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Sheed Out with Sore Left Foot

Chuck - Red's Army January 11, 2010 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Sheed Out with Sore Left Foot

Via Celtics Twitter page:

Sheed is out with a sore left foot.

Wallace was in uniform, went out to warm up, and had trouble pushing off when shooting jumpers, tweets the Globe's Gary Dzen.

Not sure who is getting the start in his place, Glen Davis or Shelden Williams.Make that Brian Scalabrine (according to Jess Camerato).

Anyone else really, really, really annoyed with all these injuries?

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  • Spiraea

    Neither, Scal’s getting the start.

  • Jason

    Why is Ray defending Johnson? Have we learned nothing, Doc?

  • Jason

    Phantom travel on Perk. Phantom and late foul call on Ray. Smith lowering a shoulder in Scal, no call. Hawks moving screens, no call. Rondo raked in the lane, no call. Goal-tending on a Rondo layup, no call. And we’re only halfway through the 1st quarter. Yea, can’t wait for the rest of this reffing debacle.

  • Jason

    I stopped posting because it was still going on (like Marvin Williams getting the Jordan rules for some reason), but I didn’t want to sound like I was whining, but it just reached an unbelievable tipping point with the BBD flagrant and Doc tossing. I hate these a-holes so much.

  • StayGREEN

    this is some of the worst officiating I have ever seen. we should be winning by 20. We’re shooting 64% and they’re shooting 40%. The refs got their money on the Hawks tonight I guess.