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I never doubted you Ray

Chuck - Red's Army January 22, 2010 Uncategorized 33 Comments on I never doubted you Ray


Ray Allen shook off a horrible shooting night (3-14 FG, 2-4 FT) and nailed a go-ahead three pointer with 41 seconds left in overtime which helped propel the Celtics to a 98-95 win over the Blazers.

After LaMarcus Aldridge missed a jumper, Ray scooped up a loose ball and found Tony Allen for a dunk with 12 seconds left. The Celtics escaped with the win after Rudy Fernandez missed a pair of desperation threes in the final seconds.

Kevin Garnett had 13 points, 4 rebounds and 2 blocks in 30 minutes. I did not notice any problems with the knee.

Despite KG's presence, the Celtics were beaten badly on the boards. Portland – a mediocre rebounding team – had 16 offensive rebounds and 22 second chance points. Juwan Howard had 12 rebounds. Yes, that Juwan Howard.

The Cs went ahead 91-86 on a spectacular play by Rajon Rondo who grabbed a rebound, went behind his back with the dribble and raced up the court for a lay-up.

But the Celts final few possessions were disgusting. While Martell Webster was nailing clutch jumpers for Portland, Rondo had a turnover and missed lay-up, Paul Pierce air-mailed a jumper with 19 seconds left and was called for a charge as he crashed into Andre Miller with 1 second on the clock.

Had the Cs not pulled out the win in overtime, this would have gone down as an epic choke.

Andre Miller lead Portland with 28 points. Jerryd Bayless – who was filling in for Brandon Roy – had 12 points at the break, but did not play in the second half due to a sprained ankle.

The bench played well in the first half (21 points), but the guys struggled in the second half. Rasheed Wallace finished with 14 points, Tony Allen had 8.

A win is a win, but the KG-inspired Celtics did not impress me tonight.

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  • Eh, i cant believe the overreacitons some people are making (celticsblog) because we beat the most depleted team in the league without all there best players by 3 in overtime at home, I saw all the same problems as i have the last few weeks we just barely pulled it out against a terrible…and KG looked hobbled quite a few times out there in my opinion
    but ya take the win anyway u get it

  • Orb

    As Tommy was saying towards the end of regulation, it was good to see them play with some heart, even if they had lost the game. Damn happy they won though.

  • DRJ

    I did. And still do.
    Ray’s line tonight: 21% FG%, 50% FT%, 20% 3Pt%. In the past 2 games, he’s 1-9 from 3-pt territory. He’s in a terrible slump.
    But Doc keeps (over)playing him. Almost 43 minutes tonight. WHY Doc, why? The man single-handedly loses or almost loses games for your team. STOP playing the guy… at least not so much. Give him a rest. I think he needs it.
    (And what’s with all the blowing into his hands, like they’re cold? What’s that about? Second game in a row I noticed that.)

  • DRJ

    KG did NOT look hobbled, AT ALL. He looked like he never left. Lots of lift, very active. Only his jumper was a bit off. That’s come back soon. The main thing is that he looks physically GREAT.

  • I honestly have no idea what you were watching man, he was noticably hobbled on many occasions and came up limping pretty bad another time…. his energy is second to none tho

  • Yes KG looked like hes never been gone!!! the leading rebounder last decase got outrebounded 11/4 by juawn freaking howard….. what are people watching?

  • DRJ

    I honestly did NOT see what you’re talking about. I saw him running and jumping like the old KG.

  • I didn’t see a limp at all.
    KG has lost some of his vertical – that’s obvious. Whether it’s age or last season’s knee injury, it clearly has decreased. But that was something evident at the start of the season.
    Perk’s the one who was battling Howard on the boards. He should be embarrassed.

  • the old KG as in literally the OLDDD man version of KG…cmon now DRJ, KG does not look anything like he did in 2007 and before

  • Am i really the only one who noticed him come up limiping pretty noticably on an occasion and in my opinion dragged his leg alot? at least u see the loss on the vertical…his energy and confidence he gives the other guys and the crowd is amazin, but he didnt look great to me or that healthy

  • KG did look a little hesitent when rebouding to me, he hasnt been the beast that seems to grab every rebound at any cost since last years injury
    but i think thats more of a mental thing for him right now than physical, its hard to sacrifice your body when you need to protect it to stay on the court

  • by the way, where was scal tonight?

  • DRJ

    Agree… when I say he’s like the “old” KG… I am (clearly) not talking about many years ago… just before his injury. He looked fine. Apparently banged his knee at one point, and maybe hobbled a bit then… maybe that’s what the Grim Reaper… uhhh Ruiner… is talking about. (jk, ttr 🙂

  • DRJ

    Says he was out with a “sore right shoulder.”

  • NineSevenEight

    I just wrote a LONG comment only for it to be lost in the shuffle. Grrr.
    Anyways, I thought the Celtics left their best basketball in the first quarter. I definitely noticed a difference in energy with KG on the floor. Rebounding, on the other hand, left something to be desired. I saw a LOT of guys either out of position or ball watching with their hands down, waiting for the ball to come to them.
    I DO think the Celtics foul trouble may have made this game closer than it ended. Aside from the poor rebounding numbers, the next number in the box score that jumped out at me was the PFs. 28-18 in favor of the Blazers. +10? Really? At home? Losing KG early and PP for overtime definitely didn’t help.
    But a win is a win is a win.

  • KY Celts fan

    well, there’s your win right there. Forget KG. that’s addition by subtraction.

  • DRJ

    “the KG-inspired Celtics did not impress me tonight”
    I think there was much to be happy about. Win or lose. Yes, they almost choked away the game at the end. But the game as a whole was a big improvement over their recent performances. NO 3rd quarter collapse…. that was a huge difference. Energy level stayed up. Rondo stayed focused. PP too. Good stuff.
    But not all around. Ray is in a horrible slump. Doc should switch minutes between the two Allens… 23 for Ray, 43 for Tony. Let’s see what happens. Ray needs a break… he’s been played to death, I think. Everybody else has had their “injury break”… Ray’s turn now.
    Say… he keeps blowing on his hands. Maybe he has “knitter’s knuckles”. Uh oh… gotta sit him down for THAT!

  • DRJ

    And let’s not forget how HORRIBLE the refereeing was in this game. Really, really bad… verified so. Were it not for that, this game would not have been as close as it was.

  • DRJ

    Yes… and we can thank the TERRIBLE referees for many of those fouls.

  • i was thinking exactly that during the game, sit him out for a week or so
    another thing, i wish kg would decline the all star invitation, and hope none of the big three play in it; just take the week off guys, we need to get healthy

  • Nora

    Yeah and the C’s were perfectly healthy. KG’s first game back. Quit the whining. LOL

  • Nora

    You can’t decline to go to the all star game unless you are injured and have missed games. Don’t know the exact rule, but I believe there is one in place.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    thats pretty easily loopholed. just claim a phantom injury (celtics should be pretty good at that by now) and you can sit them easy. only one i wanna see there is RONDOO

  • Al

    Focussing on the positive – no doubt KG lifted the team. I saw the limp that the grim reaper is talking about but he looked alright.
    Rondo played well except for the inexplicable TO and blwon layup at the end. His offensive rebound put back was a key play. Pierce played well….
    Ray hit a big shot…
    onto the negative
    Pierce played well till the last minute!!!
    Howard got offensive board s cos Perk was horrendous at boxing out. The blazers were crashing the boards and it looked like KG was fighting a lone battle and losing to be honest…I think Perk needs the AS break as much as anyone. I thought he was shite. He did get on off foul from a flop by Howard that should win him an emmy soon – I fuckin hate floppers….
    Ray Allen FFS!!! He’s in my fantasy team and I replaced him today with…..Nate Robinson – he has been crap lately – he’s note evn an average sg any more I feel he’s worse than that…

  • Green8Teen

    aren’t we comparing him to what he looked like before the injury this year? i don’t think anyone is expecting pre-’09 KG, the first time he had a major injury.

  • nick

    shut ur pie-hole buddy, the first W after a tough stretch is always the hardest, I’ve been watching this team 4 a long-ass time and they are primed to go on a tear very soon and win a shit-load of games, everyone get ur panties out of a bunch, don’t 4get we still got Daniels coming back. R u even a true Celtics fan? I doubt it, and who’s making a big deal? Facts are facts, we’re struggling badly and we gutted out a tough overtime win at home where we’ve been pushed around lately.

  • nick

    Ur really upsetting me because u strike me as some punk who don’t know dick about the game. when K.G was rippin down 13-14 boards a game who did he play with?? Wally SZerbiak and terrele brandon and spreewell Joe smith? he hadda get them all u bafoon! Rondo perk and Pierce all grab boards so naturally its gona come down. He’s not 100% right now but he’s a lock down defender and emotional leader of these team. come april may and june he will be ready to get it on full throttle and I don’t wana here u rallying behind K.G and the C’s when things are going good. Go cheer 4 scal u prick

  • nick

    Scal doesn’t play we win. Is that so hard? I’ve only been saying it for 2 months!

  • yea had nothing to do with the fact that kg was back, or they didnt have brandon roy, scals 8 minutes a game have been costing us for a while now
    people need to realize scal is good for this team at what he does, he is basically a 11th to 12th man who can play the 3 or 4 positions for short periods of time and not hurt you
    and he actually ends up bringing energy when he comes in the games at home because he gets the crowd into the game
    that being said his expiring contract is way more valuable than him at this point, so i do hope we trade him…. that doesnt mean im not also hoping that team doesnt buy him out so he can come back to his beloved 12th man role

  • Youre just a full fledged Homer Nick, hoping they rip off a stretch of good wins here…based off of nothing other then the fact they have the magic, hawks, and lakers coming up on there schedule.
    They havent playd that good lately and last night was no different, im happy they won but the overreaction of them winning just cause KG came back is a joke, they barely beat the most depleted team in the league in overtime who actually lost there best active scorer DURING THE GAME, and missing easily there best player overall.
    they win this game with or without garnett in my opinion, Juwan Howard had more of an impact on the game then he did.
    I hope for both our sakes they pull of this good stretch your banking on, but based on last night i dont see it

  • Um, the celtics were nowhere near as depleted as the blazers….the celtics were missing daniels, the blazers, Roy, Oden, Pryzbilla, Batum, Outlaw, Bayless during the course of the game..any more? who knows, but there best 2 big man, best wing defender, best bench player, there best and one of the top players in the league.
    Yes because KG came back we won this game *rolls eyes*

  • Actually Nick, you know nothing about the game, constnaltly blaming losses on a 10th man and begging for absolute chucking bums with no basketball IQ like Matt fucking Barnes.
    KGs rebounding being down is not only a product of who he plays with, thats ignorant..this team is stuggling mightily rebounding and he is getting pounded on the glass by scrubs and just slapping at balls instead of going to get em like he use to
    you dont go from the best rebounder of the decade to never being able to get double digit rebounds because u have perkins and pierce on your team, that seriously is a buffoon type comment, i have no understanding of people not being able to fucking accept that the guy is in major decline whether hes injured or not…this team actually needs KG to be a dominant rebounded more then anything else and u r making stupid excuses for him

  • I don’t think sitting out for an All-Star game that he will play for 15 minutes at most will help KG’s recovery. I honestly think it will be best for him to chill out for a weekend and spend some time with other stars of the conference.