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Can EVERYONE just dunk like this now?

NECN has video of JR Giddens whipping off a between-the-legs dunk to win the team dunk contest yesterday.

Remember when that kind of dunk was something special?  Now it seems like everyone can do it.

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  • ManUp

    Just because Giddens can do it doesn’t mean everyone else can, lol. The guy gets credit for nothing he’s a freak Athlete, better than Walker.

  • That was pretty damn slick I must say. I threw out my back just watching it.

  • CelticBalla32

    Billy has ridiculous hops too, but he’s more of a power finisher. J.R. brings the finesse, he’s more of a flashy dunker. I’m not surprised that he won the team’s “dunk contest.”
    I think J.R. is probably more of a crowd-pleaser in an organized dunk contest setting, while Billy is the better in-game dunker due to his “in your face bitch” mentality.

  • Don’t you remember that was the exact dunk I threw down on you (John) last week. So quick to forget

  • ManUp