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“Boston & That Sports Babe”… The Lost Episode

RedsArmyAdmin January 20, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on “Boston & That Sports Babe”… The Lost Episode

In perhaps the most disappointing night of my blogging life… Blog Talk Radio had some major technical issues on the night we were interviewing Sacramento Kings owner Gavin Maloof.

But we did interview him, and we asked him about a few different things.

On the Kings struggles – he basically chalked it up to being a young team that hasn't found the ability to close quite yet.  Tyreke Evans has come up big, but overall, the team hasn't found the ability to close games yet.

On Kevin Martin playing with Tyreke – They think it can work. They've got no plans to trade Martin.

On the trade deadline – They are going to take a look at what's available, but they're certainly not sellers this time around.  They are open to doing a deal, but they don't feel the need to do one if a good deal isn't there.

On the NBA in Vegas – he thinks it can happen… all that's really missing is an arena.  But as Jackie noted in a conversation with the Mayor's office, room is being made for a potential arena location.  Gavin is not worried too much about the perception that Vegas' population is too migratory.  He thinks more people are settling there and it can sustain an NBA fan base.

We also talked a little about the Gilbert Arenas situation, but he pretty much avoided the topic,

Sorry for the problems.  I'm so upset that the show is not available.  We're working on solutions to make sure we don't lose everything next time.

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