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Chuck - Red's Army January 6, 2010 Uncategorized 26 Comments on Rondo!!!!!!!!!!

Where are all those Rajon Rondo doubters now?

Often criticized for riding the coat tails of the Big 3, Rondo had 25 points and 8 assists in 50 minutes as the Celtics beat the Heat 112-106 in overtime. Not only did Rondo score the game-tying lay-up off a 25-foot out-of-bounds lob pass from Paul Pierce as time expired, but he dropped 6 points in OT to secure the win.

"Slayed by D-Wade" was going to be the headline of this post after I watched Dwyane Wade (44 points, 7 assists) pick Ray Allen's pocket and glide in for the go-ahead dunk with 0.6 second left.

Paul Pierce (17 points, 6 rebounds) entered the game with the Celtics down 87-78 with about 7
minutes to go. The Truth had quite the calming effect on his turnover prone teammates.
The Celtics outscored Miami 23-14 the rest of the way thanks to 5
assists and one basket by Pierce. A 7-0 run (Wallace dunk, Wallace
three, Rondo floater) gave Boston a 95-93 lead with 2 minutes to go.

Ray Allen, who was plagued by foul trouble most of the night (more on that later) had 9 of his 22 points in the 4th quarter.

Other observations:

The lack of defense in the 1st quarter was disturbing. Wade dropped 18 as the Heat raced out to a 35-30 lead.

The pace slowed dramatically in the 2nd quarter, aided by Joey "Hey-look-at-me" Crawford. Perk continued his domination in the paint – 17 points, 3 rebounds at half. Rondo had 7 assists. The Celtics lead 57-54 at the half.

The Cs stretched their lead to 8 midway through the 3rd quarter. But the Heat closed the quarter with a 17-6 run to lead 78-75 going into the 4th. The Heat run was fueled by several horrible Celtics turnovers.

The wretched play continued into the 4th as the Heat extended their lead to 11. Not only were the Celtics committing turnovers (24 total), but they now were allowing offensive rebounds (17 total).

The refs treated Ray Allen him like a rookie second round draft pick out of a Division III school. Granted he was guarding Wade, but Allen is no slouch. The only reason Ray had 4 first half steals is because the Heat threw the ball right to him.

Box Score | Recap

Marquis Daniels had a new cast put on his thumb. In 2-3 weeks, he'll have a soft cast. The only timetable for his return is sometime after the All-Star break.

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  • Al

    IN BEFORE TOTHERUINS!!!! Dear God what a game. Rondo – average – 8 assists 6 TO’s is a bit of a worry (pffffttt!!!!) Seriously awesome from the young fella…other quick observations…
    Positives – Rondo – 7-8 from the line…Sheed and Ray shooting the 3 well, Perk dominating in the paint…
    Negatives – in the 4th quarter – and this happens a lot – I counted 6 defensive boards from us and 9 offensive ones from them – that is shit.
    Miami takes 30 shots more than us and we win – amazing game….

  • 6 TOs in 50 minutes is ok in my book.

  • Al

    Was taking the mick Big Mck…

  • Spiraea

    Loving the poll but where’s the both option?! The pass and the finish were both equally impressive!

  • DRJ

    Ray can’t dribble. Wish they’d explain that to him sometime.
    Love Sheed’s self control. Yeah, he lost it on his 6th, but you’d have to be Job not to. Refs were disgusting, as usual… scratch that, they were worse than usual.

  • DRJ

    Also…. PP played 43 minutes. He looked thin. NOT ready for 43. Rondo did 51. Doc’s plan is to kill all players then ask the league to give us the trophy out of pity.

  • when did rondo hit this game winner???

  • Spiraea

    I was watching the Heat’s stream and when Sheed got back to the bench, Tony Allen and Giddens stood in front of him with their arms in the air as if to shield him from the refs. Funny stuff.

  • DRJ

    Yes… Doc talked about that after the game. Said those guys that surrounded Sheed after his 6th were the game’s MVPs. I was SURE he would get tech’d…. but I guess they did a good job shielding… especially Scal, who shielded and talked him down (looked like pretty forceful talk too). It was funny, for sure.

  • What a game. Sure, DWade picked Ray’s pocket, but oh F’ing well-how many times (including tonight) does Ray hit clutch and/or game-winning shots for us…? And it’s not like Mario Chalmers took his money-it was one of the best players in the world. And ‘Sheed was at the boiling point way before his 6th foul. At one point, Pierce (while on the free-throw line) and Rondo had to keep telling him to knock it off. He was very fortunate not to get T’ed up once or twice with Crawford out there. Rondo hit that amazing shot, played 50 minutes (with a sore hammy) but no-one is mentioning the 10 or 15 times he hit the floor very hard tonight-that kid is one tough prick! Bravo my man, bra-F***ING-vo.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    it doesn’t really make up for the missed free throws in the clippers game.

  • DRJ

    Clippers beat the Cs, and the Lakers, just since Christmas. Looks like it’ll be Celtics vs. Clippers in the Finals!! (I wish)

  • Lmfao
    Sure it does, rondo doesnt even have to make up for such a thing considering hes beeen out best player all year and every single player in this league has missed clutch free throws, including all our very own “big 3” hell paul pierce has been known for bricking clutch fts most of his career.
    what a dumb fraudulant statement. way to hold a grudge buddy.
    many things went wrong at the end of the clipper game not just rondos missed fts, sorry

  • to further my point
    Pierce – known for missing clutch free throws early on in his career, missed them several times in big games, it was actually on the scouting report that he froze at the line in close, big games.
    KG- Missed 2 in game 5 of the finals that cost us an NBA finals game against the lakers
    Ray Allen- one of th best of all time, remember seeing him miss 2 clutch free throws in a close loss to orlando 2 seasons ago
    do u hold this grudge against these guys? surely doubt it, youre just a fradulant celtics fan who doesnt like rondo, wants to blame him for any and everything, while really knowing little to nothing

  • Obessed much?
    did u just say our best player on the floor coming back from a hamstering injury was “average” because he turned the ball over 6 times? didnt the team turn it over 24 times? Pierce 5 in less minutes and less time with the ball?? seemed like it… like i say all the time, turnovers arent always the passers fault, just like assists are sometimes more of a credit to the shooter.
    I dont see why ya gotta talk about me though bro, im not gonna rush here and brag after every rondo big game..that would be every single night

  • Danno

    None of those guys shoot >43% from the stripe like Rondo does. Their misses were freak mistakes. Rondo’s was par for the course.
    It’s not a matter of clutch. He flat out sucks all the time from the free throw line. The only player in the league with 20+ mpg who has a lower FT average is Shaq.
    SHAQ! he’s as bad as SHAQ! How much is it going to suck for the C’s if “Hack a Rondo” becomes a 2010 Playoff strategy? It’s one thing to hack a big guy who doesn’t handle the ball much. It’s another thing when the team would target you POINT GUARD as their best option for a missed Free Throw.
    It’s embarrassing.

  • AboveTheRim

    Hell of a game. Refs were attrocious…on both sides of the ball. But they were mainly all over Tony Allen and Sheed early on. Joey Crawford should get a Tech for last night and I hope he the Celts W cost him his kid’s tuition that he dropped on the game.
    Sheed was huge closing the gap in the final minutes when he buried a 3, had an open dunk under the hoop and then buried another 3 to tie it.

  • Actually your posts are the embarrasment
    he flat out sucks all the time?
    7/8 just last night buddy
    Its the weakness in his game, over the last couple months it has been improving after the atrocious start, so just shut the fuck up already, every player on this team has a weakness, that happenes to be his…if ray allen doesnt leave rasual butler wide open for 3 in that clipper game it never would have come down to fts, and without rondo we wouldve gotten blown out.
    youre a clown with your anti rondo banter. fraud.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Hey I like Rondo, I don’t want to blow him like you do. But the fact is, he will never be more than a mediocre shooter that can’t be counted on to hit a jumper or a free throw. As a guard, that’s pretty sad. Rondo lost the Clippers game for us (which started the 3 game losing streak) and Doc won us the Miami game not Rajon.
    I love that he is on the Celtics and he’s the perfect fit to get the ball to our shooters and I wouldn’t trade him but for a handful of guys in the NBA. He just will never be a complete PG and that speed and quickness will only last so long.
    Oh yeah, you still suck Ruins, don’t think I forgot. I wish Redsarmy would make a poll of the worst blogger here, you may actually beat some of the Flaker Trolls.

  • Lakerhater

    Stop defending rondo, you’re making me not like him..and I do like him. Liked him way before you showed up here as his cheif apologist and cell block b*tch. Usually you’re nothing more than abrasive and retarded (which has always had me suspicious that you may be my mother in law posing) but when you start to dog Paul Pierce to make your point its gone too far. Wayyyyy to far. Rondo sucks at fts. WE ALL KNOW IT. DOesn’t mean I want him traded, but he doesn’t belong on a pedestal with the Big 3 yet. In a few years if he says on pace he could get there but NOT YET.

  • You know who my favorite player in the leauge is? paul pierce…im not dogging the guy, the bottom line is that was on the scotuing report for many years on pierce…. bad foul shootr in the clutch, it still pops up from time to time.
    Im not defending rondo i think people dont like to credit him for as important he is to the team, and like to dog him for basically his only weakness…shooting, and that blinds them to the fact of how special he is, and its right in front of ur eyes how much hes grown and people are to stupid to realize it because he doesnt have a pretty jumpshot, its annoying as fuck

  • oh thats just the thing that bothers me, rondo “not belonging on the pedestal with the big 3” makes no sense considering hes just as important, and definetly the better player then ray allen at this point, and KG isnt the same player, he just isnt

  • Al

    I was having a laugh u clown – see the ‘pffft’ and the ‘seriously’ – Rondo was awesome….as he always is of course right?

  • Al

    Wow another shitstorm involving totheruins…why can’t everyone else see we are all wrong and he is right!!
    Sheed had a big 4th quarter, other than struggling with Perk on the defensive glass…same with Ray when her wasn’t riding the pine in foul trouble…

  • KY Celts fan

    Pierce does miss clutch fts. He missed two at the end of regulation during the Lakers game last year at the garden. What happened? went into overtime, lost by a point after another two missed fts. by Pierce. though I think Pierce is awesome, that game still pisses me off when I think about it.

  • Bingo…and I love pierce as well, but the game u mention is one of a couple dozen games over pierces career where he has missed clutch fts that cost us the game.. and people are gonna get on rondo? thats the first time ive ever seen him do it, im not justifying him being a bad ft shooter, i realize he needs to get better, but everyone in the damn league misses clutch ones all the time…i mean look at lebron james, hes struggles his entire career at the line at the end of games


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