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Spears: Celtics Make Offer for Nate Robinson


According to the guys at Celtics Hub:

The trade rumors swirling around Nate Robinson had appeared to calm down in recent weeks, but Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports has reported today during an interview with Tanguay and Zolak on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, that he has knowledge that the C’s have made an offer to the Knicks for the ever controversial guard Nate Robinson.

In a column on Friday, Spears reported the Celtics and Lakers had shown interest in Robinson. That interest has apparently escalated into an offer.

Yes, the guy can score, but he's a knucklehead. In a recent Red's Army poll, 67% (including myself) said the Celtics should NOT make a trade for Nate Robinson.

The 4-7 stretch has me re-thinking my position. And what if Marquis isn't ready to go until March? If Stephon Marbury couldn't do any damage to this team's chemistry, why should we think Nate Robinson would be a detriment?

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  • I dont care if we were on a 0-11 stretch, how exactly does Nate Robinson help us?

  • FSantos33

    Did any source reveal who we offered for Nate?
    I wouldn’t mind the deal if the Celtics aren’t giving away too much. But I don’t see it happening like the article said the Knicks would be reluctant to deal Nate to an Eastern Conference team.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    How can anyone in their right mind not find this to be a good idea? Like seriously what has everyone been harping on the last few weeks or better yet all season. We NEED a backup PG, and Nate can not only handle the ball, but he can put points up in a HURRY. Yes he might be inconsistent but having a spark plug like him off the bench, especially with the lagging play of House would be great for this team. I have been behind this since i heard about it and the celtics clearly want him and he wants to be here… Its simple to me you have to go get this kid. Our bench struggles scoring sometimes and this would give us such a boost off the bench, and would also reenergize the team and fans

  • FSantos33

    He can help us with his energy off the bench, he can score well, and use his quickness to push the ball up the floor. Downside he is a bit of a knuckle head and his Defense is suspect. But like I said below if we are not giving up too much then make the deal. Why not.

  • NineSevenEight

    I have to admit that I like him for the fact that he can provide that instant offense off the bench. He can create his own shot which is something the C’s bench lacks. Maybe this is a knee-jerk reaction to the latest turn of events.

  • DRJ

    My concern is not with his character. It’s with his height. Everybody associated with this team is always saying that it’s “defense first”. Ok… who can Nate guard in this league? I mean, besides Earl Boykins…
    Love him on O. But can’t we get a guy for that last roster spot that can score AND play D?

  • I dont see how a guy shorter then my mother helps a defensive team, not to mention hes a chucker

  • How is he even a point guard? hes not hes a short combo guard

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Do you guys know anything about him before you assume this stuff? He is a very serviceable defensive player, much better than our very own HOUSE, who we won a championship with…
    If you are not for this move, especially if we are only giving up Scal and someone else off the bench, you have lost your mind. This guy can score with anybody in the league, you cannot argue with that IMO

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    I say bring him on!!! I like his energy, he reminds me of a Vinny Johnson from the Detroit Pistons. With guys like KG Ray Allen on the team I do not think he will be a problem. I guess it all depends on who we give up.

  • nick

    I’ve got no beef with Getting Nate especially if we can get rid of house and scal to do it but I think we’re focusing on the wrong Knick. Larry Hughes is a GREAT defensive player against 1’s and 2’s and he has been known to play GREAT when he’s invested and on a good team. His last few stops he’s been under utilized, he is a really great guy to have on your bench 4 sure and he’s gona get bought out, so we can just sign him to take Lester Hudsons evacuated roster spot. then we can make Scal, House, and Walker inactives, Daniels, Davis, Sheed, TA,Hughes, thats quite a bench and we would then fucking destroy the Lakers because they are a bunch of pussies

  • DRJ

    Eddie’s 4″ taller than Nate, and can play D very well when motivated. Even if you think Nate moves better on D… which I certainly have not seen, but let’s say it’s true… isn’t he too short to guard, basically, ANYBODY?

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    You could not be a Celtic fan if you think Larry Hughes is a good defender and a better pick than Robinson for us. What has Hughes done aside from be a journey man. The Knicks can keep Hughes. And as fare as getting ride of House…..Why? Teams look for shooters like him, we are lucky to have him come off the bench, he’s one guy that has been healthy since he’s been a Celtic.

  • ^Larry Hughes is a good defender.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    If you have ever played basketball and know anything about it you should know that it’s not about your height its about your strength and athleticism. and Nate has both Strength and athleticism

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Defense that is

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK


  • You’re a moron my dude. You don’t make ALL NBA defensive 1st team if you’re not a good defender. You dont know basketball. Period.

  • KY Celts fan

    according to Zach Lowe at Celtics Hub, the Knicks defense is actually slightly better when Nate is on the floor than when he is on the bench. Doesn’t mean it necessarily translates to us, but it is interesting.

  • BamaCeltic

    we could use anyone with some energy these days…..the Celts are tough to watch sometimes…especially with there lack of excitement and joy ..i mean hello !! get a real job and see hopw much it sucks…you get alot of money to play a game you love..u got the cake and you get to eat it…..they need to get it going and if Nate can help im all for it….and he can score …u best believe that….

  • DRJ

    I understand. But actually, it’s about both. You can’t stop a guy shooting, without fouling him, if he can just shoot right over your head every time, no matter how quick you might be.
    As a case in point, see Dirk. He’s far from quick, or athletic… but he shoots over all defenders not tall enough to stop him.

  • ferdinand

    nate will be another sparkplug. ainge can probably offer giddens or walker, throw in a draftpick. nate will walk or the knicks can get a draftpick. what would you do? same scenario when ainge got KG. but will that offer be outdone by a better offer from another team. i really dont see too many teams who need a back up pg and give up a player plus a pick. i still think ainge will end up trading scal or tony. and i agree that one of them has to go to make this team even better than they are now. i wonder who that other player might be?

  • Very good points Double P. Very good points. I honestly think we were rolling along just fine until Quis and KG went down, but we could really use another bonafide scorer off the bench (especially since Quis has a history of getting hurt) and Nate, however much of a punk he is, will definitely inject some much needed energy into a stale (sorry guys!) 2nd unit right now. I am torn myself. I just really don’t like Nate’s attitude.

  • Wow-CelticsNation has spoken. Strong opinions on this one…

  • Danno

    I wouldn’t be opposed to it.
    I always liekd watching the Midgets in the Circus. At this point it would be more entertaining than watching the Depresstics.

  • tgriffiths99

    i agree with what you said, nate’s got something the C’s are lacking, “energy”. he can handle the ball better than eddie and tony combined. he is a scorer and a good passer, when eveyones healthy, the bench would be, nate(pg), eddie(sg), marquis(sf), baby(pf) and rasheed(c). not to shabby. one more thing nate robinson kinda reminds me of vinnie johnson aka the microwave.

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    Sorry for my loss of memory but when was Hughes a 1st team all NBA defense team? Oh I forgot that was when he was fighting your mother off his jock. That’s why all these teams are breaking down the Knicks door for him…….MORON!!