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Lacking Energy

Chuck - Red's Army January 14, 2010 Uncategorized 16 Comments on Lacking Energy


The Chicago Bulls, owners of a 3-13 road record, outplayed, outworked and outhustled the Celtics at the Garden tonight. The final score: 96-83.

The Celtics fell behind early, 29-18 after the 1st quarter and never recovered (Looks like I guessed right in my game preview).

The Bulls held the advantage in all the hustle categories: 10 blocks (although it seemed like 20), 9 steals and 15 offensive rebounds.

Whenever the Celtics made a run, they'd shoot themselves in the foot with a critical turnover (15), missed free throws (15-for-28) or bad shot.

Luol Deng torched the Cs for 25 points on 8-13 FG. Joakim Noah finished with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 4 blocks.

Paul Pierce had a rough shooting night: 6-18 FG for 20 points. Rondo had 15 points, 7 assists and 5 TOs. Ray Allen mustered just 8 points in 35 minutes.

The Celtics now have as many home losses (11-6) this season as they've had in each of the past two seasons (35-6).

Box Score | Recap

Prior to the game, Doc Rivers said there's an outside chance Kevin Garnett will return for next Friday's game (Jan 22) against the Trail Blazers. Rivers thinks Rasheed Wallace will play Monday vs Dallas.

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  • celtics looked rather tired tonight, and not just the old guys, rondo and perk looked tired as well..
    And not only did Pierce have a rough shooting, he could not defend Luol Deng at all, pierce looks slow out there too me and is forcing it, but give him credit for being a warrior and being there for his team cause its obvious, at least to me, hes nowhere near 100%

  • Jason

    That was 48 minutes of pure aggravation.

  • Jason

    Most of Deng’s makes were contested, long 2s. You’ll take that. Rondo was playing matador defense. That’s unacceptable. I don’t even want to get into the umpteen other pathetic and infuriating aspects of this game. I can’t tell if this team is taking nights off or running on fumes, but they need some kind of shot in the arm.

  • DRJ

    Worst was Ray. Nothing but turnovers and missed shots. I think he’s been run into the ground. It was obvious he was not going to get better… I would have left him on the bench in the 2nd half, and played TA, Eddie, Scal, or even Walker more.
    Every time it looked like they were closing, it seemed the Cs made an extra effort to fall behind again.
    I’d have given the yoots more PT, see if their energy could accomplish something. Clearly the regs weren’t gonna get it done tonight. Really, the handwriting was on the wall midway in the 3rd (if not sooner).

  • Nick

    I just wana start this by saying if it weren’t forinjuries this year, the celtics record would be about 32-5. But w.e, Doc is a fucking moron, because even with all these injuries, he ust leans more on the two fucking useless pieces of yesterday’s garbage, House and Scal. Am I the only sane person on this site who thinks J.r and BillyWalker match up better with the Marvin Williams Josh Smiths Maurice Evans Taj Gibsons Luol Dengs and Tyrus Thomas’s of the world then Brian ScalaFUCKINGbrine?? Wow kuz if I am then some people need there temperatures taken ASAP. he just loves to play these 2 old bums, now I see why eddie house never had a permanent home, he’s a 1 trick pony and when he’s cold he’s useless. Ya and I know he had 11 points tonight, but I think its pretty sad when he comes in the game just looking to shoot, he can’t dribble, board or D up, can’t pass, he sucks! But hey at least he has 1 trick, Brian Scalabrine is a fucking waist of space, a waist of perfectly good human life. I wish the guy would just retire and coach or ho join the rodeo circuit or go learn to detinate roadside bombs in Iraq, anything that would take him away from a celtics uniform and mame him so that I never have to see his pathetic fat and disgusting face/body again. PLAY GIDDENS!!!!!

  • JD

    C’mon Nick, let us now how you really feel.
    But seriously, did Scalabrine rape your wife or something? He wasn’t really the problem tonight.

  • paul

    No energy tonight whatsoever, this team was out of gas tonight. I can’t believe Doc and co. will never get it through their heads that we need a strong, athletic, young wing defender to stop these explosive s/fs. Hint hint, Bill Walker.

  • DRJ

    ‘Course not. And Eddie was the lone bright spot on an otherwise forgettable night.

  • DRJ

    Yeah, woulda liked seeing Billy in there, instead of Ray for example. We weren’t gonna win this one anyway, so why not.

  • Rape his wife? WTF kind of thing is that to say-joking or not. Idiot.

  • I was there (unfortunately) and saw this: Doc using Scal as a 1st scoring option (WTF!), Pierce, Ray, Perk & Rondo tired, laboring and once again, no Walker, & JR Giddens gets in for like 20 seconds. Not saying Walker etc are the answer, but they can bring some much needed energy, and match up with some of the younger, athletic guys that Scal and Shel struggle with. Deng used and abused Pierce. Sorry, but he wore P-Dub out. On alot of those “contested” shots, my buddy and I watched Pierce with his hands at his sides (obviously tired). This was never a game from tip to buzzer. 1st time in a while I’ve seen the Garden empty out with 4 minutes and some change left in the game. It’s simple: the Celts are thin and exhausted. Doc could also spread the minutes out a bit better. This game was exhausting to watch. Exhausting.

  • ric m

    why didn’t TA get more min. in the second half over Ray? and please check Sheldon’s pulse. big rebounding weakness after Perk the 4 and 5 are 6’9″ and vertically challenged.

  • JD

    Didn’t really think it was that bad at all, but I guess it clearly struck a nerve, so sorry ’bout that.

  • JD-I shouldn't have went & called you an idiot-I had just gotten back from the game & was pretty frustrated, but I just thought you could have used different words than "raped your wife". No worries..thanks.

  • The most painful part was they could have stolen it and nobody stepped up.
    They just looked gassed. It seems like a bandwagon story but the loss illuminated the recent weaknesses. Rebounding w/o our injured bigs, and the guards getting tired w/o ‘Quis to sub. Add to that the 4 in 5 and there’s the recipe for last night.

  • Lakerhater

    the thing that has been killing me for two weeks is that every time the Cavs or Fakers drop a game, the C’s drop one too and aren’t getting closer to locking down home court. I agree with the comments above, give Walker more minutes. Doc – you’re beating the sh#t out of Paul and Ray. Its January Doc, you need something left in their tanks for June.