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Your Morning Dump… Where The Celtics Lack Humility

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“We still feel we’re the better team,” said an exhausted Paul Pierce, who like the rest of a closing unit that included Glen Davis, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and Kendrick Perkins, played the last 19 minutes without a substitution by associate coach Tom Thibodeau, who took over for Rivers.

“The year we won the (2008) championship, we lost four times to
Washington. It definitely bothered us, but we’re a better team, and it
will show.”

Perkins seconded that emotion.

“It’s not like I fear them,” he said. “I don’t think anyone on this
team fears them. They look at us like a rival, but I don’t think we
look at them as a rivalry team.”

Herald – Celtics Can's Solve Hawks Puzzle

There's not much humility on this Celtics team, huh? Three straight losses to Atlanta and they still refuse to give the Hawks much credit. I get that confidence and swagger are a big part of winning consistently, but maybe if the Celtics had the respect for Atlanta that they have for Cleveland and Orlando, they might have won a game or two.

For those wanting to blame the refs for last night's loss, here's the Globe's Gary Washburn:

Blame the officials for adversely
affecting the game in the third quarter as Bennett Salvatore tossed
coach Doc Rivers for arguing a flagrant foul call on Glen Davis, but
the Hawks were the better team in the final 12 minutes.

locked on the Celtics defensively, forcing Boston to opt for Davis in
key offensive possessions, and even though he had 9 of the Celtics’ 16
points in the final period in his best offensive performance of the
season, he is not a go-to guy down the stretch. Atlanta’s confusing
zone defense limited Paul Pierce to two fourth-quarter shots while Ray
Allen and Rajon Rondo combined to go 2 for 8.

On Page 2, Perk and Doc try to explain Tom Thibodeau's 'no substitutions' plan.

“Coach Tib probably didn’t have a sub package that he wanted to go with, so he just rolled with the starters,’’ Perkins said.

Rivers, “I think with me getting thrown out it kind of left our staff –
it happened so quick. So leaving the guys in that were playing well was
probably the safe bet. I don’t know.’’

Globe – Celtics Notebook

Aside from Scalabrine's extended presence on the bench, I didn't notice the lack of bench players on the court until after the game. Is it possible Thibs got caught up in the emotion of the game and forgot to make substitutions? And by the time he remembered it was too late?

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  • Hrvoje

    cocky is the word

  • noo offense to our belove Cs, but that attitude is exactly why they keep losing to the hawks this season…the games simply mean more to atlanta…and the celtics sit around and say “oh we’re better the better team anyways” um no, not really, you’re old and injured and good luck if u see atlanta in the playofs, when they were a pathetic below .500 team they took u to 7 in your championship season, one can only imagine what would happen next time…forget homecourt, set yourself up to avoid atlanta

  • Double P Reppin the B

    If we are healthy in the playoffs where it all matters I still would not be worried about the hawks. Sorry but if this team is completely healthy come playoff time there will not be a team that can match our depth and versatility. The hawks don’t matter in my opinion, all that matters is being healthy when it counts.
    Yes they beat us this season every time so far but we have not played them at full strength all year. We beat them all four times last year when everyone said they were a bad matchup problem for us. Jamal Crawford is hot 1 out of every 15 games guys don’t act like this team has our number because they don’t. They barely beat us last night without our 2 best PFs, defensive talkers, rebounders, and soul of defense, and without a head coach and 4 free throws that got them back in the game. Like come on, this team doesn’t blow our heads off when we play them.

  • niremetal

    You were at full strength when the Hawks beat you by 11 in Boston in November. Unless you want to argue that missing Big Baby is what kept you from winning.

  • The Hawks definetly matter…what dont you remember about the Hawks taking us 7 in our championship season and they werent even half as good as they are now?

  • Dont bother with the excuse making…the hawks have beat us 3 times, period…and injuries are just a part of the celtics and the game of basketball, so its not an excuse
    atlanta has our number so far this season

  • StayGREEN

    Alright. What is wrong here?. I can’t believe you’re blaming this loss on the C’s for not having humility? The refs gave the Hawks that game in gift wrap. The C’s played the better game. Just look at the box score. The refs managed to call every single violation on the C’s on offense, and called touch fouls on them on the defensive end. Even though the C’s were attacking the basket while the Hawks were taking jump shots. The hawks are legit but they did not deserve to win this game. The other games they won fair and square but they are not the better team. the refs just totally controlled the momentum of this game (in the Hawks favor).

  • nick

    to the ruins… WTF are u talking about? maggette isn’t any worse on D then Ray allen pierce or marquis daniels. and Matt Barnes the other guy i really liked is doing quite allright with the magic so wtf r u talking about? maggette dropped 32 on cleveland last night and he is 2nd in the NBA in free throw attempts, I assume u would rather play scal and TA?? if thats the case then i can’t talk hoops with u. all this B.S about r cap space and worrying about the future. news flash, after NEXT year we are gona have a 2 year drop off, maybe win only 44 or 45 games, so lets go ball 2 the wall and try to get it back to back these next 2 years instead of watching cleveland or L.A or orlando celebrate.

  • DRJ

    It’s not “excuse making” to believe that we can beat them – easily – when our two teams are equally healthy. Last night’s first quarter was very illustrative to me… we DOMINATED them, in all aspects of the game, for most of the first half, but it was total in the first quarter. We did that with our D and our teamwork, and WITHOUT KG, Sheed, or Daniels. With Scal as a starter. I understand – and agree – with the Cs’ confidence vs. the Hawks.
    My hit on Thibs is that he was a deer caught in the headlights… everything happened so fast, and he was SO unprepared… that he just froze. It’s a small point, but one worth learning now — Thibs must be ready to take over at any moment.

  • NineSevenEight

    I totally agree. I’ll give the Hawks the first two wins. Last night….not so much. It’s a well officiated game when your opponent is +15 at the strip? 21 fouls for the C’s to the Hawks 16? AT HOME? When you’ve come out and positively established yourselves in the first quarter? Sure the C’s ran out of steam in the 4th, look at the wind that got sucked out of them in the third! They’re undermanned as it is and have been “playing through it” all season long. But to say that debacle of a third quarter was anything close to fair and shouldn’t have affected an undermanned…then understaffed team is unfair in my opinion.
    Injuries are a part of the game, yes. But the injuries were never a factor until the refs stepped in and MADE it a factor by awarding the Hawks the opportunity for SEVEN consecutive unanswered points in a ten point game (on a BS flagrant 1 no less). I think Thibs left the starters in because he was already working with a thin bench and wasn’t so sure if replacing the starters would have given them a chance to fend off the Hawks NEWLY found momentum courtesy of Salvatore. Hindsights 20/20, obviously.
    You’d think the C’s were playing the U.S. Olympic team with the absurdity that arose.
    The C’s were playing as well as the could considering the circumstances, and to lose a lead that you worked for as an undermanned squad because of a spree of ridiculous calls? If that doesn’t shift a team’s momentum with just 18 minutes left in regulation, then pencil that team in for the next 10 LOB trophies. It’s worse than losing momentum with a full roster.
    Doc being ejected was bound to happen sooner or later. I go back to the game in Toronto when Triano basically charged onto the court at the ref in the middle of play to scream 2 inches from his face. He gets his tech and play resumes. I was sitting with a friend at the time and said, “there’s no way any member of the Celtics, player or coach, would get away with that with JUST a tech.” Sure Doc blew a gasket from the Celtics bench and probably deserved to get tossed, but the call was ridiculous so the reaction was equally so.
    Where is the consistency in this league? A coach screaming 2 inches from your face can walk away with ONE T, but a coach screaming from his sideline nowhere near you gets tossed in less time than it took you to walk over to him. Seriously. Things will never change if no one says anything.
    It pisses me off that the C’s don’t take the Hawks seriously, or at least say they don’t. But the game ball last night went to the officials who were probably laughing as hard as the Hawks were at the end of regulation.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    We were a completely different team at that time as well. That was our first true test all season, if you don’t remember. We have been through it all now, the playoffs are not new to this team and winning in crunch time isn’t either. Then it was new and struggling and they snuck up on us due to the weight of being such heavy favorites was. This team can get through anything in the playoffs now, as opposed to then when it was growing pains.

  • thats homerism more then anything else unfortuantely, it doesnt matter how much they’ve been through and this and that. howd tthat work out for all those pistons teams?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    A Championship and 6 straight trips to the ECF? haha That seems pretty successful to me man. I don’t know if you realize but winning the championship every year is not feasible. Being elite and competitive for it every year is very successful in my opinion, and that is what Detroit was if you have been watching bball for the past 10 years.

  • Nora

    Um games mean more in the playoffs so we will see who the better team is if it come to that. Atlanta can win all the reg. season matchups but it means nothing in the post season.

  • Nora

    You are going so out of your way not to be a homer you look more like a hater

  • Nora

    Wow one game. Congrats
    What will that insignificant game mean in the playoffs. You hold on to that it is really important. LOL

  • Never said it meant anything as far as the postseason is concerned…Celtics fans that sit around and are not worried about seeing atlanta in the playofs are fooling themselves or in flat out denial…they took us 7 when they sucked and we were better, forget the “how much we’ve grown” nonsense, look how much atlanta has grown, just as much, or even more..

  • Well i kinda feel like we were talking about…winning championships…noones going to be satisfied with a couple more eastern conference finals appearances out of this era…thats absurd.
    And The Hawks have grown as much or more as a team since 2007 then us, so that whole point is entirely moot….. listen i like the C’s if healthy, but is that going to happen 1, and i wouldnt put it past the hawks to beat us anyways 2, theyre not a good matchup

  • Um I was just over at a Magic blog site and they had an entire article about how Matt Barnes is a terrible fit with the magic, and with him starting they went on a 4 game losing streak and he makes everyone around him worse…suns fans last season talked about if they ever have seen a dumber player in there lifetime as basketball fans…so thats that…i really have no understanding over the matt barnes obsession you have.
    As far as Maggette, while better then Barnes whos not an upgrade over anybody on this team and his shining moment in the NBA is putting up inflated stats on bad teams, hes good at getting to the free throw line, but a miserable passer, defender, and spot up shooter…