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Your Morning Dump… Where we thank god Rondo can jump so high

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morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We don’t panic, we play 48 minutes, and thank God that little Rondo
can jump so high,’’ Pierce said of his lob for Rondo’s tying layup. “He
just made a spectacular play.’’

Globe – Pierce Lobs Rondo a Big Compliment

“We’ve been working on that play for a long time, actually since last
year,’’ Rondo said. “As soon as Wade stole the ball I knew exactly
which play we were going to run. Great pass, it was perfect, threw it
right in front of the rim – just had to catch it and lay it in. He
wanted me to dunk it but I was like, ‘Nah, I don’t want to miss a dunk
for the game, just try to lay it in.’ ’’

Globe – Celtics Pull One Out in OT

"You could see all the guys were dejected," Rivers said. "Hell, I had
to drag them to get them to the time out. They thought the game was
over. [Celtics assistant] Kevin Eastman kept yelling, Guys, the game is
not over. We have to play.' " – Rondo Leads Rally as Celtics Beat Heat

Who needs coffee this morning? Just reading about that alley-oop has me jacked up. You have to give credit to Doc and the coaching staff for drawing up the play (great spacing gave Rondo a clear look at the hoop), Paul Pierce for threading the needle on the pass, and Rondo for finishing.

How about Rondo's reactions to the alley-oop and his buckets in OT? John's tweet sums it up:

Look at Rondo's face. Bad ass. cool as ice

On Page 2, Danny Ainge explains the decision to waive Lester Hudson.

According to director of basketball operations Danny Ainge, there is no other imminent move.

“This just gives us a roster spot that we don’t feel we need to use
right now,” Ainge said. “We do save some money with this, but that
wasn’t why we did it.”

Hudson had some $260,000 left on his $457,588 obviously
non-guaranteed contract. Because of the luxury tax, the Celtics will
save $520,000.

But it was decided that flexibility was more important than what Hudson might be able to contribute this season.

“We like Lester a lot,” said Ainge. “We still think he’s an NBA
player, and it’s possible we might try to sign him again at some point.
But we’re trying to win now, and we think it’s better to have a
spot free. You never know what players might become available down the
line, and sometimes there are trades where you bring back more players
than you send out. And you don’t want to have to be in a position where
you’re waiving somebody (with a guaranteed contract) if you don’t have

Herald – Painful Cut for Lester Hudson

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