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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed’s 4th foul was the turning point

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

He (Dirk Nowitzki) scored 13 of his game-high 37 in the third, including nine straight
after Rasheed Wallace— Boston’s only hope of containing the All-Star —
left the game with fourth fouls. At the time of Sheed’s departure (3:56
left), Boston led 65-62. When the third quarter buzzer sounded, the
Mavs led 75-68, and the Celtics would never again get closer than five

"That was a big call," Rivers said of the foul on
Wallace. "The fourth really hurt. I thought Rasheed was really doing a
terrific job on Dirk, and without Kevin [Garnett], knowing that Rasheed
was the only other guy [who could cover Nowitzki], that put us in a
tough situation."

Defense Rests as Celtics Fall to Dallas

"You know, they don't like no tough defense on him, so of course I get
a whole lot of bull[crap] calls, but that's how the story goes,"
Wallace said. "I ain't worried about it. We'll see them again.
Honestly, I can't remember which one the fourth foul was, there were so
many bogus [calls]. I ain't worried about it. Like I said, we'll see
again. We go down there in about a month or so. There'll be

WEEI – Sheed Blasts Bogus Foul Calls

I don't think the referees were a factor in the game. They made a few bad calls against both teams. The following quote from Doc sums up the game.

“The second half, I thought our defense was horrendous,’’ Celtics coach
Doc Rivers said. “I don’t think we got back at all on defense, they had
numbers every single time. We had our guards crashing the glass . . .
our bigs complaining to refs . . . they beat us down the floor, and
they scored. Then, all of a sudden it became a walk the ball up the
court, slow down game on one way. And then, on the other way, they were
running back down our throats.

Globe – Celtics Can't Keep Up

On Page 2, what happened to the Celtics home court advantage?

Much will be mentioned in the next days about the Garden not being a
fearsome place for opponents, but this has nothing to do with the
building or those in the stands.

This is about the people on the parquet floor. Teams aren’t afraid
about coming in because the Celtics don’t give them any reason to feel
that way. The Garden can only be a house of horrors if the Celts start
acting like Freddy Krueger.

The problem is that the Celtics “expect” to win – and that’s it.
Expectation is an important element for a good team, but it means
nothing unless said club is also willing to do the work required to
win. Simply put, and we’ve said this more than once this season, you
have to try.

Herald – House is not a Home

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  • This team has already lost more home games then all of last season, a season where KG missed even more games then he has so far this year…I am so entirely sick of celtics fans using the KG excuse, and even Pierce said it in his interview, they went on 10 game winning streaks without KG just last year, its literally like u all forget that and also forget that while during this KG-less stretch we have also missed, Pierce, Sheed, Rondo, Marquis for stretches and big baby isnt in game shape
    its like everyone expects KG to come back and all of a sudden we will be dominant again, fogetting the last 2 games played we lost to the clippers and warriors…not to mention, HES INJURED, hes injured and will continue to injury prone at this point in his career, thats no excuse

  • Also…
    Rondo not aggressive enough = loss…every single time no matter whos injured

  • NineSevenEight

    I think guys are anticipating KG’s return and his voice out on the court rather than focusing on the games they’ve been playing without him.
    And not for anything, but Doc said he saw guys walking up the floor. THEN WHAT THE HELL DOES HE SAY TO THEM IN TIMEOUTS? If the Celtics walk the ball up the floor, take a timeout to remind them where they are. How about a little in-game coaching instead of after the fact?

  • The players stepped up big time in the abscense of KG every year hes been here, the first season he missed 15 games or so and they went something like 13-2, last years team despite what doc said about them in hindsight won 62 games without KG for 20+ and competed every night, it was like they went out there and won FOR KG, cause they knew he would be back now I think his teammates are losing confidence in KGS return at all and are confused/skeptical about it as the fans and just arent competing as hard…. that and the injury bug runs alot deeper then just KG right now, age is also catching up to Pierce, ray, and Rasheed, while Big baby davis isnt in game shape missed a bunch of time and marquis has been injured the majority of the year… so its funny to me when the KG excuse is even used at all when theres been more going on and quite simply KG hasnt even been great when hes been healthy the last 2 years, hes been just OK