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NBA investigating Davis outburst

Via the Herald:

An NBA spokesperson said today that the league is indeed investigating Glen Davis’s vulgar outburst directed toward a heckler at last night’s Celtics-Pistons game.

The incident took place during a second quarter timeout. The
patron’s taunting struck a nerve with Big Baby and led to his comments,
which could be heard on the television and radio telecasts.


he fan, who identified himself as Scott Zack, filed a complaint with NBA security.

And now, Davis, who, according to Doc Rivers, is likely not to receive any team punishment, may instead feel the heat from the NBA disciplinary folks.

Ok… Baby shouldn't have done that.  But does anything happen to Scott Zack.. who had already been warned about heckling players?

One other note: It looks like Glen Davis' twitter account is real.

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  • Danno

    Considering the relentless barrage of F-Bombs KG drops on National TV during games, I can’t believe this is really a big deal.

  • Danno I actuaclly agree wholeheartedly with that statement, hell KG probably says that once a game, but he gets away with anything, and they dont put those live mics near KG, I remember last season in a win against atlanta KG actally pointed out and taunted someone in the crowd and he was cussin like always
    Now as far as big baby, this is a case of actual immaturity, rather then that mythical immaturity people were talking about in the offseason

  • mythical immaturity concerning rondo*

  • CFH

    I can see why the NBA might feel the need to slap BBD’s wrist since his comment came through the broadcast so loud and clear.
    But Scott Zack “filing a complaint” is ridiculous. Did he somehow manage to believe was BBD really going to make him perform the act in question? Or does he just figure he should be allowed to say whatever he wants to other human beings without them being allowed to respond?

  • cmoney

    You can’t tell a fan to suck your privates. I’m sorry you just can’t.
    Baby’s a clown. Can we please get Shelden Williams off the pine?

  • Danno

    pretty sure Scott Zack isn’t a “fan” since he was calling big baby “Fat boy”.
    I dont’ have a problem with them fining baby. he messed up, he gets dinged.
    But this guy Scott – either he’s a season ticket holder, or a season ticket holder gave him those seats. Whether it’s him or not, the season ticket holder should have their tickets revoked for taunting players that close to the court. and By all means they have the right to and should.