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You’re Invited to the Red’s Army Birthday Party

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Yep, Red's Army is 4 years old… so we're throwing a huge party. 

Thursday night, January 28th… we're going to be taking over Red Sky in Boston (visit their site here) starting at 8pm.  That happens to be the tip time for Celtics-Magic… so come on over, watch the game, have some food, and have some fun.

We're working on some sponsors, too… so we're hoping to give things away at the party too. 

So save the date:  Thursday, January 28, at 8pm.  Everyone is invited.  And stay tuned for more details.

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  • FSantos33

    Happy early Birthday to the Army! Someone watch out for Jester LOL. I would love to go but I can’t make it from the Bay Area.

  • Shit… I’ll rename the party in Jester’s honor if he shows up.

  • Might sound stupid, but seeing as this place is a nightclub (right?) is there a dress code? Or can we just show up in jeans? Thx.

  • You can wear jeans. It’s not a like a collared shirt and slacks kinda joint.

  • Cool-thanks…

  • Ooop

    Happy bday reds army from minnesota, im not a regular poster but i check the site at least once a day and really enjoy all the articles. Have a good time and lets see some pics if it gets wild!

  • *sniffle*…. tear…… they grow up so fast
    Im gonna have to send in my regards here, these are the times it sucks to be a celtics fan living so far from boston
    congrats guys, this sites the best

  • Man I need to shovel out of this hole in Wisconsin and tip back a few with you guys!! Thanks for running a great site.

  • rav


  • Thanks everyone. Too bad some of you won’t be able to make it. I’ll make sure to drink extra to make up the difference