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Sheed will play Monday

RedsArmyAdmin January 16, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on Sheed will play Monday

Video via Chris Forsberg

Getting Sheed back is huge.  He's the KG insurance policy… so we don't need him out for an extended period of time. 

Meanwhile, the C's took a working day off today.

"After watching hte tape, I told the guys, I brought them in the locker
room and said, 'The last thing we need to do today is pratice.' They're
exhausted and I don't htink one day off [Friday] allows you to get your
legs back. Since we have an open practice, I said, 'Let's put a little
set in and then let's go have some fun, enjoy the day.'

"Sometimes during the year you have to remember why you play
basketball. I thought guys were laughing and joking, and that's good
for them today."

Check out the link… lots of fun going on at practice today with 3 point contests… dunk contests… and autographs for the fans who showed up.

Sometimes, you need a day like this.

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