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Trade Rumor: Andrew Bynum for Chris Bosh?

Via Peter Vecsey of the NY Post:

A Lakers source told me the team had its sights set high, as usual, and planned to target the possible acquisition of Chris Bosh
when it got closer to the 3 p.m. Feb. 18 trade deadline, and the
Raptors might be more likely to move their Olympian/All-Star while
still entitled to compensation.

It commonly is believed Bosh
almost certain is to flee Toronto after this season, when he has the
right to opt out of the final year ($17.1 million) of his contract.

My source believes the Lakers will offer Andrew Bynum
for Bosh (if they haven’t done so already) well before the deadline
expires. In itself, the one-for-one swap is impossible to make. Bynum’s
“base year” essentially allows L.A. to take back but half of his salary
this year ($12.5M). Of course, that restriction is lifted when next
year’s salary ($13.7M) activates come July 1, at which time a
sign-and-trade transaction would be feasible.

In typical Vecsey fashion, he "reports" on a rumored trade that cannot work due to salary restrictions. Rather than offer a solution, say providing the names of players the Lakers could throw into the deal to make it work, Vecsey just drops the issue.

If Toronto is interested in an overpaid center who hates playing defense, then the deal makes sense. Even if the Raptors put Bosh on the market, I'm not sure they'll get much more than Bynum in return. He's going to sign with the Knicks or Heat in the off-season.

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  • Joey

    Now that’s a trade that is terrible for both teams. Bynum would average around 24 and 12 on the Raptors, but he’s too young and inexperienced to be the star of a team. And the Lakers would have no interior defense and no center. Chris Bosh and Pau Gasol are 2 of the softest PF’s in the league. The only positive for the Lakers would be that since Bosh plays like a SG, Artest would have room to work in the post and the only positives for the Raptors are that they would have a real center and someone for Bosh who would just leave Toronto this offseason. Please don’t do it Lakers.

  • BostonGarden

    Gasol soft?? You must ask to Howard jaja

  • Eh less is more sometimes. The Raptors would be better off letting Bosh walk than taking back Bynum.

    Bynum is overpaid and way overrated, already paid like a star when he only has star potential, and shows no sign of learning to do his job right. Perk will always own him. Without the Laker calls Bynum is nothing…and the Lakers think they can get the closest thing to a young KG for him? Typical.

    Barqnani for Bynum would be more fair…the Raps would do it to try and convince Bosh to stick around. Look at Sheed’s post game comments…Bosh is a Lone Ranger down in the paint because the Raps have nobody else interested in real defense. Bynum…is not that interested in interior d either, but at least he’d have no excuse not to cover the 5.

    The Lakers would have the most hilariously soft front court ever…but I kindof don’t want to see it happen…the refs could so hand the Lakers a title by protecting a Barqnani/Gasol 5/4 combo while they knock down perimeter jumpers all night long. Protect them as in handing out fouls for breathing on them…ugh what a nightmare that would be.

    And for the Raps…if Bosh leaves anyway, then they have no Bosh, no Barqnani, and are stuck with overpaid, overrated Bynum. Hmm, risky.

  • Nora

    Funny but I thought Lakers and their fans were under the notion of how much of a god Bynum was.

  • klikken

    you haven’t really seen the raptors playing of late have you? Otherwise I could not explain how you could think that Bosh is a thougher defender than Bargnani.

  • Joe Buddy

    Bosh a Lone Ranger in the paint? Maybe Rasheed needs to watch a Raptors game before commenting on them. Everyone should know by now that Bargs is a much better and much tougher defender than Bosh.

  • cantplaydefense

    Bosh can’t play defense. Like Gary Payton commented recently that Bosh is the most over rated player in the NBA. He is soft as cottonelle.

  • Adam Bannon

    I am so sick of these dumb American sports writers making Bosh Trades. Bosh will be going no where this season. He will play the rest of the year in Toronto and whatever happens in the summer happens. I also get sick of idiots saying he will sign with NY or Mia. New York is a mess regardless if they are over achieving and Miami is only a half game ahead of Toronto right now. Neither of those is a real better situation. He may very well resign with Toronto so you people need to realize what you hear is fiction until it is proven fact.

  • Boom

    Sorry for those who live the the USA and have to only watch channels that are owned by Rupert Murdoch because you guys obviously have no idea what goes on elsewhere. In fact, Chris Bosh seems as happy as ever in Toronto, and has stated that. The team has been remade fro him, and one of his best friends (Jack) just signed longterm. Bosh ins’t going anywhere. Why wouldn’t he want his family (future children) to grow up in a worldclass city with good healthcare and no guns? Fact is Vescey licks teticles and just repeats what he thinkos of while lickin others’ scrotums. Boch in TO forever, no trade!

  • kendall1

    Nether Gasol or Bosh is soft.Where did that come from?–I think Bosh will be going to New York.

  • Ali

    If the Lakers trade away Bynum for anyone… I am no longer a Laker fan… and ive been a Laker fan since I was I was 8… Bynum is 22 years old… When Kobe and the rest of the gang retire… wos gonna carry the team? Bosh? dude… Bosh cant even make the Playoffs with a good team in Toronto… He cant handle being a Laker because being a Laker means having to deal with us Fans… Bynum is loved here in LA… so excuse me for saying this.. but id draft Bynum over Bosh anyday… Getting Kareem Abdul-jabbar to train Bynum wasnt for nothing…. Bynum is the future of the Lakers… and thats that… so please Mr. Vecsey… stop writing B.S about the Lakers just because you got nothing good to write about your Knicks… This is LA… This is Bynum’s town. WE are the Lakers. WE! and for those who think Bynum is over-rated… stop watching ESPN and reading these dumb articles and learn to observe and think for yourselves and then make the judgement. I rest my case.

  • carlos

    This website sucks assssssssss LAKERS KOBE 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam

    no man not at all. bynum is one of the rising centers in the league, one of the best paint presents and the raptors have been dieing for a real center for many years now. chris bosh is leaving anyway, so in my opinoin let bargiani take over the raps, he wont be overpaid when hes gettin us 20 points 12 boards an 2 blocks a game, i think this is just what the raps need. the only way this deal shouldnt go down if chrisbosh garuntees to stay with the raps

  • Brasiliero

    Chris Bosh is American and will always love Yankees over Canucks. Besides Canadian city rarely win championships, even in the NHL. Every superstar wants to win. D-Wade C-Bosh in Miami 2011.

  • Brasiliero

    All Spaniards are soft . . . Bynum worked Howard not Pau . . . hahaha

  • Brasiliero

    Good luck getting past the Cavs . . . Boston has little chance to get past KiNG James. Although I would love to see my lake-show get some 2008 revenge. Los Angelinos know Bynum would handle KG like he worked superman in 09.