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Your Morning Dump… Where the old ’76 Pinto is still running


morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

"The old '76 Pinto got banged up against the wall a little bit," joked
Garnett on the heels of the Boston Celtics' 98-95 overtime win over the
Portland Trail Blazers at the TD Garden. "You just keep hitting the gas and it keeps going."

"I felt good out there," said Garnett. "Confident. Strong. I got banged
a couple times. That's part of the game, you get roughed up."

Garnett acknowledged his timing was off, and that drove down his
rebounding numbers. But he tried to make up for it wherever he could,
including tirelessly chasing Portland forward LaMarcus Aldrige, nine
years his younger, for much of the game.

Garnett Steps on the Gas – ESPN Boston

Coming out of a timeout in the fourth quarter,
Garnett went body to body with Portland’s LaMarcus Aldridge way before
the ball was set to be inbounded. Aldridge turned to the baseline
official with his arms up as if to say, “Seriously?” Yup.

Garnett’s entire game is predicated on making
people on the other team uncomfortable, while also providing a comfort
zone for his teammates. Garnett continued to jostle with Aldridge and
when the shot caromed off the glass Garnett threw his body into the
fray with his old reckless abandon.

Celtics Revel in KG's Return – WEEI

For some unknown reason, some people around here love to point out all of KG's deficiencies. The smart fan knows Garnett will never be the same player he was prior to injuring his knee last season.

Last night's statistical output (13 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks) will likely be the very least he can contribute to this team. As he regains his timing, the stats will improve… and so will the Celtics chances of winning the championship.

On Page 2, why Brian Scalabrine is one tough bastard.

Scalabrine initially suffered the injury on January 6 against the
Heat while trailing Michael Beasley on a pick. However, he wanted to
maximize his opportunity in Kevin Garnett’s absence and played the next
seven games with the injury.

“The only thing that was hard was when I play defense, I used my
forearms to create space so the guy can’t feel my body.  I couldn’t do
it with this side so it was just a minor disadvantage,” he explained.
“You have to learn to play with your feet a little more instead of
using your body, your spacing, stuff like that. But I think hopefully
these next couple of days it’ll get better.”

It wasn’t until the pain became unbearable during Wednesday’s game
against the Pistons that he decided to undergo an MRI. On Thursday,
Scalabrine learned he had a Grade 2 AC joint injury, which he says, “is
not a major separation.”

Scalabrine Out with Shoulder Separation – WEEI

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  • NineSevenEight

    I definitely agree about KG. He’s 33 (and will be 34 at seasons end)! Guys get injured. Guys get old. It’s part of…well…GETTING OLD! And 33 is over the hill in basketball years. I think it’s unrealistic to expect the Timberwolves version of KG, who’s battling against guys 10 years his junior. I’ll take KG’s defensive presence more than anything else.
    As for his four rebounds last night? A little on the light side but I kind of expected KG to be a hesitant under the boards since it was his first game back. Perk is really the one who has no excuse but to be getting double digit rebounds every night as he is the brute of this team. Perk should be getting in position to have 15-20 rebounds a night.
    I think the problem is expectations. It’s great to have high expectations for a guy that will be crowned as one of the greats in basketball history, especially for a player of KG’s caliber. But when do the expectations start becoming unrealistic? Taking into account his age and his injuries, I don’t expect him to put up his prime numbers…and I’m okay with that.
    I think at this point, KG realizes his own limitations as an older player and now redirects those deficiencies into his energy, the way he motivates his teammates, his basketball IQ, and teaching the young ones.

  • Aldridge had 19/10…above his season and career statistics, and why shouldnt people point to KGs deficiencies? every other celtics player gets that type of criticizm, should KG not?
    we won this game because the blazers were missing 5 of there top 8 rotation players, and they outrebounded and outhustled the celtics much of the game still with that said.
    Garnett should get better and there is no denying he maked everything fall into place and is the “emotional leader” but he wasnt that great last night and i wonder if he can stay healthy over the long haul

  • NineSevenEight

    TTR, I think the point is that you’re going single out KG after EVERY game. It’s guaranteed. It’s the same way that you think Nick is ridiculous for calling out Scal,House,bench, etc. after games. It’s clockwork.
    I don’t agree that every other player gets criticized as much as you criticize KG.
    Good for LaMarcus Aldridge for playing above his career stats…LaMarcus is also 24 years old and not coming off a knee injury.
    It was KG’s first game back, cut him some slack…just this once.

  • I dont even need to cut KG some slack, because if you read what I say im telling you hes clearly the emotional leader of the team, always in everyones ear and gets the home crowd going, i just dont believe hes superman and because he came back last night we won…
    we get blown off the court if they have brandon roy and/or jerryd bayless doesnt go down during the game or they had even 1 of there top big I think people are overreacting to KGs play last night

  • NineSevenEight

    Lets be honest, for every one comment you make about KG being an “emotional leader” you follow it up with about 20 criticizing him for not putting up 20/15 night in and night out….at 33…and how his best days are behind him. What an astute observation. Again, so we’re clear, he’s thirty-friggin-three going on 34!
    Who said KG was the reason the Celtics won? Who’s overreacting? If someone on THIS forum has directly attributed this win to KG, then I must have missed that comment. They won because they made the critical plays when the had to, albeit in overtime. Nobody crowned KG the savior after last night. It’s his first game back with the team, obviously the attention goes to him and how he’s feeling. It’s the elephant in the room. Everyone wants to know how he’s feeling. Obviously the attention goes to him. That’s how it works in sports journalism.

  • ALl ive heard since KG went out is how we’re losing bc hes out and he’ll be the savior when he comes back…im not dissin the guy for not getting 20/15, im simply stating what noone else is willing to admit…hes a role player at this point in his career, and a good leader

  • NineSevenEight

    Again, I disagree that consensus is that KG is a savior. Who labeled him that? Even still, does him NOT being “a savior” that make him any less important to the team. Who wouldn’t want to have him back in the line up? If that’s the case, what other options do the Celtics have? Should they ride Shelden Williams into the sunset and leave KG on the bench? KG tightens up the Celtics on defense. He gets into them when they aren’t doing their jobs. So, yeah, when the Celtics lose games because of poor defense throughout, KG will always be missed.
    Who cares if you think he’s a role player and the next fan doesn’t? Really? Opinions are like…everyone’s got one. It’s SO easy to say something left of right and vice versa just to stand out. It’s even easier to give yourself credit for your own opinions since you’re “stating what no one else is willing to admit.”

  • Double P Reppin the B

    A role player? Seriously this is why people are getting on you about being so hard on KG. A role player is like Big Baby or what PJ Brown was KG is a starter and still capable of being dominant in this league, the only thing he is missing is insane vertical, if losing that means he is relegated to a role player you really have no idea what your talking about

  • This is exactly what im talking about when it comes to people not being honest with themselves with KG…. Yes he could still dominate this league in 2007….its now 2010 and no, if I saw it I would gladly admit it.
    He is just a role player, i was told he doesnt average double digit boards and 20 pts because of the talent around him…sorry but I dont care whos around him, if he was still dominant KG he would averagine 10+ boards, just like Duncan still does with all the talent around him.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I didn’t say dominate the league, I said be dominant. He’s never going to be MVP ever again but he is far better than a role player. You are so stuck on comparing him now to who he was in his prime that you are seeing him as a role player. He is NOT as good as he used to be, but he is MUCH better than a role player.

  • nick

    Kid u really need to shut your fucking mouth, I say kid because no adult can be as stupid and ignorant about the game as you are! We have struggled because Doc is trash…he plays scal and house like they are solid rotation players when both of them would struggle to find work elsewhere in the league, if your gona keep trashing K.G nad saying he sucks then all u needa do is go back to the beginning of the season, he struggled the 1st month then he was playing great for aawhile till he hurt his knee again. KG’s length defensive intensity, accurate deep shooting, and great post gam MAKE THIS TEAM WHAT IT IS. People like to think Rondo’s are most important player. WRONG. Typically when Rondo’s putting up gaudy numbers we lose! Get ur head outta ur ass buddy, u think Scal is good 4 this team, yet ur complaining about an all-time great who’s struggling with a injury. U have no class or basketabll intellect. Matt Barnes would be invaluable to this team right now, kuz he would be playing and not hurt like Marquis (which i said this summer!) and he would be playing over scal who just sucksss ass. U needa realize K.G and Pierce are the 2 best most important players we got, and as they go so goes are title hopes and chances for victory’s from game to game. K.G even more so because of his defensive beastliness. smarten up dude

  • Al

    Role player?? Please……..on the wane for sure but he’s no Eddie House yet…..I thought KG almost fought a lone hand on the boards last night at the end and got overwhelmed – as he said his timing on jumping for them was off but Perk was watching most of the time.
    Howard was PERK’S man and it was embarrassing to watch a 36 (?) yr old 6’9″ guy cleaning up on the glass last night while KG fought Aldridge (6’11’ – 7 ft)
    Perk should be embarrassed….

  • DRJ

    Actually, I think he’s their savior. They lost their drive and quite a bit of chemistry in his absence. Doc was forced into rotations he clearly doesn’t like and doesn’t know how to handle. KG’s return is a huge step forward… fixes the rotations, makes EVERYBODY else better, and most important it brings back the fire and chemistry this team was very OBVIOUSLY missing in recent games.
    I’d call that “saving” the team. But then, that’s just a word. We all mean the same thing, I suspect.

  • DRJ

    Something is wrong with that Scal story. I just cannot believe that he either played or is planning on coming back in a few days if the diagnosis is truly a Grade II separation of the AC (shoulder) joint. Grade II means COMPLETE TEAR of the AC ligaments. It’s very hard to believe that he could play with that… and actually jump and shoot the ball??… Forgetaboutit… it doesn’t sound feasible. And… it takes like 6-8 weeks to come back from a Grade 2… he says he’s coming back next week. None of this adds up.
    If it’s a true story, then Scal is Mr. Iron Man. My guess is that it was a severe Grade I – in which case he’s still a tough SOB.

  • WC

    He’s a ginger waste. Richy Cunningham on stupid pills.

  • Actually, a grade 2 is a partial tear. A grade 3 is a complete tear. I only know because I had a grade 3.

  • DRJ

    Grade 2 is a complete tear of the AC ligaments. There are still other ligaments in the area holding the shoulder together tho – the coracoclavicular ligaments. In Grade 3, those are torn too and shoulder is completely separated, hanging loose.
    Can’t believe he had a Grade 2… his motions were unchanged to my eyes… and he even took a couple of shots in the past week, I think. Can’t imagine how if he had a Grade 2. Maybe it was just a bad Grade 1….