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Your Morning Dump… Nate, Posey and the Trade Game

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers are among the teams who have expressed some interest in New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson,
league sources said. Robinson’s base-year status, however, makes it
difficult for any trade and the Knicks are said to be reluctant to ship
Robinson to an Eastern Conference team, further complicating the
Celtics’ efforts to land him.

Marc Spears – Yahoo! Sports

While Spears unveiled this nugget in Friday's column, I'm doubtful that it's anything substantial. We heard rumblings of this a month or so ago, when Nate declared his desire to play in Boston. Most of us hope Danny Ainge goes in a different direction.

The guys at Celtics Hub are playing the trade game. Here's an interesting proposal:

Celtics receive: James Posey

Hornets receive: Brian Scalabrine

Grizzlies receive: Tony Allen, Boston’s 2010 first-round draft pick.

While I'd love to have PoZ for the remainder of this season, I don't want him for the next two years at $6 million per.

Sherrod Blakely of Comcast also talks trades. He doesn't see the Celtics expressing interest in Jason Maxiell, but does see Ainge targeting Travis Outlaw this summer.

We spoke with Chris Forsberg last night on The 2 Man Game, and he thought the player most likely to take Lester Hudson's roster spot would be Ty Lue.

On Page 2, those pesky Hawks win again thanks to Jamal Crawford's buzzer beater vs Phoenix.

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  • Both those trades are terrible
    imagine how inept our second units d would be with eddie and nate coming in off the bench…. no deal
    secondly that posey deal would be equally terrible for the c’s, if they wanted posey’s terrible contract they would have signed him to it, if they are going to charitably take on posey’s deal from new orleans, no way they are sending away a first rounder too, it seems more likely that new orleans would have to give up the 1st to get the cap relief they so badly need
    if the C’s are going to make a deal here are the two that should be at the forefront of their list:
    1st: Brian Scalabrine, Eddie House, and Tony Allen for Kirk Hinrich
    why boston does this trade – it gives them a player who can adequately back up both rondo and ray, and lets doc slip into a 9 man rotation that he desperately wants for the playoffs that looks like this
    pg- rondo – hinrich
    sg- ray – hinrich – marquis
    sf- pierce – marquis
    pf- KG- Baby- sheed
    c – perk- sheed
    and hopefully we get scal on a buyout from the bulls; as much as i love eddie this trade would make us extremely better from a personnel and matchup standpoint
    why the bulls do it – its simple, they dont want to pay hinrich’s large salary to a guy who doesnt really fit on their team, and that they are forced to play out of position
    2. if that trade doesnt go through i would turn to this one: scal, baby, tony, and JR to Detroit for Teshaun Prince and will bynum
    why boston does this trade: it gives the rich mans james posey, that would allow us to match up defensively with any team and spread the floor at all times during a game
    why detroit does it, they are looking to turn the page and move on, and getting rid of prince’s contract would be a big step in the continuing revamping of their team that started when they traded billups for atkins
    what do yall think, which lineup would you like better heading into the playoffs?
    rondo – hinrich
    ray – hinrich- marquis
    pierce – marquis- scal
    kg – baby – sheed – scal
    perk – sheed – sheldon
    rondo – eddie – bynum
    ray – marquis – eddie
    pierce – prince – marquis
    kg – baby – sheed – prince
    perk – sheed – sheldon
    i think i like the first one better but who could really complain about either?