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Glen Davis Fined $25K

Chuck - Red's Army January 21, 2010 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Glen Davis Fined $25K


Glen Davis was fined $25,000 by the league for “directing inappropriate language toward a fan."

Davis lost his cool when some Detroit tool named Scott Zack repeatedly called him "fat boy" and "chubs." His response rhymes with – "truck by trick."

I'm guessing the fine would have been substantially less had Davis not been audible on both TV and radio broadcasts.

(h/t to Jess Camerato/Chris Forsberg for the story and DRJ for the rhyme)

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  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    My thought is that Baby does need to grow up and check his self but at the same time this Zack guy needs to be ousted from the arena. Detroit seems to have a history of having classy fans. So this is two fold, Baby, GROW UP!! Pistons fans are trailer trash.

  • DRJ

    – If not for the microphone nearby, we’d probably have never heard about this.
    – You know… Davis has been looking unhappy and disconnected on the bench. He has a weight clause in his contract. It’s quite possible that he didn’t make his target weight and is now making less than he thought he would. And that he’s pissed off about that. When the fan yelled out “fat boy”, he hit a nerve and Davis exploded back at him.
    – So, Baby… whatya gonna learn from this? You could learn not to shoot your mouth off next to microphones. That’s one thing. You could learn to ignore hostile fans… that’s another, big thing. And… the REALLY important thing you could learn is: LOSE SOME DAMN WEIGHT, FAT BOY!

  • There is always a microphone, camera, or some league official nearby. We hear almost everything during a game, especially the famed “Get that shit out of here”. I agree with you regarding BBD’s head, he needs to get it together and step up. It’s time to grow up.

  • DRJ

    You’re right of course. This time though, it sounded like he was practically shouting INTO the mic. lol

  • DRJ

    You know, what he did was worse than I initially thought. I am reminded that he shouted that in the open arena – in front of all the KIDS who come to these games. He might have missed the microphone, but he could not help but see all the kids. Kids who look up to NBA players.
    Really… he deserves to pay every penny of that fine, if not more. Disgusting.

  • DRJ

    And those kids… they’re sitting there with their fathers. Think about that a moment.

  • Ringo

    You´re right.
    People shouldn´t be hypocritical just because there are kids in the arena.
    Their fathers are there, so they can explain them why there are people on earth who swear.
    I mean, how is it not hypocritical to harp on Baby, but cheer for KG, who was just voted the biggest trash talker in the league?
    Maybe it´s just me, but I think the word “motherf….” is not appropriate, either.

  • WC

    Glen Davis not only needs to lay off the fans, but the donuts too.