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I can’t wait to see how much Bennet Salvatore is fined

Bennet doc

Bennet Salvatore called a flagrant foul on Glen Davis that was later rescinded.  The call caused Doc Rivers flip out… so Salvatore gave him 2 technicals in a row and tossed him.  Then… after Doc left, Salvatore scanned the bench for anyone who dared question is mighty reign… and that someone somehow was Armand Hill, one of the quietest guys you'll ever find patrolling a sideline.

We know the whole story.  We know that the stretch… and ensuing 5 minutes of horrible officiating.. allowed Atlanta back into the game.  It didn't win them the game… but it was essentially basketball CPR that kept them alive until other events actually unfolded to win them the game.

And what does Bennett Salvatore get out of this?  Nothing. 

Meanwhile, Doc Rivers has to fork over $25,000 and 4 of the 5 Celtics regular starters played an obscene amount of minutes that resulted in lord knows what kind of wear and tear on their bodies.

The point here is not to bitch about the game itself.  It's done and gone.  The point here is to call out the NBA for allowing hotheads to toss technical fouls around with virtually no repercussion when it turns out they were wrong. 

The technical foul is a powerful tool in a ref's arsenal to keep control of a game.  But with any power, there comes responsibility.  I don't think a lot of referees appreciate that.  They can turn the momentum of a game in a blink.  If the NBA doesn't want that happening… then they need to institute some kind of penalty for when the league decides the referee was wrong.

That is… if the NBA doesn't want that happening.

After the jump, a screenshot of the Bennett Salvatore Wikipedia page… which shows just how beloved he is.

Salvatore wiki

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  • Jason

    Disgraceful. If the league itself is disgraceful, how can we expect their employees to be anything but?

  • AboveTheRim

    NBA…where game fixing happens.
    Stern, call your office.

  • DRJ

    HOLY SHITE ! You have GOT to read that Wikipedia page. They’re OUTRIGHT calling him a cheat, and OUTRIGHT saying the NBA fixes its seasons. So why hasn’t the NBA sued the writer(s) of that entry for libel? (They can’t sue Wikipedia, under Federal law governing Internet content.)
    Also… seems to me they could have fired him anytime for the crime of tax fraud. Must be a morals clause in there somewhere…. Oh wait, STUPID me. “Morals?” “NBA?” In the same sentence? How silly.

  • Danno

    I’m pretty sure the neither the NBA nor any private employer in the US can cite your personal tax/financial woes or mishaps as grounds for termination. They could have asked for his resignation, but they can’t outright fire him for cheating on his taxes.
    They won’t fine him. They’ll pat him on the head and say “good Job” because that one loss might force the Celtics into second or third place in the east, and potentially more road Playoff games, which means more revenue. Their “fixing” scheme has less to do with who wis, as much as it’s How many games it takes to get there, to drive up TV revenue dollars.

  • Drucci

    Check this video I made about the terrible officiating of Salvatore and his crew during the game :

  • DRJ

    All I can say is… EXTREMELY WELL DONE! Great job, Drucci. That game was even worse that I remembered.
    I had forgotten about that 5-step travel by Horford… so COMPLETELY ridiculous, especially after ALL those borderline travel calls on Perk. And there were SO many other examples in your terrific video. Really, great job.
    There’s no doubt. The fix was in for that game. So WHY DO WE WATCH THIS CRAP? I don’t know… I really, really don’t know. Guess we’re always hoping it’ll get better. But it never does. Gets worse.
    Damn the NBA. Damn Salvatore. Nothing would make me happier than to someday see one of these guys, besides Donaghy, do the perk walk. In handcuffs.

  • DRJ

    May I have your permission to post links to that video elsewhere?

  • Leo

    Yeah, I’ll agree about the bad calls there, but you have to man up, no matter how the calls are going and try to win the game. Also, with respect to the Celtics team, the announcers are just terrible. I understand a little bit of bias towards the team that you’re announcing for, obviously, but wow…

  • Drucci

    DJR, you’re welcome to post the video where you want 😉

  • Nora

    Atlanta needs to man up and admit they had alot of help with that win. LOL