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Hey guys… you know people PAY to watch this stuff, right?

Pierce towel

I don't want to get into a big diatribe about the team defecating themselves in the second half last night.  Sheed got into foul trouble and there was really no one else who could match up against Dirk Nowitzki.  Big Baby just couldn't handle the job.  It was ugly. 

So I'm not crushed about the loss.  I'm not even really concerned about three straight home losses.  It's only January… the team will get out of this funk.

But what I'd like to remind the fine gentlemen who are blessed enough to get paid a combined $90 million or so to play the wonderful sport of basketball is this….

We pay to go to these games.  We buy your stuff… often just because your faces or names are on it.  Essentially, all of us fans get together every day and chip in to pay all you guys. 

We're not mad… yet.  We know that guys are hurt.  We still love this team and everything.  But I just wanna make sure you all remember all this next time you give 20-some-odd minutes of effort in front of your home crowd after three days off.  Some of us find that a little off-putting.

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  • SeeYouSoonBoston@hotmail.com

    Cs might not make it out of the first round. the way theyre playing right now they wont beat cleveland, orlando, atlanta, even miami in 7 games. on the other side, the lakers dont even have double digit losses yet and are crushing the NBA. I cant wait till the 31st.

  • Sal

    For the past 2 weeks or whatever i cringe when i watch this team, it seriously looks like no one is trying. I watched the phoenix v hawks game and i was watching the way the suns were playing, so hard, so much effort, and they were running up and down the floor. I actually thought to myself now why cant the celtics play like this. The celtics have hurt my feelings. That loss last night was embarrassing. The only thing i have been able to think about recently is having to watch this team struggle again like it did before the big 3…im gonna stop writing before i start crying.

  • Leo

    As a Laker fan, we were just horrible when Gasol and/or Artest was out – I’m not really sure how losing just one player can cause a team to have so many losses, but it’s just the case. Don’t worry too much about these losses – Wait ’till your injured players get back to get a more accurate diagnosis of your team.

  • DRJ

    Doc, forced to sit Sheed when he picked up his 4th foul, had NO backup plan for guarding Dirk. Baby on Dirk? Are you kidding? Scal?…excuse me?? Dirk barely had to jump to shoot over these guys. With Dirk, it’s a simple matter of inches. He’s a 7′ great shooter. To guard him, you GOTTA BE TALL.
    This is real simple basketball, Doc. With KG out, and Sheed on the bench… what do you do? GIVE UP? Because that ’s what Doc did. There was one and only one other guy on the floor (approximately) tall enough to bother Dirk, and that was Perk. Yeah, I know… “it’s not his job”. You don’t want Perk “running around on the perimeter”. He’s “not used to it.” Awww… poor lil baby Perk. Next time, give him a diaper and tell him to go run around after Dirk and make him STOP SHOOTING (and hitting). Why? Because there was no one else to do it. End of story.
    That particular problem last night, the D on Dirk… that one’s on Doc. A world-class dunce when it comes to rotations.

  • DRJ

    Btw… in case you’re wondering about Dampier… Baby, and even Scal, could cover him. With Dampier, it’s a matter of position. Weight and strength is what you need. With Dirk, you need height… for which there is no substitute.

  • What is this post all about?
    Uh yeah we pay for this, and they are a top team in the league, people pay to go see the minnesotta timberwolves, is anyone gonna feel bad for us? doubt it, and they shouldnt
    I hate to be a debbie downer here, but i think the window may have closed here with the “big 3” and KG is gonna be constantly injured the rest of his career, KG has little to no lift or explosiveness, and ray allen might not even come back next season…..i think its possible for them to win it all this season, if not there window is closed and a trade should be made to rebuild around younger pieces…sorrry

  • Pierce has little to no lift or explosiveness*