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LeBron’s “Knicks” shoes are fakes

RedsArmyAdmin January 6, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on LeBron’s “Knicks” shoes are fakes


I pretty much eviscerated LeBron James and Nike last week over their supposed Knicks-themed LeBron shoe.  Turns out… they're fakes.

[James being a member of the
Knicks is] so surreal that a hoax was perpetrated on the Web in the past
days — reporting Nike had released pictures of a soon-to-be released new Knicks
LeBron shoe in blue and orange — with “I love New York” pictured on the orange
sole along with “L23″ shaped in a question mark.  A Nike spokesman told
The Post yesterday it was a fake. It looks as though it’s being sold on e-Bay,
so buyer, beware.

So yeah…um… forget all that other stuff I said.

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