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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny sees no need to make a move

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
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“Right now I don’t see any needs,” Ainge said as he boarded a flight
on a scouting trip out West yesterday. “I mean, I feel like there’s
always a need if you can get a better player than who you have, but
there’s nothing with us that’s a glaring weakness. There’s not one
specific need that we’re looking to fill.

“I just feel like we need to get healthy. If we’re healthy, then in
some ways we may have too many players. There will be some tough
decisions that will have to get made on minutes when we have everyone
back. But things can always happen, so I think it’s important for us
that we have this flexibility with our roster. I mean, there’s a good
chance we don’t sign anybody, but it helps to have the ability to do it
if something happens a
nd you need to.”

Herald: No job openings with Celtics either

I guess the Celtics cut Lester Hudson simply to have a little flexibility and they didn't think he'd really contribute from here on out.  In the end, they save a few hundred thousand dollars… which I didn't think was a big deal for the club to pay.  But these days… maybe the C's will take the savings wherever they can get them.

For those clamoring for Rafer Alston…. he did the expected and signed with the Heat.  So let's put that little fire out right now.

Don't be shocked to see the C's bring Hudson back on a 10-day contract.

Coming up, Page 2… where losing KG might not be such a bad thing right now

This is what you gain: rhythm and conditioning. I said it yesterday, it
may be a blessing in disguise, Kevin is getting rest, which is always
good for him. Rasheed playing the minutes that he’s playing is getting
him in great shape. But more importantly, it’s pushing his progress
along as far as learning the continuity, the timing and the feel with
all the different players on our team. So, I think it actually in some
ways could benefit us.

WEEI:  Doc Rivers on D&C

It really CAN benefit the C's… provided KG is only getting a few games of rest and there's nothing really wrong. 

But this is why they got Rasheed.  He can, production wise, give you a lot of KG gives the team.  There are intangibles that no one in the world can match… but Sheed can spread the floor, defend, and rebound about as well as KG right now.  In fact, Sheed's got more range and might be a little more aggressive to the basket in the post than KG.  We didn't have that last year.

I'm not saying we can definitely win it all without KG.  I'm just saying we can withstand his loss a lot more easily this year.   

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  • Lex

    There are those who believe KG is not injured at all, but that this is Doc’s way to get Sheed in shape.

  • LOL… nothing like fucking with our heads to have Sheed work off the beer gut.

  • FSantos33

    I agree with Ainge if he is telling the truth. “If Healthy” we’ll be fine. The Mikki Moore and Marbury additions still give me the chills.

  • DRJ

    Clearly, we won’t know WHAT’s going on with KG until either see him on the court again or they tell us the truth. Well… the probability of the latter is so tiny, let’s scratch that one.
    As for Danny, I guess he’s turning blind, stupid or both. Does he not see that at the PG spot, we’re exactly ONE player deep. I.e., we have Rondo and no backup??