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Celtics, Lakers Struggling With Heavyweights

I came across this tidbit while reading the Daily Dime:

The Lakers are 4-5 against the best seven opponents they have faced:
Cleveland (0-1), Dallas (2-1), Denver (0-1), Atlanta (1-0), San Antonio
(0-1), Portland (0-1) and, by record, Orlando.

It got me thinking, how do the Celtics fare against the best seven opponents they have faced. They are 4-7. Here's the breakdown:

Cleveland (1-0), Orlando (1-1), San Antonio (1-0), Dallas (0-1), Atlanta (0-3), Phoenix (0-2), OKC (1-0).

For those curious about the Cavaliers, they are 7-3.

Boston (0-1), Lakers (1-0), Orlando (1-0), Dallas (1-1), Atlanta (2-0), Denver (0-1), Portland (2-0)

What does this prove? The Cavs are playing better right now against the top teams in the league. As John reminded us yesterday, it's only January.

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  • FSantos33

    It shows me the Celtics struggles against running and athletic teams. Our home record is 11 – 7 which is inexcusable. Playing under .500 (4 – 7) the last ten games and one of the worst rebounding teams in the league. With or without KG, PP, Daniels, and Sheed; guys just aren’t getting it done. One bright spot is we are playing well on the road 16 – 5.
    I hate using the term “It’s only January”. In my opinion every game counts it doesn’t matter if it’s December or April we have to play better and we will when we get all our guys back healthy. Million dollar question is “Will we ever see this team healthy?” It’s fu***** annoying isn’t it.
    The big question for this season and the future is “To keep or breakup the big 3 sooner or later?” I would have to say sooner rather than later because I see the wheels are falling off. If Ainge can get value back then do it. I sure don’t want to see the same ending again to the movie called “Original big 3”.

  • Jason

    I completely agree that each game counts the same. They are each 1 out of 82. And these games could cost the C’s seeding. However, being able to bully the patsies while falling short against your supposed peers (and those just below) doesn’t exactly build confidence for postseason success. Then again, I also agree the injuries are getting damn annoying and of course they matter in fairly evaluating the recent play.
    So, I’m trying to remain patient and calm. I’m trying to keep the Spurs’ title runs in mind and how they made conscious efforts not to kill themselves throughout the season. There’s still a lot of season left. There’s plenty of time to get everyone healthy (and even improve the lineup by picking up a back-up PG). There’s time to play the expected postseason line-up and rotation and get them peaking going into the playoffs.
    While this is all absolutely true, I understand it is tough to keep in perspective. Our expectations are high for this team, the recent blah streak won’t seem to end and it’s getting to us, we’re a little too uncertain about this team’s ability to be completely healthy and about management’s ability to keep them healthy or to make the right transaction to fill the team’s biggest and most glaring need.
    All of this combined is slowly ticking us all off and getting us worried, but it *is* only January. Players are on schedule to return. There’s plenty of time still till the deadline. There are a lot of games left to play before the “real” games start. This team is still in it. Honestly, think about where this team was pre-season and they are actually better than I anticipated. Rondo and Perk improved as is expected, but even more so than expected I think. Pierce is more efficient than ever. When healthy, KG is as expected. TA’s showing more value than I think anyone would have expected. It’s the healthy guys (Ray, House and Wallace) that have been disappointing in my mind, but I’m confident they will be reliable come the playoffs. So, even if things look down now, I still think the forecast now is better than it was pre-season.

  • Lakers 24 7

    You’ve also gotta consider the fact that both the Lakers and Celtics haven’t been the healthiest teams in the league, while Cavs have managed to keep most of their key players in strength. Gasol, Artest, and Walton have missed games for the Lakers, while Kobe’s played through his injuries, and Pierce, Garnett and a few bench players have missed games for the Celtics, and on top of that, it’s only the regular season. It’s a different ball game in the playoffs.

  • Joey

    ESPN are the only people who think that the Cavs are better than the Lakers and Celtics, and that’s because they love LeBron. The Lakers should win Thursday against the Cavs unless we see a Christmas repeat (poor Lakers play, bad officiating). Celtics vs. Lakers – 2010 NBA Finals.