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Time for Doc to tip tables and throw chairs


And we thought the 2nd half collapse against the Mavericks was bad. The Celtics offense mustered just 30 points in the final two quarters tonight as the Cs lost to the Detroit Pistons 92-86.

How horrible was this? The Celts pissed away an 8 point halftime lead by shooting 2-13 in the 3rd quarter and committing 7 TOs.

The play was equally as bad in the 4th quarter. The Pistons rattled off a 13-0 run and turned a 76-71 deficit into an 84-76 lead. At one point, the Celtics missed 9 straight shots. They finished with 19 TOs.

Tommy kept squawking about the Pistons confusing zone defense. Was that really the cause of the Celtics offensive woes? Veterans like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rasheed Wallace confused by a zone defense??

Rodney Stuckey lead the Pistons with 27 points and 11 rebounds. Charlie Villanueva scored 10 of his 19 points in the 4th quarter.

Paul Pierce scored 17 of his 21 points in the 1st quarter. He took four shots the rest of the game. Ray Allen never got into a groove. He had 8 points (3-10 FG), 5 TOs. Perk was awful – he had more fouls (5) than rebounds (4).

Rajon Rondo had a great stat line: 21 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists. 4 steals – but like his teammates, he didn't do enough in the 4th quarter.

Did you hear Glen Davis scream that raunchy expletive to a fan in the first half? Yup, that was Big Baby. He felt that graphic three word phrase was the best way to deal with a heckler who was calling him "fat boy" in the first half. Stay classy, BBD.

Doc has to do something to kick this team in the ass. KG isn't going to solve all their problems.

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  • NineSevenEight

    No coaching. No defense! No adjustments! NO HEART!
    Don’t expect to win much more with the trash product they’re putting on the floor. I won’t even feel comfortable if the C’s are up 30 going into the half.
    Celtics=Patriots…disappearing act in the second half. And the Pistons were undermanned…shame.

  • JD

    This may be the most frustrating team of all time. Some player said a while back that if you fight back against the Celtics, they sort of fold. Well, we all scoffed at that comment then, but that is turning out to be the case. In each of the last four losses, the Celtics could not withstand second half runs from any of the oppossing teams. For whatever reason, the Celtics are not hitting back.
    And KG coming back is not going to make this much better, at least in the short term. I don’t know how they are going to get out of the doldrums they are in right now, but at least they are struggling in January rather than the spring.

  • Jason

    This is really starting to piss me off. Thirty points in one half. Are you f’ing serious gentlemen? Get your heads out of your asses.

  • NineSevenEight

    Ainge should be on the phone YESTERDAY wheeling and dealing. It’s BEYOND the injuries now. KG won’t be playing superman, either — IF he plays Friday.

  • nick

    the game was tied with 8 minutes left and he had Scal and House in there, and that my friends is y we lost. I’m sorry but Doc sucks at coaaching point blank! As long as those 2 guys remain in the rotation we’ll be a 500 team K.G or no K.G. thats all i have to say kuz this fucking uninspired pathetic effort makes me sick, how could u have the 2 worst players on the court during that stretch? maybe we just don’t give a fuck until its almost playoff time

  • Theyre playing bad right now as a team thats really all that needs to be said, and it goes deeper then just not having KG ..

  • lol u blame every loss on scal and house

  • NineSevenEight

    I have to agree with you on that one. Paul goes for 17 in the first. So you sit him for 75% of the second quarter? It’s not even just this game, it’s a trend! Doc does this EVERY game. He sits the starters for all but the last 5 minutes going into the half. Then in the third quarter the starters play for the entire 12 minutes and SIT to open the fourth. No wonder they’re shooting shitty percentages — THERE’S NO RHYTHM! Throw the ICE COLD starters to try and take back the lead. Nice strategy. I’m sure every team has caught on since Doc continually tips them off to when he’s sitting his starters.
    What did PP finish with, 21-22? Nice 4 points in the second half from the best of the big three.
    And I’ve had about just as much as I can take with Eddie House. Every shot he misses hurts more than anyone else’s miss.
    BTW, let’s all prepare ourselves for Doc to say KG’s sitting for another 10 days on Friday.

  • yea no way you can blame that loss on anyone but the starters
    is it just me or does this team look like it completely hates playing right now? they look like they are serving a sentence not playing a game for christ sakes
    can pierce not score one on one anymore? he looked as bad as anyone during this stretch
    Docs doing it again – i dont know how many minutes pierce and allen played tonight but he is running the starters into the ground
    eddie wasnt his normal self tonight, he did not look like fun loving team first eddie, he looked like i could be traded any second eddie, didnt bring his normal energy off the bench with him
    i have officially grown tired of big baby, trade his ass for whatever we can get for him, preferably someone over 6’3
    doc has got to learn to play giddens or walker until marquis gets back
    i know his contracts effing huge but…. i could really use a james posey hug right now, we need someone off the bench with his tenacity, gritty-ness, and quite frankly balls, my choice would be kirk hinrich but danny needs to find someone to fill that role, in two years, he has yet too

  • how does one prepare to have their hearts ripped out?

  • ric m

    ray allen is a liability on O and D.the new TA

  • nick

    Um no actually don’t tarde big baby u silly fool. He’s one of the few good young players we have on this squad, he is an excellent reserve he’s just gota get back in the flow. If we trade him do you want to give his minutes to Scal?? R u one of those idiots who think scal sets good screens? what he does doesn’t show up in the stat sheet. AHHHHHH if i her that one more time I’m gona fucking jump into a frozen pond ass naked. I’de rather watch Jumanji with my 5 year old nephew again then see scals fat outa shape ass every night!! Just a question… how does one play in the NBA for 9 years and remain fat and out of shape?? hmm? any answers? And also if house does 1 other thing good besides shoot which he’s sucked at this year feel free to let me know. O wait, he must be another guy like scal who doesn’t show up in the stat sheet but is still SOO important. News flash Celtic Fuckhead coach and Fuck head Ainge… Cory Maggette is free for our taking and he DOES show up with at least 20 every night in the stat sheet for the last 4 years. Hey Big mack u still worried about our cap situation? Gimme a break I’de rather watch a team that tries hard and has no talent, these guys just lack motivation and its kuz doc is playing scrubs and giving us NO SHOT. NATE ROBINSON?! We keep up this shit David Robinson won’t be able to help us

  • DRJ

    Ray Allen – By FAR the worst player on the court tonight. Didn’t score a basket until ~3:00 in Q4. 5 TOs. The man was a walking disaster area. Nauseating, PATHETIC performance. Really, a rec league player would have been better… at least they’d have saved all those TOs and missed shots. Yes, the Allens have traded positions.
    Doc Rivers – With Ray Allen playing SO badly, he puts him back in the game in Q4. Huh? And why wasn’t Paul in more? He was only the best player on the floor in that excellent first quarter. Doc Rivers needs a brain transplant. Quick!
    Paul Pierce – played hard, tried his best, had a great first quarter. Should have played more. Paul’s problem: he thinks he’s a great ball-handler. When he starts doing that overdribbling thing of his, more often than not a TO ensues. Sometimes he’s saved by the ref, sometimes he manages a shot. Paul – STOP IT. And stop with those STUPID, THOUGHTLESS TOs too.
    Perk – just SUCKED. Nothing but TOs, fouls and complaints.
    Sheed – worked hard, shot ok. He was blocked a couple of times, once on a dunk. Can’t blame Sheed for this one.
    TA – should have played more, instead of Ray “Vomitus” Allen.
    Scal – pathetic attempt at a layup. Seriously, rec league stuff.
    Rondo – played well, except for short time in Q3. He got the ball to the open shooters… but they just kept missing.
    KG – will help. Not with his play. With his chemistry. This team seems to be losing it.

  • greenbeand

    the whole team is outa sync..eddie throwning bricks, when was the last time RA went off for 30+, PP is rolling on 1 wheel..whens the all-star break..v day can’t come soon enough…cough cough. good thing the rest of league sucks too

  • gentleman and lady let me be the drunken voice of reason. Right now it sounds like someone just pissed in your Wheaties, relax it’s the middle of January. My hand is not on the panic button instead I’m opening an ice cold Miller lite as we speak mmmmmmmmmmmmmm tasty. These things happen, we had a few injuries let’s give them time to heal. We had a few bad games you’ll have that. Doc Rivers I have no excuse for, in my opinion he’s always been an awful coach, but a players coach. So have a drink, smoke a bowl, shoot some heroine. It’s all going to be fine come playoffs!!!!!!!! you heard it here first.

  • DRJ

    I don’t think that will happen, this time. This time, KG himself is saying he’s coming back Friday… him I believe. (Doc, Danny… in one ear and out the other.)
    KG will help, maybe more than we think. Team’s chemistry seems to be off kilter. Something is not right there. It’s fair to hope that KG will help straighten all that out. In that way, he can make a much bigger difference than the contribution of his PT.

  • DRJ

    I’ll “shoot” the “heroine”… do I get to define “shoot”? And is she cute?

  • I was at the game tonight, the Pistons flat out won this one. There defense was outstanding in the second half. Their intensity was off the charts. We won the first half in the paint, we lost the game when they took the paint away. Ray had good looks, but they weren’t falling. ‘Sheed looked like he thought it would be easy (clearly it wasn’t). Credit to Detroit and their coaches on this one. Facepalm, to Doc, though, he didn’t find a way through the Pistons D in the second.
    I think throwing chairs will be a good start!!!

  • 1st half..fastbreak/paint points: C’s 16 Pistons 0. 2nd half…fastbreak/paint points: C’s 18 Pistons 40. 40 of the Pistons last 44 points were in the paint/on the break. Offensive glass: Pistons 15 C’s 5. End of story. This is all mental/emotional-period. C’mon boys, let’s go.

  • i never said i want scal to take big baby’s minutes
    i used to love big baby, but the fact is he’s immature, and wayyyyyy to short, he is a liability on D and on the boards
    house has become a liability too, if i had my way Danny would trade scal, tony, and eddie for hinrich, and big baby and sheldon for hakim warrick
    i definitely want to see a shaking up of the bench, the only two bench guys we have right now that i would be comfortable playing significant minutes in the playoffs are sheed and quis; i really hope danny makes a move or two to improve the team and im NOT talking about bringing tyrone lue off the bench, if thats the plan we’re fucked

  • i starting to believe that ray’s play has something to do with his son’s illness, that cant be easy to deal with, if thats truly the case, no way you cant give the guy a pass

  • WC

    Tough loss for you guys. Or is that two tough losses? Or is it three? Or is it….
    Better alter that played out “Losers” T-shirt in the side bar, cause it looks like anyone can get a crack at taking down the Celtics at this point.

  • Pierce needs to step the hell up. He needs to go off for a 30+ pt game. If wants to prove he’s top 15 in this league right now he needs to step it up.

  • nick

    K I apologize, i just get mental when we lose and I really think scal and house are fucking trash

  • DRJ

    The fan who shouted “fat boy” at Baby, identified as “Scott Zack”, did so right after the hard foul on Chucky Atkins at 8:44 of the 2nd quarter. Baby responded with a very loud 3-word epithet – that rhymes with “truck by trick” – which was heard by the whole television-watching universe. Doc was not pleased in his post-game interview.
    I don’t know how you feel about this, or whether the league will fine Baby. (The fan did say he would file a protest.) My initial response is “truth hurts”.

  • DRJ

    KG will help bring the chemistry back, hopefully. If he does that, his impact could be much greater than anything he can do in actual play. Clearly, this team needs help in that area.

  • I f’kin hate this team. No defense, no heart, nothing. THEY JUST SUCK, all the way. They won’t make it out of the first round of the playoffs, right now even the Nets are a concern for the Celtics.

  • rob

    ah my oh my do i enjoy this. the celtics win one title every 2 decades or so and think they are all that while the lakers on the rise. seem ike deja vy gentlemen LMAO

  • The playoffs are no longer a foregone conclusion people, it’s definately time for SOMEONE to hit the panic button. 4-8 over the last 12… Let that sink in… They’ll have to win every game till LA just to get to .500 during that same strech. Show of hands, who thinks they can do it, even with KG? PLAYOFFS!?!? You heard that here first.

  • 11:40 at night after the celtic’s played I’m surprised there were that few errors, I was tore down last night. Sorry should have typed heroin. only had 18 last night.

  • Jon with no H

    so if we run off 4 straight against Portland, LA Clips, Orlando, and Atlanta (some of the better teams in the league) you’re still going to be focused on us going 8-8 in the last 16 instead of the good win streak? That’s a bummer.
    Home court hopes look shaky but in now way should you think we might miss the playoffs. That’s going a little overboard in my opinion. The 7th and 8th seeds right now would have losing records and there’s no way we’re not winning the Atlantic Division as it’s arguably the worst division in the league. Please save your fatalistic attitude for the Red Sox.

  • CelticsFanatic

    I have been a C’s fan for 35 years. When the season started everyone expected this to be the 85-86 Walton Celtics. What this reminds me of though is the 83-84 team where they just said ‘Oh we will turn it on for the playoffs’ They got swept by the Bucks in the second round. KG is no cure for a bad attitude. We just have to see where we are by the end of January by which time KG is back and we play Atlanta, Orlando and the fakers in one stretch. At that point it may be wise to write this season off as a dead loss and start the wheeling and dealing for the next year. Everybody has figured out how to beat this team, pack it inside for D and we can’t throw the ball in the ocean anyway and on Offense just swing the ball to the athletic shooters and our dinosaurs will never get there on time. This team just doesn’t work anymore
    We need at a minimum, a good shooting guard (Ray/House is that anymore?), a backup point guard, a decent center who can score instead of scowling and picking up fouls, a good Posey like wing man to guard the athletic forwards . KG, RR, PP and Sheed are the core and the rest are expendable. This team really sucks.

  • DRJ

    just kidding guy

  • Na, I would be thrilled to have them win the next four (and more importantly the 5th), my question is who thinks they will? If they continue to play this badly, winning only 1 of every 3 games they play they would also finish the season with a losing record and the playoffs would not be guaranteed. Having said that I do believe that they will straighten this out and easily make the playoffs but somethings got to change. Oh, and I’m not a baseball fan.