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We hate to say we told you so…


Via Rumors and Rants:

In a story that should surprise no one, Vince Carter has been a complete disappointment since arriving in Orlando this offseason. Carter arrived from New Jersey in a June trade that sent Courtney Lee, Rafer Alston and Tony Battie out of Orlando and brought in Carter and Ryan Anderson.

The addition of Carter was expected to offset the loss of Hedo Turkoglu to free agency. It hasn’t exactly worked out that way.

So far the 32-year-old Carter is posting career
lows in scoring (16.5 ppg), field goal percentage (38.4) and rebounds
(4.4 rpg). He’s also shooting just 30.4 percent from behind the 3-point
line, while hiscareer average is 37.4 percent.

but we told you so.

That goes out to all the fans, reporters, columnists and basketball experts who thought Vince Carter would improve the Orlando Magic.

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  • Are there any player named Vin you liked ever?

  • Danno

    Vincent Brisby

  • Vince McMahon

  • Vince Coleman

  • Vince Vega?

  • Danno

    Vinny Barbarino?

  • Vin Diesel

  • NineSevenEight

    Vince Vaughn

  • Steve

    I hate to say it but he played pretty well against us…so he did help them there.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Vin the Eskimo

  • Jason

    No he didn’t. He scored 28, but it took him 28 shots.

  • Jason

    Vincent Price

  • Jason
  • Celtsfan33

    yeah I was one of those guys too and I’m glad to say – I was wrong.

  • KY Celts fan

    Ha! awesome.

  • KY Celts fan

    I don’t mind the less scoring, cuz he’s on a better team hence doesn’t need to do as much. and Orlando has the size to cover the rebounds. but fg%? that one bites you in the ass. plus he’s injury prone.
    but you gotta take the risks if you wanna get the rings.

  • Never liked this dude.

  • strong, strong, call laughing my butt off right now and i got the song stuck in my head

  • Boston’s Daddy

    Lol, it’s January..it’s still a work in progress and the chemistry just doesn’t develop over a couple of months. By April we’ll be rolling just like everyone expects us to.
    I’d be more worried about your sorry team. If you didn’t play in the worst division in the NBA you’d be a 5-8 seed in the playoffs. Either way I see your old stiffs 1 and done. You have had the easiest schedule so far out of all NBA teams so expect to get smacked around a lot more in this 2nd half of the season.

  • I think there’s a little bit of alternating standard in this post. You always say that there’s nothing to worry about for the Celtics’ recent bad run because injuries took place and it’s only January. Same facts work for Orlando, too. Carter had a shoulder injury, they did not only sign Carter via trade, they also added other guys like Barnes, Bass, JWont and And3rson.
    Also, Carter had a drop in his stats but I advise you to check Hedo’s stats as well. At least, Carter provides the rebounding and scoring that Hedo did in the past two years, the only ingredient he’s truly missing -but supposed to include- is his court vision and passing ability, which seem not to have existed whatsoever.