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Case of the Mondays: The whole college system is a joke

Case of the mondays

Mondays suck… even around here.  So we're taking time out on
Monday's to make ourselves feel better and rant about something that
pisses us off.

After filling his stat line again on Saturday (16 points, seven
assists, three steals), Kentucky freshman John Wall said he had "no
choice" but to enter this year's NBA Draft.

echoed UK Coach John Calipari insisting to radio host Dan Patrick
earlier in the week that Wall would turn pro after this season.

"I joke about coming back, and like you say, he tells me, no," Wall said after UK's 101-70 victory over Arkansas on Saturday.

When a reporter noted that players must obey their coach, Wall smiled and said, "Yeah. I really have no choice."

Calipari told Patrick he'd wrestle with Wall rather than let the freshman return for a second UK season."

Coach might," a smiling Wall said. "He might pull my eye out. You never know."  (via SLAMOnline)

Ha ha ha… everyone get a nice good laugh at the mockery of collegiate athletics. 

Everyone is drooling over the possibility of John Wall in the NBA.  It's easy to see why.  The kid does seem to have a special feel to him.  In a few weeks, we'll probably be writing up a "Case of the Mondays" about teams starting to tank in an effort to get an edge in the John Wall sweepstakes.

But the way this is all being handled is just so sleezy (which should be no surprise since John Calipari is involved).  They're making a mockery of college and the system.  

College gets kids ready for real life.  For John Wall, real life means life in the NBA.  But life in the NBA is more than finding a lane to get to the rim or reading a defense to set up a teammate.  It's about being a grown-up… and dealing with grown up problems like everyone coming to you with their hands out.  Just ask Kendrick Perkins

“At the beginning, every one I knew had a hand out and I was spending like $200 and $300 a week. That adds up. It got to $11,000 a month. That adds up too,’’ Perkins said. “You have to learn to distance yourself from people, even if that means staying inside at home more. You know, out of sight, out of mind? That first year in the league was tough for me. You’re worried about offending people if you say no. But you eventually learn that you have to do it.”

In the NBA, no one is there to hold your hand.  I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I'm concerned about John Wall going to class and studying.  I know what's going on.  But that time in college is worth something beyond the B he's trying to pull in Intro to Western Civilization.  Being forced to go to class and try to maintain grades of any kind teaches responsibility.  It teaches kids they have to at least earn the right to play. 

But with the one-and-done already a foregone conclusion… Wall only has to make it through one semester of the bare-minimum, easiest classes Kentucky has to offer.  After that, he's done.  He'll barely have to do anything in the second semester because he knows he's gone. 

Life lesson lost.

Yeah, I know what you're saying.  So what?  If he wants to come out of school early, its his choice.  Hell, if he wants to come out of high school early, let him.  And the way things work right now, you might as well.

But I see the value in college.  I see the value in learning how to be a teammate… in learning how to hone your skills… and in learning how to become an adult.  In the end, everyone will benefit.  The players will be better, more mature, and more well known.  They'll go into the NBA with better skills, and they'll be better equipped to handle big-boy life with millions of dollars in their bank accounts. 

I'd prefer a minimum of two years in college… and if that's not possible, ditch the age requirement altogether.  Either solution ends this joke of a system.  Until either of those two things happen, college will be nothing more than a halfway house for potential NBA'ers that makes a mockery of what everyone else is trying to accomplish.

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  • KY Celts fan

    As a lifelong UK fan, I’m enjoying the John Wall ride while it lasts. I’m also enjoying the DeMarcus Cousins ride, cuz I think he’ll be a one-and-done also.
    I know Coach Cal has the player’s best interest at heart. I’d love to see Wall play for UK as long as possible, but he’s definitely got the talent so you gotta let him do what’s best for him. If I was able to attain my career without four years of college, I would have definitely dropped out. Save a lot of money.
    I was sad when UK lost Antoine Walker after only two years, but we know how that worked out for Boston.

  • I’m not sure the Nets will win another game just so they can secure the best lottery chances to land Wall.

  • Jason

    I’ll preface this by saying I am a HUGE proponent of education.
    Still, that being said, if anybody here was qualified to do a job, they would demand the basic right to be hired for that job despite their age. I could be 12, but still “talented” enough to come up with a business idea, earn revenue and run the company, NOBODY (other than my parents maybe) should be in a position to stop me because I haven’t graduated HS, haven’t gone to at least x years of college, am not old enough, don’t have an MBA or whatever other bogus rationalization you could dream up. John Wall may or may not be qualified right now to play in the NBA, but he is being kept from a job he is probably qualified for because of a corrupt system. He could be making life-changing money. Instead he’s risking injury while others (Kentucky, NCAA, CBS, ESPN) are profiting off of him while he plays for free. That’s beyond ridiculous.
    If the argument against me is Kwame Brown, that’s not good enough. That’s team management’s fault. If they feel preps are too risky, they should adjust their valuations. If they think they’re too immature, evaluate maturity more exhaustively and should stay away. Kwame is an NBA failure, but the blame goes on the people that picked him. Evaluate better, make better decisions. Don’t force all people of certain age into indentured servitude because you’re not good enough at your jobs. Preps can be highly successful (KG, LeBron, Kobe even Perk), just because the league as a whole whiffed on a few, this was the solution? They’ve whiffed at every level (four-year graduates, early entrants, foreign players), so why are preps the only ones “worthy” of being punished?
    College has it’s value, but let’s not overstate it. Not everyone needs to go to college or classes to learn responsibility or to earn a very good living. As one example, tennis prodigies that become pros in their teens. Must they be forced into one year of college before turning pro? Are they set up to fail because they didn’t go to classes for a semester? Nothing is keeping them from their careers other than their abilities, as it should be. Who has the right to say they can’t pursue their career of choice or to maximize their earnings? Nobody.
    Yes, these preps are kids, but so what? It’s an individual’s decision to say, you know I’m not ready, I’ll wait a year and it’ll be worth it in the long run. Sure you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone to make that choice, but again it’s their choice. Instead they are essentially being systematically blackballed from a job for which they are qualified. That should be the outrage, not that the exile should be even longer.

  • KY Celts fan

    Yeah, Go Wildcats!

  • harry

    Best argument I´ve ever read for why the NBA should scrap the age/education requirement. Thank you.

  • bradthemusiclad

    Well!(sic) John is probably pro bound but……as a long time Canadian fan of UK, I believe that the dollars will come whenever but that discipline is essential whether it be on the court or with academia. Throw away the injury argument..throw away Calipari’s push/shove stance..he should hang in for another year and face a few more seniors who are also pro bound..Having watched a number of games this year I think his ability to turn it on when it’s crunch time is admirable but I really don’t think his game is anyway near 100% to just step into the NBA and make some bottom feeder a contender. And, from the games I’ve watched thus far I would actually take Bledsoe on my team first and Wall second..He’s another who could jump but should shoulder another year for the same reasons.I do hold my breath watching some of the “have to give up the points and come from behind wins”,,but the depth of the team is probably the best in college hoops right now. Yes, they’ll be a number one seed no doubt but I foresee sterner tests when and if they advance to play the Syrs,Ks,. Again I’m a huge fan but cohesion on the court and a couple of years together may string a two in a row scenario. Adding your academia & a couple of championships to your resume is not too shabby and they have the ability to do that. And then there is that age old conflict-loyalty or $$$$$. Cheers! And GO UK and win it all!!!!