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KG: It’s about accountability

“Slippage man, some of the hardest games are between 30 and 55 of
the season and those are the grind games and at this stage, we have to
grind all these out,” Garnett said. “It’s a good time for everybody to
be coming back and coming back strong.

“It’s accountability, man. I’m telling you, our defense is built off
grit and effort. You either you can do it or you don’t want to do it.
The man behind you having your back, that’s what it is, nothing more,
nothing less than that.

WEEI:  KG on his Celtics: "It's accountability, man"

This is the second time today that we're hearing how difficult this part of the schedule is.  I know we shouldn't expect a magic turnaround with KG back… but if the Celtics main problem is intensity and focus… why WOULDN'T we see a dramatic improvement? 

KG also explained why he's so stubborn

“It’s a Taurus quality, and all you Tauruses know what I’m talking
about,” he said. “For the most part, I feel really good and I’m just
going to listen and when he said I’m able and they give me the green
light, then that’s when it is.

Yeah, that's what it is. 

JR Giddens won't be around to see any dramatic team improvement.  He's going to be in Maine, playing for the Red Claws.

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  • is KG really saying anything we dont already know? and honestly until hes out on the court playing at a high level what he has to say isnt that important in my opinion.
    and why is that he says he will play when they tell him he can, but Jackie mcmullan was told by someone in the celtics front office that its up to KG when he comes back

  • banner18

    I honestly dont understand why the Celtics dont give potentially decent players like J.R. more of a chance to contribute, he barely had any play time and he’s already being sent back to the D League. These are the stat comparisons from Boston sports on J.R. and Scal:
    Giddens, 21 games, 99 minutes, 24 total points, 20 rebounds, 4 steals, 10 fouls.
    Scalabrine, 33 games, 340 minutes, 59 total points, 32 rebounds, 47 fouls
    In my opinion its time for Scal to go.

  • Because Jackie was told by someone in the front office.. the same front office who last year said about 25 times, ‘he will be back in 7-10 days’.

  • And yes because they personally thought he could come back in that amount of time, and Kevin was actually the one saying he cant and couldnt he was too hurt, and they came out and said oh the trainers said he couldnt go when actually no they never did

  • I don’t care anymore about all these declarations, I hate them for the attitude they have this year. Aren’t we fans been ashamed enough to see this team lose to horrible teams like the Clippers, the Warriors, the Bulls, and now the same Pistons that just came out of a 13-loss stretch? But the worst thing is that THEY JUST DON’T CARE, they didn’t care even when KG played… they just shrug and say a big “who cares” just like they did with the Hawks (who in the meanwhile took the lead of the southeast division and are now just 1.5 games behind us), and that angers me the most.
    I’d like to have a rematch with the Lakers in the Finals, but this team is bound for a first round elimination, barring some total change of mind. And deep inside I’m hoping it happens, maybe it’ll teach them.

  • Jason

    Ok, but what about the other 29 teams? Aren’t they all suffering the same affects? Then every team is still on the same level field and so your team shouldn’t drop from a .750 club to a .250 club. Sorry KG, what’s the next excuse you got?

  • Al

    Agreed – they’re looking very old and honestly sick of each other……a real concern. They need to all get on the jars together and hit the beach at AS weekend. KG can say his knees playing up…