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Your Morning Dump… Where the fans are really pissed off


morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I think we think we’re better than what we are,’’ he said. “We get a
lead and we feel like we can just put it on cruise. In the NBA you
can’t do that, and we’ve never done that and that’s what’s troubling to
me. But it’s clear right now when we get a lead, we go to individual
ball, guys trying to get numbers and just loss of focus.’’

Globe – Pistons Deal Blow to Celtics

Man this is crazy!!!! Its like everyone is looking for the staples easy button instead of just doing their job and just play.

We playing like a wounded animal instead of an animal that's cornered with their back against the wall!!!

Shelden Williams Twitter Page

How can a team who has lost to the 76ers, Clippers, Warriors and Pistons be overconfident? How can a team with so many veterans play without focus?

I'm not sure this can be fixed. These guys say all the right things after a horrible performance, but never change any of their bad habits. What's that popular definition of insanity – Repeating the same action but expecting a different outcome?

Read the comments in our post game blog. Everyone gets blame. Scal, TA, Doc's substitution pattern, Ray Allen, Perk, Rondo… it's evident the fans are pissed off.

On Page 2, Glen Davis apologizes for his profanity.

A Pistons fan, whose taunting triggered an obscene epithet from
Celtics forward Glen Davis during a second-quarter timeout last night,
placed a complaint with NBA security during halftime.

Davis now faces a possible fine and suspension. His comments were
made in close range of microphones from both the Celtics’ TV and radio
broadcasts, and could reportedly be easily heard by viewers and

Davis, repeatedly called “fat boy” and then “chubs” by a fan who
identified himself as Scott Zack, declined comment after the game, but
later posted his regrets on

“I’m a tough competitor and I’m proud of the work I’ve done to get
in shape and be at the top of my game,” Davis said in his first tweet.

He added in a second tweet, “That said, I shouldn’t have said what I did. My apologies to my fans and my teammates.”

Herald – Heckler Gets BBD Out of Shape

Glen Davis needs to get his head in shape. From the preseason fight with a friend that injured his thumb to last night's embarrassing comment, it's evident Davis has a lot of growing up to do. Last night's mental lapse might also cost him time on the court. 

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  • How many more times are we going to see these headlines and stories before the C’s get it together? The loss to Dallas was a little less embarrassing because Dallas is actually a good team. There is no excuse for the losses to Detroit, Philly, and others mentioned above. Even with KG out and some games without Pierce or Sheed, they are still good enough to beat bad teams. I am losing too much sleep over these past few weeks.

  • Shawna

    It’s like the team is just not hungry any more. There was a definite drive in ’08 that’s just no where to be seen lately. Remember when we used to own the third quarter? Now it’s like that’s the quarter we take off. I wouldn’t be this frustrated if we really were this bad, but we’re not at all! It’s just time to regain some focus.

  • Dont overreact or anything, this team isnt driven to go out and win every regular season game anymore, and maybe the players who suit up are as sick of every question they get asked being about Kevin Garnett as i am, and not knowing when hes coming back…I dont blame em, its creating chemistry problems

  • thetitleisours

    Remember during our championship season the Celtics continued to win when KG was out? Cannot say that the last two years
    I agree the hunger is gone. Wish Powe were still here
    Maybe it is time to change-up and play Babay 40+ minutes a game to see where he is at. Plus play Giddens and Walker for energy and accept their mistakes

  • Danno

    maybe it’s time to trade Ray or others for a shooting guard who can bring it every night.
    Ray fucking sucks. When he’s not shooting well, he brings NOTHING else to the table.
    At least the other starters bring something else when their shooting is off. Rondo dishes and steals. Perk Rebounds and blocks. Paul draws fouls and plays lockdown D. KG/Sheed play amazing D and block/rebound.
    When Ray can’t shoot, he’s as useless as Gerald Green. He does nothing else well. He can’t even dribble anymore. He dribbles off his own foot and out of bounds more often than Tony Allen. He makes passes that are positively Vin Baker like.
    Get rid of our dead weight.