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Doc Rivers Fined $25K

Chuck - Red's Army January 13, 2010 Uncategorized 13 Comments on Doc Rivers Fined $25K


Here's the official statement (courtesy

Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers has been fined $25,000 for his
conduct surrounding his ejection on Monday, January 11, it was
announced today by Stu Jackson, Executive Vice President, Basketball
Operations. The incident occurred with 6:16 remaining in the third
quarter of Boston's 102-96 loss to the Atlanta Hawks at TD Garden in

Is it standard operating procedure for a coach to be fined $25K for an ejection?

If it's not, I don't understand the issue with his conduct. Doc was blasted with two techs in the span of 2 seconds. The referees didn't give him time to really get worked up. Plus he exited the court in a timely manner.

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  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    The calls, the refs, the league is really pissing me off! If this kind of officiating continues I don’t know it I can be a fan of the the NBA. I love the Celtics but the league has taken the fun out of it. I wish they would just let the players determine who wins the games.

  • JD

    So the NBA has its refs steal the game from you, and then they steal 25-thousand-mothereffing-dollars from your wallet!!?? I’m surprised David Stern didn’t try raping Doc on his way to the locker room to top it all off.

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    I wouldn’t put it past SPERM

  • If only the fans could unionize and picket the games, and not let anybody cross the picket line.. I wonder how many games of empty arenas and super low TV ratings it would take for Stern to get it.
    Will never happen, but it would remind Stern that his league is an entertainment product for customers and he can’t ignore them.

  • Phil McCracken

    Stern and his corrupt incompetent refs need to be rounded up and dumped in a vat of shark-infested sewage.

  • Stern honestly believes you pay money to see his refs at work. maybe people will catch on to how incompetent this clown really is.

  • DRJ

    I had the same thought. Problem is one of organization.
    Thing is, there is a path available… through the blogs. If the blogs could get together and organize themselves… something like this could be done. It has never happened in organized sports, but then the Internet has never happened before either. Not impossible… could be done.

  • Even if the ‘casual’ fans didn’t take part it would at least push the issue into the for front. This is something that has an effect on every team. I understand the reality of making split second calls from one angle, but this technical/flagrant foul situation is absurd. There seems to be no set standard, and techs and flagrants that swing momentum in games are constantly being rescinded with know known recourse long after the final buzzer.
    If there was a publicly stated policy for punitive action for referees who have technicals and flagrants rescinded as well as a set standard for T’ing up players that was applied equally to all players I would be satisfied.
    When the league rescinds these fouls they are admitting that the referees were wrong. It there was a threat of punitive action when they are found to be wrong, I think we would see a lot less of the referees being the stars of the game, and I would enjoy my favorite sport even more.

  • DRJ

    It’s worse than we thought….
    Which means Doc was fined $25k… for having been ejected after 2 seconds of argument… over a call that the league AGREES WAS BAD !!!
    Geezuss… there’s no understanding these people. Just ridiculous.

  • It is just utterly ridiculous. I love the NBA, but this is out of control. That situation completely changed the momentum of a game. The referees need to be held accountable, publicly. It is possible they are getting a slap on the wrist out of the public eye, but I think we deserve to know.
    They make bad calls that affect the outcomes of games – the league later agrees they are bad calls, and yet we see no action taken and the horrible calls continue unchecked.

  • DRJ

    And this also means that the extra possession that the Hawks got as a result of that flagrant was wrong. The whole change of momentum, and the resultant loss, was based on a call the league now admits was bad.
    How does that make you feel?

  • Al

    Exactly the same thing is happening in the English Premier league – arguably one of the biggest sports leagues in the world – the refs aren’t good enough and there is little punishment for poor performances…it’s just shite – the shark infested sewage is a terrific idea….

  • I’m willing to forgive the referees for most bad calls on offensive/blocking fouls, some goltendings, even moving screens, unless you can tell it is just blatantly one sided – those calls have to be made in an instant with out the benefit of the multiple angles we see as fans. I can accept those. But these techs and flagrants (that are later rescinded)are something I just can’t sit back and accept.
    What’s his nuts fouled Baby harder, and wrapped up his head tonight worse than Baby did in the Atlanta game. It was called a regular foul (as it should have been – it was not a flagrant) but why are the standards different?
    Stern can ignore Dougnahy, and call it a ‘non-story’ all he wants, but the fact is it has put a shadow on all the officials. You would think he would want to take measures to improve the image of them and the league – instead of giving them a new contract and let them have Cart Blanche to make game changing bad calls and not be held accountable.