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The Week in Review

Chuck - Red's Army January 9, 2010 Uncategorized 2 Comments on The Week in Review

After a two week holiday hiatus, the Week in Review is back.

Rondo The big story this week? The miracle alley-oop come-from-behind win over the Heat. If you are still wondering how the hell the Celtics pulled that off, check out this breakdown.

We had three terrific guest columns. Graham wonders where Glen Davis fits in, Tim (FD) tracks the progression of Kendrick Perkins, and DRJ details a meeting between the Devil and Danny Ainge.

The Celtics cut loose Lester Hudson, who was promptly snatched up by the Grizzlies. The move prompted a ton of speculation about who the Cs were going to add to the roster.

If you feel like Ray Allen is turning the ball over too much, you're wrong and here's why.

Heatgal Did you know the the Hawks A-Town Dancers and the Heat girls both have bikini calendars? Speaking of dancers, we're in the final round of the Celtics dancer competition. It's a close race between Alison, Ashley and Meghan. Vote now!

We can only hope the All-Star voting would be as close, Rajon Rondo is still at the back of the pack.

Just days after my post raving about the Lakers, Kobe and Co. lost to the Clippers. All we have to say to the Lakers trolls is – How you like dem apples?

Most importantly, NBA Jam is making a comeback on the Wii.

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  • nick

    SCAL, HOUSE and T,A to the Warriors for Cory Maggette, he puts us over the top and makes our bench go from very good to GREAT, Yeah Maggette shoots alott but so does Jamal Crawford and do u see how he helps the Hawks?? Cory Maggette is as good of a scorer as their is in the NBA and the Warriors are tryna give him away, we need to jump on this ASAP, he’s still young too only 29

  • Are you insane? Not to mention, Maggette takes away any cap flexibility the Cs have, he’s on the books for another 3 years an $30 million.