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Wow, The Pistons kinda suck

Bulls pistons

Did anyone expect the Pistons to whip off a 13 game losing streak to fall to 11-25? 

I didn't think they were going to be great this year… but I at least expected them to fight for a playoff spot.  Now they're in the John Wall sweepstakes.

I wonder if Joe Dumars is going to just pack it in and have a fire sale.  Could make for some interesting trade talk.

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  • Count me as unsuprised…they spent there cap space on 2 6 men chuckers who play no defense, the core members from the championship years have packed it in since Chauncey left and all eggs are in the Rodney Stuckey basket, and quite frankly hes not a pg, and hes not all that good, is a chuckers shooting a very low percentage. and they hired the cavs offensive coach, when the cavs offense consisted of giving the ball to lebron james and all other 4 guys standing around

  • Rodney stuckey shooting 41% from the field and averaging 4 assists…woooo!!!! lol @ anyone who wanted to trade rondo for this fraud
    He was good backing up chauncey billups, and they decided to make him the future of the franchise….lol

  • Danno

    I’ll take Tayshaun.

  • You were reading my mind. I was just looking at the boxscore from last night’s Piston game. Man these guys fell fast. I know it’s old news, but getting rid of Chauncey completely destroyed this team. They will be lucky if Tayshaun and Rip stick around. They have a good nucleus with those 2 and BG, Charlie V. Now I guess they have to hope for a decent big man in the draft or use any/all pics to trade for one.

  • KY Celts fan

    I agree! Prince would be perfect for this team. I know we all say that a lot about a lot of players, but this one has to be taken seriously.
    Long SF, who plays great defense (multiple All-Defense teams), can shoot the 3, championship experience, knows Sheed better than anyone on the team so can play right along side of him, and most importantly, is going to moved anyways by Detroit and we can have him on the cheep for our expirings.
    Get on board this train while we can.

  • I agree for Prince. I’d also take Jerebko for the bench, the guy is good at D.

  • Filipe

    I really can’t see how we can get Tayshun. We need a bigger EC to made the trade work. We would need to send some 4 guys to get him, I actually think Dumars would agree to buyout nearly everyone as he just want to clean cap and Tayshun is actually taking minutes away from young guys (Jerebko, Daye) they hope to develop. We would be down to 11 guys, one of them being Bill Walker. The only way you could do it without weaken our rotation for 30 days too much is doing it now and including Marquis who is inactive anyway. We are to thin right now to do a 4 for 1 trade. Our ECs might not seing like much but House, TA and Scal are useful rotation players.

  • KY Celts fan

    Using the ESPN Trade Machine, a trade of TA, House, and Scal for Prince and either Jerebko or Summers works. We end up having to pay a little more but we pick up a good defender and a young SF with some potential.
    The only problem with Prince is that he has had a lot of health problems this year, and coming to Boston seems to wreak havoc on a player’s body. But for not losing much, I’d take the risk. We all know Scal sucks, House has been awful the entire season (it can’t be considered a slump anymore). The only loss is TA, but his knuckleheadness can come back at anytime.
    I would go for this trade.

  • Filipe

    I doubt Pistons will give any young talent and definetely not Jerebko. And as much as House might suck know what would be our guard rotation if we include both him and TA in a deal?

  • KY Celts fan

    good point about the guard rotation. but that would just give more minutes to Daniels. Let him be the ball-handler and slasher that we know he is. Prince backs up Pierce, yada yada yada.