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No Answers for Jamal Crawford

Chuck - Red's Army January 8, 2010 Uncategorized 16 Comments on No Answers for Jamal Crawford


Jamal Crawford (the man I said the Celtics had to stop in order to win) scored 14 of his 18 points in the 4th quarter to lead the Hawks past the Celtics, 93-85.

The key sequence of the game came with about 1:15 left and the Celtics trailing by six, 88-82. The Cs got a steal, but Paul Pierce (21 pts, 6 steals) gambled and threw a long pass which was stolen by Al Horford. Jamal Crawford promptly nailed a 3-pointer with 52 seconds left to extend the lead to 9.

The Cs laid a giant egg in the 3rd quarter. A lack of energy on the defensive end, combined with too many jump shots on offense resulted in a 29-15 quarter in Atlanta's favor.

There were some crazy momentum swings midway thru the 4th quarter. The Celtics cut the lead to 7 with 7 minutes left in the 4th, but Jamal Crawford came back with a 4-point play. He hit a ridiculous three falling out-of-bounds and drew a cheap foul on Kendrick Perkins (15 points, 14 rebounds). The Celtics then rattled off 9 straight (Perk 3-point play, Ray 2 FTs, Pierce jumper, Pierce steal and lay-up) to get within 2 (78-76).

Give Atlanta credit, Mike Bibby, Josh Smith, Jamal Crawford and Al Horford made some key buckets late in the game.

Celtics 3-point shooting: 7-12 in first half | 2-12 in 2nd half

Rasheed Wallace had a lousy game: 11 points, 5-15 FG, 1-8 3FG, 3 rebounds

Josh Smith had a spectacular blocked shot on Perk in the 3rd quarter. Kendrick went up for the dunk, but Smith was there for the stuff.

Box Score | Recap

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  • DRJ

    Just 2 questions:
    What happened to Rondo? Several times I had to remind myself that he was in the game. It’s like he disappeared…. This was the first time he’s had a game like this. Something wrong with him, or just a bad game?
    Q#2: Exactly how bad are NBA refs going to get? Because it seems lately that every night they compete to be worse than the night before.

  • DRJ

    2nd question has nothing to do with why Cs lost. They deserved to lose.

  • Al

    Hawks nailed a pile of 3’s in the 3rd to get away. Sometimes u just get outplayed

  • KY Celts fan

    maybe Rondo is getting sick next.

  • DRJ

    yeah, was thinking that too

  • Jason

    A) pretty miserable offense plus when they actually got makeable shots they missed many (FTs inclusive), B) the Hawks made 4 straight 3s to open the 3rd and C) anything Crawford threw up found the net. Game.
    The Hawks switched and rotated and were aggressive on the ball and the C’s were on their heels much of the game offensively. Rondo being the best ball-handler, penetrator and distributor should have carved that D up and wreaked havoc. Why didn’t he? Injured? Sick? Lazy? Doc?
    I guess all losses suck, but this team is really getting on my nerves. C’s need to start taking them seriously and put them in their place.

  • Jason

    There were some positives, like Pierce D’ing up Johnson instead of Ray. What a difference. Glad Doc got the memo.
    Damn, can’t think of any other positives.
    Incidentally, though, I think the C’s are so good at rotating and helping on D that they do it when it’s not necessary. Johnson got many of his assists when he was bottled up one-on-one, but someone helped anticipating Johnson beating his man. It led to a lot of too-easy, unearned, open looks.

  • For 3 and the Game

    Not having T.A. hurt us tonight, on both ends of the floor. It’s time to stop all the Tony bashing and give him his spot on the Redsarmy banner. I think he should go right between Quis’ and Scal…

  • Jason

    Oh yeah, Magic, Cavs and Lakers all lost. Could have been a perfect night if the C’s took care of their end of the deal.

  • prefuse

    too bad lakers still first seed and will win the ship :]

  • Jason

    Too bad you (and your ilk) are a worthless pile.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Never realized he wasn’t in the banner, damn and even Scal made it. That is some disrespect right there.

  • first of all I am glad for you prefuse. You’ll win a ship an we’ll win a trophy.
    Second of all I turned the game on to see Atlanta throw in a prayer of a 3pt basket and get fouled I knew then it wasn’t the Celtics night.

  • I know you were trying to sound all cool with your little “ship” quip. (hey-a rhyme! Google “rhyme”..) But it seems once again, Lakers fans cannot master even the simplest of grammatical terms. It would actually be “chip”. Fail.

  • I know you were trying to sound all cool with your little “ship” quip. (hey-a rhyme! Google “rhyme”..) But it seems once again, Lakers fans cannot master even the simplest of grammatical terms. It would actually be “chip”. Fail.

  • My observations: Can’t blame Rajon-the kid played 50 minutes in Miami (with a sore hamstring) and threw his body all over the floor all night. Then Doc plays him for another 40+? But, not Doc’s fault either. We had no T.A. and no Marquis. The latter more important in my eyes. Quis is a great spark off the bench and has a knack for finding the basket. We really need him back on that 2nd unit to spell Pierce and Ray. Also, I thought that the C’s settled for way too many jumpers in the 2nd half-hitting alot of 3’s in the 1st half gave them a false sense of not needing to get to the rack in the 3rd/4th quarter. Also, and here’s my biggest gripe..WHY ISN’T DOC PLAYING BILL WALKER? Especially last night. Atlanta is a team that kills us on the offensive glass alot of times and also a far more athletic team than us. So we put Scal and Shel in? No offense Shelden or Scal, but Walker could’ve brought some much needed speed, agility and athleticism last night. Why the hell put Scal in? Doc’s answer would probably be that Scal knows all the plays/sets better, but that is getting old. The “SCAL-A-BRINE” chants at the Garden are not funny, and this guy needs to go in my opinion. Let’s fill that roster spot with a pure PG or young, athletic PF. PLEASE.