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D-League call-up beats Cavs at the buzzer

You have watch this story about Sundiata Gaines being called up to the Utah Jazz before we get to the game winner.  It's pretty cool to see the call-up… and then him calling his mom to tell her the news. 

Hey mom… check your boy beating the Cavs at the buzzer:

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  • Jason

    LOVED Reggie as a Knick-killer. That was awesome stuff. HATE him as an announcer. His insights are, well they’re not insightful and his voice just annoys me, so bland. And how obnoxious was his commentary in this highlight. Ugh.

  • Boston Man

    I can’t even imagine how it would feel to be him at that moment.

  • DRJ

    Beautiful stuff. Really, if it were a movie script you’d say it was too corny, too unbelievable.
    Gotta wonder what will happen to this kid. What’s his future. At the very least he will get his full-year contract now.
    So Doc… PAY ATTENTION. Sometimes rookies do shine. But only if you untie them from the bench occasionally.