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Doc Wants a Crack at Nate Robinson

Via the NY Daily News:

According to a person with ties to Doc Rivers,
the Celtics coach wouldn't mind getting the chance to coach Robinson,
even if he's high-maintenance. "Doc thinks he can connect with
anybody," said the source.

As much as he's a Garden favorite, Robinson has often been a
headache for D'Antoni and was benched for 14 straight games earlier
this season. During that time Robinson's agent, Aaron Goodwin, wanted the Knicks to trade Robinson because he felt that D'Antoni's problems with his client were personal.

Robinson rejoined the rotation Jan.1 and has helped the Knicks in
recent weeks. So if they were to deal him by next month's trading
deadline, they'd want to get a player back who also has an expiring
contract – Robinson has a one-year deal at $4 million – and who also
would help them make the playoffs. The Celtics can't offer the Knicks
any such player.

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  • I dont think Nate is as big as a knucklehead as all seem to think, I just dont think hes a PG, just because hes short doesnt make him one (is eddie house a pg?), hes a combo guard, and I still dont see how someone shorter then my grandma is going to help a defensive minded team, height actually matters in the NBA, and who exactly are we going to trade for him?
    I’ll welcome him in if the trade goes down but hmm just dont get it, cant try to trade for someone better then that?

  • greenbeand

    its no secret zoo york is a mess and will continue to operate that way..personally, i think nate would be a decent fit in this know he creates his own shot, plays no defense, but provides high one wanted him last year and he might be susceptible to taking a short money contract- would 3 yrs and 9 mill get it done?

  • StayGREEN

    I remember a year or two ago when Nate had a nasty put back dunk in Boston and our crowd gave him an ovation for his hustle. I think he would bring a lot of energy and youth to our team, and also a guy who can create his own shot off the bench. As far as his defense, I think we could handle it having Eddie on our team for the last couple years. The only problem is that we won’t be able to play Nate and Eddie together. I still think that Nate could play the back up point much more effectively than Eddie can, and brings much more to the team than Eddie does. He would be an upgrade over Eddie.

  • G4L

    Is this really going to happen?? If this does go through I really don’t know what to think.. My gut says no but I do think Nate can do some good things.

  • thetitleisours

    I would rather have Hudson than this guy lol

  • Green8Teen

    They better not give up a draft pick for this overrated midget. Guy plays dirty and is no better a backup PG than Eddie. Keep Eddie and sign a backup (Tyrone Lue maybe?). Just as effective and Celtics don’t have to give up anything. I really don’t want Nate Robinson on this team. I even more so don’t want to see the Knick’s get anything that might help them down the road, such as a draft pick or Bill Walker.

  • if we lose eddie than we still need a back up shooting guard

  • Lakerhater

    I know guys on this site hate him because he’s a knick (usually reason enough for me), he’s a midget, ect. I like this trade. I watched Nate play for the Washington Huskies. The kid IS a team player and dispite his stumpy stature a decent defender. He’s a better defender than House no question. No he’s not a true point guard as ruins points out but he’s as good as eddie, which is the whole point I think. Would I trade him for Rondo? Not ever. Would I trade a aging one trick eddie for Nate? Any day of the week. Besides, now we’ll have a back up for lucky should he get injured.

  • How do you like a trade in which u have no idea what we were offering? seems kinds strange

  • If the celtics Traded for him it wouldnt require signing him to anything, hes already under contract, and no 3 years 9 mil would make him laugh in your face