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Enemy Chatter: KG is a braying jackass

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Chicago.

…the Bulls can play up to the Celtics…as long as Kevin Garnett
isn't on the court. Garnett is obviously the anchor of the Celtics
world-class defense, but it's even more than that: I think when they
see the braying jackass (any surprise he won this designation?)
the Bulls completely lose any confidence, thus the many times the
Garnett-led Celtics have absolutely destroyed the Bulls in the past
couple seasons. I normally don't believe such things make that much of
a difference, but there has to be some ancillary reason the Bulls go
from being 20 points worse than the Celtics to an even matchup. Or a
13-point victory.


I'll be honest, I had to look up the definition of braying (to utter a loud and harsh cry, as a donkey). Having known John for many years, you'd think I'd be an expert in all things jackass. Rimshot!

A popular tradition in Boston during the past few
seasons is to punctuate a Celtics victory with video of vintage
American Bandstand disco dancers, with special focus on a bearded
gentleman wearing a tightfitting Gino Vanelli T-shirt.

Well, the Bulls knocked off the Celtics 96-83 on
Thursday at TD Banknorth Garden, so the disco dancers stayed off the

But a certain song by K.C. and the Sunshine Band would
have been appropriate for the Bulls' locker room celebration. That's
the way the Bulls like it against the Celtics – with Kevin Garnett on
the bench in street clothes.

Chicago Daily Herald

On Page 2, what Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose and Vinny Del Negro had to say…

"That's the most complete game we've played all year," Derrick Rose said.

"We came out with good energy early and kept attacking," Del Negro
said. "I really liked the tempo of our game and the way we reacted when
they did make a run. Even when it got close, we kept the pace up."

"It was a total team effort," Noah said. "We played with a lot of
energy throughout. I think it's one of the biggest wins of the year for
us. We're playing with a little bit of a swagger and that's good."

Chicago Tribune

Ahh…those Bulls (and their bloggers) are so cute. Now go home and get your f-in shine box!

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  • We lose games with KG, ala Clippers, and warriors, and 76ers….3 of the most inexcusable losses all season.
    Last nights loss had more to do with, um not only is KG out, but so is Rasheed, big baby doesnt look in good shape, marquis is out, and everyone else laid an egg, simple as that

  • No more shines Billy. You’ve been away a long time.
    Agreed with TheRuins, put any combo of ‘Sheed, ‘Quis, or KG and that’s a different ball game. Something tells me the Bulls aren’t alone preferring KG in street clothes.