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C’s going bargain shopping?

“We are just going to keep looking,’’ Ainge said. “There are a lot of
players out there this year, and so many with expiring contracts coming
out. Already a couple have been bought out – such as [Marko] Jaric and
Alston – and that trend could continue.’’

Globe: Celtics have room to maneuver now

Ever since the C's shocked us by waiving Lester Hudson, we've all been wondering what the Celtics are going to do with their open roster spot.  Seems that right now Danny is content to sit back and see who gets bought out and where the C's are need wise…. which means he didn't have a particular plan in place when Hudson was cut.

So where's the Celtics most pressing need?  Are we back to having that "we need a back up point" discussion… or are the Celtics going to try to bring in another big man as more KG insurance?

My guess is that most of us are in favor of another ball handler off the bench.  But the eventual return of Marquis Daniels and the re-emergence of Tony Allen might be enough to keep the C's comfortable there.

I'm afraid if the C's go big, we'll all read into it that KG's not as healthy as they're letting on and they feel the need to cover themselves. 

Danny's clearly keeping his options open and he's eying the bargain bin.  The only question is… what will he pull out?

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  • Aaron

    obviously point guard…
    we dont need KG insurance. that is what sheed and shelden williams were for…
    i just hope it isnt LUE. that guy is terrible and an idiot.

  • I have to say that when I first heard this (cutting Lester) I kind of thought maybe they were going to activate Ty Lue or grab a big-guy. I do agree that if they sign a big, they either A)Have little faith that KG will remain healthy through the rest of the season or B)Know for a fact that his injury is worse than originally suspected. Let’s hope NEITHER of those scenarios are true. I personally am expecting the worst and hoping for the best….

  • AboveTheRim

    Pick up Pops Mensah-Bonsu. Toronto just let him go…6’10 athletic PF that can jump out of the roof. A hustle guy that will bust his ass for rebs, block some shots and can finish around the rim. Especially when Rondo hands you the ball after drawing off your defender…
    In a dream scenario, he could be like what Tyson Chandler was to Chris Paul. Chandler doesn’t have an offensive game but he can put alley-oops from CP3 away all night…
    He’s a big that can foul and gives you insurance if KG is down and out for awhile to recoup the knee.

  • Dan Dickau or Kevin Pittsnogle is who i would vote for

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Mensah Bonsu can do one thing, jump. The guy is garbage and if he can’t make it on the Raptors there is a reason for it.
    Keep your eye on T-Mac guys… He could very well be bought out by the Rockets and looking to go to a contender for cheap money. I would not be surprised at a move like this and him backing up a guy like Pierce would be deadly.

  • thetitleisours

    I kind of wish they stashed Hudson away in Europe now so we could keep him for the future. I don’t think Doc gave him a fair test. Pruitt got a lot more chances to show something
    Maybe they can trade Scal as an expiring

  • I don’t know, they seem to be losing faith in Shelden, maybe it’s just me. They really couldn’t go wrong with either a veteran ball handler or rebounder, we’re thin at both when not healthy.

  • Agreed. I think Lester is a diamond in the rough.

  • Skinny

    Two words: Michael Sweetney.