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Max: Fans need a code of ethics

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Cedric Maxwell was on WBZ's Sports Final last night, and among the things he talked about was the need for a "Fans Code of Ethics", saying…

"Big Baby was wrong, make sure you say that… Big Baby was wrong with what he said.  But at the same time our fans need to have a code of ethics."

His main point was if you wouldn't say it to someone's face… then you shouldn't be able to say it from the crowd. 

Then again, Max might be biased. He did (as he points out in that interview) do this:

I do think some fans go overboard… but ultimately… it's the player's responsibility to tune that stuff out.

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  • LOVE THAT FOOTAGE! Great stuff. Also very true that the players need to tune that stuff out. You are there doing your job. If someone called me up or visited my office and said something demeaning, I am not allowed to jump out of my seat and attack them.

  • FSantos33

    LOL Cornbread Max took out an old man come on now. After all that happened was a foul or tech or ejection called? I didn’t notice it. Wow!

  • Orb

    Amazing how fast Dawkins got in there to protect Max. Hard to say that would play out the same way today, I don’t see Perk getting Noah’s back…

  • DRJ

    It was a different world then. Today, Maxwell would be suspended for the season. Then… nothing, I think.
    And did you see Parish walk with the ball, at the beginning? Were they even blinder then than now? Yikes

  • FSantos33

    LOL DRJ the Chief did walk (No Call), Max (Elbowed 76er player in the mouth and attacked a fan (No Call) Play on boys. Mans Game!
    The Refs sucked back then too.