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Case of the Mondays: Can we stop with the Hawks making us look bad?

Case of the mondays

Mondays suck… even around here.  So we're taking time out on
Monday's to make ourselves feel better and rant about something that
pisses us off.

Look at them out there.

They're laughing at you. 

They're calling you old.  They're saying you can't hang.  They're… they're disrespecting you.

And you know why, Celtics, they're saying all of these things?

Because of the Hawks.

That Atlanta freakin' Hawks.  The guys that were supposedly "crashing back down to earth"… the guys that lost to the Knicks… the guys that got railed by Miami and Orlando. 

The Hawks make you LOOK old.  They run past you like you're giving Michael Sweetney a piggy-back ride up and down the court.  They're running and gunning and dunking and celebrating while you guys just sort of look around and wonder what the hell just happened  Actually, if I actually saw some wonder in your faces, I'd at least know you cared about what was happening.

For some reason, Celtics, you have the ability to smack the Hawks with one good shot and you think that will make them roll over and die.  But they never do.  You've got to kill 'em.  And you've got to do it tonight.

Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm flat out asked me if we're at a point where the Celtics don't want to see the Hawks in the playoffs.  What could I say?  I don't want to see the Hawks in the playoffs right now, because right now you guys look like you should be stumbling out of your houses in your bathrobes yelling at Al Horford, Joe Johnson, and Josh Smith to "get off my lawn."

Please, Celtics, find it somewhere in your collective souls to send the NBA a message.  Find it in you to come out, drop the Hawks early, and make it impossible for them to get up.

I'm sick of the questions, and I'm sure you are too.  So let's put an end to them tonight… alright?

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  • The hawks are certainly annoying, and we all remember that first round playoff series, probably one of the more stressful series of my life, but before this seasonm the last 2 regular seasons we were 8-0 against the hawks, including 3 wins last season against them without KG
    But the hawks are getting better, we all know theyre a matchup problem, they bring it against the celtics because of that playoff series and Jamal crawford has flat out been the difference..also last game Mike woodson, the hawks coach made a comment that if u cut the head off the celtics (that to him is rondo) then u have the best chance to win…and thats what theyve done this season…leading to 2 wins