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Gilbert Arenas suspended indefinitely

Arenas finger gunsYeah… where's your bang-bang fingers now, Gilbert? 

Stern says in a statement Wednesday that Arenas' actions will
"ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse."

Arenas violated NBA rules by bringing guns into Washington's locker
room, Stern decided to punish Arenas now. He said the suspension begins

Stern says he originally planned to wait for the
criminal investigation to be completed before taking action, and
directed the Wizards to do the same.

Every game Arenas ends up missing during the suspension will cost him $147,208.

You know… when you face the possibility of losing tens of millions of dollars and enough suspension and jail time that would cripple your chances of making any of that money back…. it probably would have been smart to just stay quiet. 

Instead, Arenas called David Stern "mean"… and he does the finger shooting thing.  I mean… this is a case study in everything you're NOT supposed to do in this situation.  Doesn't he have people to tell him how to handle a crisis?

And this is just the beginning.  

What a dummy.

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  • Danno

    Anything less than permanent expulsion from the league for life would be an insult.
    The league needs to send a clear message that gun toting gangsta tough guy wannabes like this complete tool don’t deserve the privilege to be pro athletes.
    I’d like to see him doing some time, and then working at a McDonalds when he gets out. Overrated, weak-ass punk with no heart and glass knees.

  • FSantos33

    Hey Danno you are “MEAN”! LOL

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yes the suspension at this point was inevitable but for the love of God ban this guy from the league for life? I sure hope you are overreacting and talking out of your ass because people deserve a second chance and owning a gun should not put this guy and his family on the street. In my OPINION this is less of a troublesome act than what Artest and the pacers pulled at the brawl in the arena some years ago. Artest is back in the league just like Arenas will be and thats a GOOD thing. Let him prove he can change, and don’t take away the guys meal ticket. You guys are forgetting this is his well being, and yes he made a mistake, but let him face the consequences and move on.
    “Overrated, weak-ass punk with no heart and glass knees”
    As for this assessment of the man you are just ridiculous. It bothers me that when a guy makes a mistake people want to crucify him for it, He is coming off injury but don’t forget before he was injured when he signed his contract he was one of the top 3 scorers in the league and hitting buzzer beating CLUTCH shots all over the league to just about every team. I mean damn you are so off key. I am a lifelong celtics fan but I can still appreciate talent when I see it, and Arenas is full of talent

  • leo

    I doubt he’ll get an expulsion from the league, but probably most of this season, if not the entire season. I can’t believe he actually called David Stern “mean.” Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • Lots of immature people with money in sports now

  • james

    steven jackson FIRED a handgun in a strip club carpark and only got suspended 7 games!!
    people need to stop hating on gill, dudes a great player

  • On more of a basketball note, great pass to Rondo last night to send the game into overtime.
    FYI… thought I’d have a little fun at Gilbert’s expense with a caption contest.
    Come join in the fun and PLEASE… leave your piece at the door.