to change his game to fit with rondo, thats absurd to even suggest honestly…ellis needs the ball in his hands to create for himself…how exactly does that fit with rondo? explain…
    And the Warriors are the team who want to make the move, not the celtics…so apparently you think u know more then celts management as well?

  • Green8Teen

    You talk as if you know all this for a fact. Yea it’s a risk, but people had these same questions when Ray and KG came over too. You keep saying he ‘needs’ the ball in his hands to be good. HOW DO YOU KNOW? Ray used to need the ball in his hands. Paul too.
    As to how Ellis fits in? He plays with the ball in his hands less when playing with Rondo (even though it’s not like Allen doesn’t get a lot of touches), but gets time to run the offense himself without Rondo on the court (backup PG solved). He may not spread the floor like Allen does, but he does other things Allen doesn’t/can’t do (dribble?).
    In my opinion Rondo is good enough to make it work with anyone, including Ellis. Rondo is way past the point where another good player could somehow mess up his psyche.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Wow, that’s a tough call. At the moment, I’m going with No.

  • Nick J

    All you fools who say no to this trade are INSANE and do not understand the business of the League. If Golden State is foolish enough to make this trade (Boston is not the one that is undecided), you have to jump on it.
    See, Ray Allen is your one and only trade asset this year – a 19.8M expiring contract. If Boston can parlay that into a Monta Ellis and Raja Bell or Vladdy, done deal.
    Since you have an aging Paul Pierce and KG – its wise to invest in the future, and not shipping out Ray Allen for young talent is foolish – finding a team to come to the table will be the tough part. And remember Golden State is the hesitant team in this case.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I am in complete agreeance. I can’t imagine the Celtics turning this deal down if it were to really come to the table. The Warriors would be stupid to let it happen and must really believe in Curry. People here really are missing the fact that Ellis is 25 yrs old, and is quietly becoming one of the best guards in the league, teamed with a pass happy guard like Rondo it would be amazing. If you know anything about Monta Ellis you realize that he is one of the best mid range shooters in the league and running him off screens all day like they do with ray would not be a major adjustment. GSW run Ellis off screens and he gets a major part of his offense that way. Rays transition 3 is something we would miss but the transition and fastbreak offense would actually become better with a fast guard like ellis on the floor with Rondo.
    Sorry but if this trade is on the table then Celtics are taking it, no doubt. You can’t turn down getting a future superstar in the league coming into his own to pair with your budding all star PG for a 34 yr old guard with an exipiring contract.

  • aaron

    Double P-
    Finally someone made an good argument for this trade.
    you make an excellent point about his midrange game and coming off screens.

  • boston nick

    What’s monta ellis’ field goal percentage. He sucks and is a shot hog. no thanks.

  • boston nick

    monta ellis shoots the worst field goal percentage of any of the leagues top scorers. not a good fit in the bean at all! no way.